If it is for a starter, then best to keep it simple and cost-effective. The annual Supporting Member Giveaway is on. Simple lap steel guitar I call this lap steel guitar simple because it is basi-cally just a blank with strings attached. And it is also fitted with a volume and tone control. Made for the beginner, it ticks all the boxes. What else do you need? There are two master controls, one for volume and one for tone. FAQ This design gives the guitar plenty of resonance. I also prefer the 24 1/2" Stringmaster scale over the short scale and of course like the wide string spacing of the Bakelites. The physics is fairly easy to grasp. Just an aside...JB was mighty sharp with the "come-backs" as those who knew him realized. Thanks for the interesting input everyone! There are some good examples on the list with some extras special guitars that cost a lot of money. Not to be confused with the pedal steel, which is larger and has legs. Could be a contender for best Lap Steel guitar. Guitar scale lengths are usually between 24" and 26". A shorter scale allows for easier slanting of the bar because the frets are closer together, particularly on the low frets. I'm getting ready to build one. Another entry-level Lap steel guitar from SX. as i have only "normal" guitar pickups. I originaly went with 11/32" string spacing figuring players would want this as it is a standard on modern pedal steels.Wrong!! I just picked up a very early 7 string National New Yorker which has a 23" scale and I am hooked. Scale length and frequency range For that reason I prefer shorter scale lengths. Fitted with the single-coil pickup, it will generate some authentic sounds. MEMBERSHIP IS NOW AVAILABLE IN FRANCE! I notice that many contemporary lap steel builders have 25" scale as their default scale length, and I am wondering what the benefits of the longer scale are? [This message was edited by Mark Vinbury on 21 April 2005 at 05:55 AM. For playing with lots of slanted bar work the scale length and string spacing of a Bakelite Ric are hard to beat. There is a rich fullness to the sound and of course, many more playing options and patterns to try. Also, there is the Dobro, which has a larger square neck and a cone to increase volume. Your email address will not be published. Shorter scale lengths (less than 25" in guitars and 32" in basses) usually give a warmer tone and provide for easier playing, especially when string bending. Top 7 Best Lap Steel Guitars in 2020 – Ultimate Reviews and Buyer’s Guide. Since the scale length is 22 1/2" then we know the bridge will be exactly 22 1/2" from the nut. C6 6-String Lap Steel Neck Map. The scale length also has sonic implications connected with acoustic instruments. It has a solid mahogany body with a maple wood top. There is nothing subtle about the design of this instrument. If you find your technique requires using .009 – .042 gauge strings on the long scale, you’ll probably get the same feel utilizing a heavier .010 – .046 gauge on the short scale instrument, The heavier gauge strings will also have the side-effect of inducing more voltage in your pickups, resulting in a “thicker” fundamental note, and more output. The quality of this guitar says it will suit the pros as well. Fender and Gibson guitars) are strung with equal gauge strings and tuned to normal concert pitch, the shorter scale Gibson will have less tension, resulting in a “looser” feel. A guitar’s (or any fretted instrument’s) scale length is the basic distance between the nut or zero fret and the bridge’s saddle. 32" (800mm) Scale length 22.5" (571.5mm) 19/16" (40mm) 4" (100mm) 23 1/2" scale would probably also feel very good with the right string spacing. Is a 24" scale better for blues/rock/sacred steel, E or G tuning, etc? It is designed to be an eight string model. Compensation is discussed in a separate article here, but to accurately determine an instrument’s scale length, measure from the front edge of the nut to the center of the twelfth or octave fret, and double the result. It is in Hawaiian and Country styles where it might be most popular, but it also fits Bluegrass, Rock, and Blues. Everything about this guitar is built for sound quality, and the woods used help to generate that sound.


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