The Mexican Lime can be harvested from a light green color till they turn yellow on the tree, giving these a long hang time meaning you can get more use out of your produce. We only grow trees from our most premium specimens so you are always guaranteed to get the best tasting fruit. Provide more space to allow for larger growth. Plant and tree growth cycles are regulated by environmental signals. Each plant or tree that leaves our farm is approved by the USDA and ships directly from our farm to your door. With its mild flavor and few seeds, it makes a refreshing beverage. Fertilizing: Feed your Key Lime tree during the warmer spring and summer seasons with a citrus-specific fertilizer once every six weeks, such as the one included in our Citrus Care Kit. Drinks, deserts, seasoning, garnish, green friendly cleaners and more are a just a few reasons why the Mexican Lime … Moon Valley Nurseries offers a wide variety of trees and plants, some of which are only available in specific regions. It needs some frost protection but is very vigorous and easy to grow. Has less sugar and acid than the Bearss Lime. Let you limes mature on the tree for best flavor! For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. We only grow trees from our most premium specimens so you are always guaranteed to get the best tasting fruit. The Furst liquid technologies that... All trees and plants need Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potash (Potassium) as the primary nutrients for healthy... What if we told you that our designers could help you increase your home's value by over 28% ? Moon Valley Nurseries Bearss Lime details and information. How To Plant, Water, and Fertilize A Sweet Lemon Citrus Tree. 3. Now you can make delicious Key Lime pie from your own organic fruit. Copyright © 2020 Moon Valley Nurseries. The sweet lime is much esteemed in India, the Near East, Egypt, and Latin America and is considered to have special medicinal values in the prevention and treatment of fevers and liver complaints. Learn more about Moon Valley Nurseries trees and best practices for outstanding plant performance. This lime while its tiny stature is robust in perfect lime flavor and extremely juicy as well. Collection includes lemon, lime, orange, and more! MONDAY-SATURDAY 7:30AM-5PM SUNDAY 9AM - 5PM. This species is divided into two groups, this one among smaller Mexican or "bartenders" lime introduced by the Spanish into the Caribbean. Plant a Persian Sweet Lemon tree in the full sun. Flowers begin to open in late winter and early spring filling the air with that beautiful citrus smell, after the blooming cycle little green pea sized fruit will begin to set on the tree. The Key Lime Citrus Tree is a dwarf version of the Mexican Lime. Growing from Coastal Southern California and into the Southwestern Desert the Mexican Lime is highly sought after for its perfect fruit. It wasn't until the mid-1800's that Mexican Lime began to be planted - mostly in the Southern Florida region. More information. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Skip to the beginning of the images gallery, How to Avoid Creating Air Pockets When Planting, What to Know Before Planting a Tree or Plant, Allow to grow free form, too much pruning effects bloom cycles. All Rights Reserved. Learn more about Moon Valley Nurseries trees and best practices for outstanding plant performance. ... Valencia Sweet Semi-Dwarf Orange Tree. Our semi-dwarf citrus trees for sale are shipped directly from our California nursery to your doorstep! Pro Tip: Limes you buy at the store are often picked before they are ready. Rootstock for citrus trees is extremely important as they can be grafted with nearly anything and many growers will use inferior rootstocks so the trees will grow faster. This Lime has many other monikers it goes by including, Key Lime, Bartender's Lime, West Indian Lime, just to name a few but these are all the same Citrus aurantifolia 'Mexican'. These limes are said to have originated in Thermal, CA in 1977 as budwood and have since been grown and harvest for decades. The Sanbokan Sweet Lemon is self-fertile. Click here for Citrus … By the end of the 1500's, the Mexican lime was an important part of the Mexican culture. Bearss Lime or otherwise known as Persian Lime is typically the larger of the limes you will see available at farmers markets and shopping centers from Southern California through the rest of the United States. This was not the case with its introduction into the United States. All Rights Reserved. Our Citrus & Fruit Trees are nurtured by extremely experienced growers at our sixth-generation family farm. Bearss Lime Tree Citrus aurantiifolia 'Bearss' Bearss Lime (Citrus x latifolia), commonly known as Persian lime or seedless green lime, is the most popular lime sold in California markets and in much of the world. Have you ever tried a Mexican Sweet Lime? A great choice for the home garden, its small size will serve as a beautiful ornamental, as well as provide many fruit. Copyright © 2020 Moon Valley Nurseries. Similar to sweet limes from Mexico, which also originated from the Mediterranean. Moon Valley Nurseries has been growing all of our own citrus for decades and have developed custom root stock that is guaranteed to produce excellent tasting fruit and plentiful harvest. MONDAY-SATURDAY 7:30AM-5:30PM SUNDAY 9AM - 5PM. The lime was originally named Limonaia aurantifolia and Citrus lima, but C. aurantifolia is the recognized in 20th century name conferred by Walter Single of the USDA. During the fall and winter season, ease back to fertilizing once every 2 to 3 months. Statistics are not available, but the sweet lime is grown commercially in northern India and Egypt and widely elsewhere as a garden plant. It is not very sour and is very refreshing as an eat out of hand fruit or in a refreshing beverage (with or without a sweet or alcoholic addition for flavoring). Risk Free Money Back Guarantee. These trees are easy to grow and offer more landscape uses than just for fruit alone.


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