Steel framing offers marketing advantages because consumers recognize steel as a superior framing product for its fundamental characteristics: • Long … Then bend one flange up-clear of the snips’ jaws-and cut across the stud’s web. NL3 Corner Framing Detail NL4 Slammer Stud Detail NL5 Window Opening Framing Detail NL6 Door Opening Framing Detail NL7 Non-Load Bearing Opening NL8 Non-Load Bearing Wall Parallel to Joist Roofs (Rafters/Joists): R1 Roof Framing R2 Joist and Rafter Detail R3 Roof Framing Isometric View R4 Heel Joint Connection Detail Back to back header reduces web-crippling reinforcement requirements. Photo 1: Cut the metal studs and tracks. Metal Stud Framing Details – An Example: The best way to show metal stud framing in action is through an example. Boxed jamb studs welded together reduces material build-up and finish problems. Heavier gauge metal studs are used in load bearing walls … Structural metal stud framing refers to the construction of walls and planes using cold-formed steel components. Cut both side flanges of a steel stud, using straight-cut aviation snips. Steel framing is easier to handle because steel studs weigh 1/ less than wood studs, and can be installed at 4” on center. Basic steel stud cutting tips and metal stud framing details. The example below is the build for a basic non-load-bearing wall in a basement, running perpendicular to overhead joists. There are two main components of metal stud framing, a stud and a track. INFILL STUD Use of cripple stud to receive head/sill tracks at jamb studs helps maintain alignment of finishes.


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