Warframe has been so special to us. This item will only be visible to you, admins, and anyone marked as a creator. Redeemer prime is the best weapon for condition overload bar none. Warframe's first community-powered tier list, just click to cast your vote! If you are starting out it might be difficult for you to use any good weapon since most of those are tied to higher mastery ranks. “Oh but melee 2.9 lets you use condition overload on any melee weapon and it makes Serene Storm a top tier exalted weapon, and I’m so completely right” - somebody with an IQ less than 5. When looking for a condition overload viable melee weapon, you dont look for the highest crit melee weapon that synergizes off the procs of a "primer", but rather the melee weapon that has the highest damage potential with a condition overload build. You do not need the status effect to come from the melee weapon so your approach is actually limiting your options, not improving them.... seriously you're really restricting yourself if you believe a 'primer' isn't a viable approach for condition overload, it might have been a 'bad idea' back before the weapon switching rework but it's a completely viable approach now, especially with melee/pistol combo weapons. After all, Condition Overload builds do more damage than full crit/DPS builds. This is very confusing for the people who have just gotten into the game. Warframe tier list weapons: Melee . I still have to test a few weapons from the list again. Each melee weapon was optimized for Condition Overload and some were tested on how they perform against critical damage builds. Update 17.0 Amphis Staff 130.0 650.0 390.0 130.0 3 m 6.0 m 1.25 13.00% 1.7x 21.00% 5 Update 6.5 Anku Scythe 170.0 1020.0 510.0 340.0 2.8 m 8.0 m 1.08 20.00% 2.0x 10.00% 3 Update 16.7 Ankyros Fist 90.0 450.0 270.0 270.0 1.25 m 8.0 m 1.17 20.00% 2.0x 10.00% 2 Update 7.8 Ankyros Prime Fist 128.0 640.0 384.0 384.0 1.25 m 8.0 m 1.25 28.00% 2.4x 16.00% 8 Update 12.4 Arca Titron Hammer 360.0 … Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America). I didn't say a primer isn't a viable approach, just that it's not included when looking for the most viable melee weapon for condition overload, which is what this tier list is made for. Important Tip: There are meta weapons, there are fun weapons. These are the end-game/beginner weapons that you can grab in Warframe. By That's what we were using for endurance runs of the last event to kill demolysts that were level 250+ in combination with rhino roar and akbronco prime to lay on even more status procs. Your tier list could be wrong because you've not included a very viable approach to getting status effects with melee 2.9999... not to mention, like I said, the stances are likely to change so I stand by my view you've basically just wasted a load of time and could have just said what I said earlier. Warframe Tier List – Ultimate Guide 2019 Warframe Tier List – Ultimate Guide 2019. Warframe tier list weapons: Melee . I've been using Lesion to pretty much 4 hit wave 12 demolysts (from 1.5x combo after a primer) lately. i am not an expert but i think the best weapon for CO is the twin basolk because it has the second highest status and you can use rift strike to hit the enemies far away but i repeat i am not an expert. It is only visible to you. Hopefully it can help some players at least get a general idea of what to use condition overload on and save some formas. You need to sign in or create an account to do that. How I ranked some of the weapon types and stances, How I ranked some of the melee weapons and zaws on this list.


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