To learn to play in an intricate classical style you will probably benefit from tutoring luckily there are some awesome exercises you can use as guitar lessons online if you haven't got the cash or resources to find a personal tutor here is one major scale shapes by Classical Guitar Shed. This is a delicate process, one mistake, and you’ll start from scratch with a new saddle. I’ve seen some cases where it’s so bad that you can play three of four notes in a row and all of them don’t make a sound. Even with how all these acoustic guitars are manufactured, getting a professional set up through a knowledgable luthier is totally worth the money. Having an acoustic guitar with a thin neck doesn’t automatically mean that it’s easy for someone with small hands to play. Guitar action is all about how high the strings are above the fretboard- further away from the fretboard. Low action guitars are also preferred by solo players, bluegrass pickers, and lead guitarists. A real rosewood fretboard and attractive white binding also helps to produce great tone while being super easy to play. Grab a ruler, and we’ll do it in a jiffy. With the ES-2, Taylor has placed the piezo elements behind the bridge instead of under it. If you can’t afford a Taylor but want a modern-looking, reliable, ‘low action’ guitar, this one may just be the answer. It is actually cheaper than the previously mentioned Taylor guitar. Let’s take a look at some of the best low action Acoustic guitars. ?If you play both classical and electric guitars then you get used to the fact that the action on most electrics is far lower and easier than it is on even the best classicals. You’ll find the Taylor ES-B system here, and while it may not be as ‘top end’ as what’s found on their higher end models, it’s more than functional. There really are some fantastically affordable nylon string guitars on the market in current times, which have been developed over the last few years and the production methods refined for mass production without compromising the sound. Looking for an affordable, low action guitar? If you want a more prominent guitar than this, you should check it out. Too much, and the string action will always feel high regardless of the other adjustments you make. The silver leaf maple neck may not be as thin as others on the list (coming in at 1-23/32” for the nut width), but it still is very easy to play with a good amount of comfort. A cutaway not only adds some visual snappiness, but it also lets you get up to those higher frets during those times where you want to let your inner ‘unplugged guitar hero’ out of the box. Why We Liked It - It surpasses a lot of peoples expectations the manufacturing is better than a lot of mass produced models and we think it makes for a great kick back on the couch guitar for more seasoned players looking for something they can drag around without risking their pride and joy. Solid Sitka spruce is used for the top along with layered walnut for the back and sides. In general, acoustic guitars have higher action than electric guitars. The thinner the neck, the easier the guitar is to play (especially if you have smaller hands or just less want something that is super easy to fret). To get that comfortable feel that beginners need, you shouldn’t just look for a “low action.”. You’ll fall in love with its rich lows and crisp highs. Depending on the model, the AE245 may feature a solid okoume or mahogany top, and it uses okoume/mahogany for the sides and back as well. On the 12th fret, assess the distance between the fretboard and strings using the ruler. This zero laminate, full-size classical beauty has been handmade by the folks at Cordoba from Spruce and Indian rosewood. Separate bass, treble, and gain controls help shape tone even during the performance while a phase switch helps to eliminate feedback when the guitar is played at low volume. You’ll find a thin neck here as well, measuring 1-11/16” at the nut. Would like to increase my play range from Neil young and the eagles any suggestion would be greatly appreciated. For a beginner, light gauge and tension strings work like magic. It will surely help you in your decision making. Before filing, make sure to mark a straight line with a pencil on the saddle. Golden Ration. It can even compete with a premium guitar that costs around 2 grand. Most (if not all), low action guitars will have buzzing or ghost strings, mainly when you play on the higher frets. And when the string height is too low, you may find yourself running into some problems which you most certainly will want to avoid. I would actually suggest the Taylor Guitar in this list, particularly Taylor 110e (Dreadnought). Required fields are marked *. For some reason this always seems most noticeable when playing the D4 string on the lower frets. Apart from the low action that you’re looking for, this majestic dreadnought is mainly made for beginners. Since the strings are closer together because of the thin neck width, it may be tough to squeeze all your fingers to where they need to be. Before adjusting your guitar action, you have to measure it first. The sum essence is that this Ibanez model is certainly regarded as “the flagship line of the acoustic segment.” It may look expensive, but AE245JR is surprisingly entirely within reach. Easy to fret, simple to shift, and light to hold. Pros: + Comes with a beginners bundle of useful accessories + Yamaha make unbelievable quality affordable instruments. Electric guitar vibe continues with the thin mahogany neck, where you’ll find a nut width of 1-11/16” (on par with most of the thin neck models on my list). The CD-60S follows a trend in entry-level guitars where it features a solid spruce top. The feel and tone of this guitar provide true value-add, and you just can’t go wrong if you buy this one- probably your best low action acoustic guitar. Oftentimes, medium action guitars are played with lighter gauge strings to mimic a lower action guitar. This affordable dreadnought features a solid Sitka Spruce top and layered mahogany back and sides. When it comes to musical instruments Yamaha knows a thing or two, especially in the realms of student instruments with dedication that goes into the thought process and design elements and the products relative affordability. Why We Liked It - This Cordoba guitar is unbelievably comfortable to play, stretches are effortless, but the fret spaces is not so small you become clumsy. When you buy through my links, I may earn an affiliate commission. It is beautifully crafted and designed to produce notes that are rich and full-bodied. Is there anything like a really low action classical guitar? This allows for a more advantageous position to reach note in with your left hand (if right handed, if left handed - reverse this info). If you take a look at the 9 choices on the list, you’ll see that there isn’t just one model that has the thinnest neck over the rest. This guitar is probably the cheapest on this list but still holds excellent value. The warm, lively tone and strong projection that it delivers make it an instant hit. The Yamaha C40 Full Size classical is a 25 9/16” scale length student guitar. The most obvious reason reason for this is that there are is a basic trade off between action and maximum volume.


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