Actually, if adults eliminate one of the Four Rs so that consequences are not related, respectful, reasonable, and helpful, children may experience the Four Rs of Punishment. Here are 125 positive report card comments for you to use and adapt! Remember, in that moment when the hall is wet with water fountain spray or defiant words are ringing in our ears, our first responses might be less than reasoned. Logical consequences are most useful when a child's action could result in harm to the child. If a child throws a toy at someone, the toy is taken away. Rebellion ("I’ll show them that I can do whatever I want: Retreat, in the form of sneakiness ("I won’t get caught next time.") Parents and teachers don’t like to admit that, often, the main reason they like to use punishment is to demonstrate their power to win over the child or to gain revenge by making the child suffer. At home, similarly, our children should have a set routine as much as possible with the day flowing from one activity to another. Always try to implement consequences with empathy for the rule breaker. He helps clean it up and perhaps offers to go back and get new food. One child accidentally knocks into another on the playground. 125 Report Card Comments Students go to the bathroom to gossip about classmates. Two children talk instead of working. Below are three kinds of logical consequences, along with a few examples of each. Removing a student from an activity and suggesting that he or she think about a proper logical consequence is OK. Responsive Classroom Strategies Examples of Logical Consequences Before reading this article, you might want to review Ruth Charney's earlier articles, Logical Consequences Teach Important Lessons and The Three R's of Logical Consequences. NATURAL & LOGICAL CONSEQUENCES Definition of "Consequence" Natural consequences occur without any enforcement on the part of the parent. In this example, respect has been eliminated and the teacher did some piggy backing with humiliation and a threat. She stops, apologizes and offers to help the other child get up. (Photo Source: Graham Crumb/, CC BY-SA 3.0) Caregivers can use both natural and logical consequences for children to learn better behaviors. Logical consequences are different from Natural Consequences in that they require the intervention of an adult—or other children in a family meeting or a class meeting. makes a snide remark about another student's response to a question. You Break It --You Fix It Check out our Needs Improvement Report Card Comments for even more comments! A student rolls his eyes or calls out during a morning meeting. What do you need to do now?" Use the Three R’s of Logical Consequences. The examples are not exhaustive, and there always can be variations on a theme. A student plays unsafely on an outdoor structure. When a child spills milk, the related consequence is to have him clean up the spill. Examples: Time-Out or Take a Break Is this a first-time behavior? It is important to decide what kind of consequence would create a helpful learning experience that might encourage children to choose responsible cooperation. (It is amazing how often the child knows what a solution would be, and how willing he is to do it, when asked respectfully.) A student fools around on line. He sits on the floor or stands for the remainder of the lesson or activity. Have an RSS reader and want to subscribe to our blog? Handling it respectfully also demonstrates that mistakes are wonderful opportunities to learn. These could also be called the Three Rs and an H for Focusing on Solutions. After that, we move to logical and natural consequences. If a teacher is not respectful and adds humiliation to his request that the desk be cleaned, it is no longer a logical consequence. We might send the student to his or her seat or to a time-out chair, letting the student know that we will think about the consequences later. List of Logical Consequences for Teens: The consequence of disrespect — He doesn’t respect me, I don’t respect him. He loses computer time for the rest of the period (or week). She loses the use of the scissors for the remainder of the art period. A student logs on to an acceptable Web site while doing research. It would not be reasonable to ensure that he suffers for his mistake by saying, "To make sure you learn, I want you to scrub the whole floor.". Respectful means the consequence must not involve blame, shame or pain; and should be kindly and firmly enforced. You may watch TV when you finish your homework. If the consequence is not helpful it is easier to be construed as punishment. Many parents and teachers get so excited about logical consequences that they try to find a consequence for every misbehavior. It is also respectful to everyone involved. Giving children a choice and speaking to them in private about the consequences are not the only guidelines for effectively applying logical consequences. If any of the Three Rs and an H are missing, it can no longer be called a logical consequence. Some good examples of this would be a child refusing to put on a jacket when it's cold outside and then not having anything to wear when he feels chilled or a child repeatedly forgetting to bring money for lunch to school and then being hungry at lunchtime. "). A young girl plays with a toy doll. If a child is mean to little brother at bath time, they are no longer allowed to bathe together. COPYRIGHT 1996 - 2020 BY EDUCATION WORLD, INC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. No Her teacher gave her the choice to stop tapping or to give up her pencil and complete the work later. or reduced self esteem ("I am a bad person. Often, allowing the natural consequence to occur will prevent a parent/child argument and the child will learn the right lesson. Did it occur because of something programmatic or situational? Title: Printer Friendly_Natural & Logical Consequences Author: Sherwood Stauffer Created Date: 7/20/2009 12:14:34 PM The teacher could simply ask Linda to please stop tapping her pencil. Often, students with the most marginal controls are the ones who most need physical outlets. Learn in the comfort of your own home and at your own pace. A student wastes class time talking to a friend, looking out the window, trying to avoid the task. Logical consequences are not the best way to handle most problems. A student knocks over a tray of food carried by another student. Logical consequences are different from Natural Consequences in that they require the intervention of an adult—or other children in a family meeting or a class meeting. Even with consistency, we need to consider individual factors. Here are 10 examples of inappropriate behaviors a child might have and possible “logical” consequences for that behavior. The Three Rs and an H of Logical Consequences. They have to sit by themselves. Reasonableness has been eliminated in favor of the power to insure suffering. COPYRIGHT 1996-2016 BY EDUCATION WORLD, INC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. What Foster and Adoptive Parents Want Teachers to Know, Useful Ways Teachers Can Assist Students With Diabetes, Thanksgiving in Class - Strategies for Safe Celebrating, Logical Consequences Teach Important Lessons. You can’t trust him … If this were so, it would be reasonable to give a child a choice either to stop his misbehavior or to have a spanking. Figure 1. It is important to make sure that logical consequences are reasonable and related to the problem, and to let both the child and the parent keep their self-respect. Copyright 2020 Positive Discipline - All Rights Reserved.


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