It was generally known as the Medill School of Journalism. It frequently ranks as the top school of journalism in the United States. Kai can provide tips and support as you research and apply to colleges, and explore majors and careers. More details can be found on the University’s website. Graduate students have been providing news coverage to client newspapers since 1995. Medill alumni represent the highest levels of accomplishment in journalism and marketing communications. A single online application is used to apply to all public universities in Texas. Save Overview Departments & Programs Degrees & Awards Admissions Tuition & Fees Research Location & Contact Other Schools of Interest It frequently ranks as the top school of journalism in the United States. The College requires students to submit either SAT or ACT scores. We look for GRE and GMAT scores that are in line with or better than what might be expected based on prior academic performance. With a 2016 acceptance rate of 10.7%, Northwestern University is the most selective college on this list. Learn more about the Medill School → With a 2016 acceptance rate of 10.7%, Northwestern University is the most selective college on this list. Its 77% acceptance rate makes it an accessible destination for students who qualify academically. The New York Internship and Washington D.C. Internship allow students to gain hands-on journalistic experience over the course of a summer or semester. The Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism recently updated its B.A. We consider both breadth of academic background and areas of specialization in your undergraduate program, as well as any prior graduate work. Full-time students can pursue a specialization, choosing from brand strategy, content marketing, digital and interactive marketing, marketing analytics, strategic communications and media management.[1]. However, they’ll have little opportunity to visit campus beforehand due to the rampant spread of the novel coronavirus. We look for students who not only write well, but also write engagingly. About Us  Enrollment, Retention & Graduation Statistics. The BU News Service gives students the chance to cover happenings at Boston’s State House, or travel to D.C. and report on the United States Congress. Television stories are sent by network feed or satellite, or shipped overnight, as each station requires. All rights reserved. [32], Every Medill News Service journalist also has the opportunity to spend a quarter in a Washington, DC, covering breaking news as well as in-depth, enterprise stories on politics, civil rights, energy, technology or education. Medill is more selective--they accept less than 200 students a year, but they only receive 2000-3000 applicants a year. New York University’s 2015 acceptance rate of 33% reflects the influx of students hoping to study in the Big Apple. With a 2016 acceptance rate of 24.7%, the school requires applicants to work hard in their high school classes and perform highly on the SAT or ACT. University of Missouri admissions criteria. By attending Medill, you join this network of powerful professionals working all over the world. Get a head start and sign up for one of Testive’s Digitally-Proctored Online Tests today. The following criteria are used to evaluate applications: Though not required, prior professional and/or campus journalism experience is recognized. We seek to admit students with a variety of majors. Departing Seniors are defined as all seniors in an end-of-fall count of majors who do not appear in the next year’s end-of-fall count. Writing skills are also important. The Medill Journalism Residency allows students to work as full-time reporters or PR specialists for one quarter. A total enrollment of 44,000 makes USC’s size similar to UCLA’s and Berkeley’s, as well. Students accepted via regular decision have until May 1 to make their college decisions. Students enjoy a unique “teaching hospital” model, which provides them with real-life newsroom training.


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