Canada, Chile, In addition, K Market also launched PUMA men and women underwear which are absolutely 100% authentic! TRIAL, TRIAL is Japan Supermarket Chain Group. In Korea, people tend to eat canned food for snacks or dishes. Owner by SEOWON DISTRIBUTION Co.,Ltd. In addition, K Market also imports the current Korean skincare product – Miseoul! (18*21cm) 2PCS. Here are the different kinds of Korean drinks. Isn’t it a really a great place for all Korean good you need? Yep, check it out at K Market! Yep, check it out at K Market! Taste the different flavors of Kook Soon Dang in K Market including, bananas, peaches, and citrus taste. Add your local store to the Korean grocery store directory and help others find good places to shop! Thus, most of the canned food can be eaten directly even without heating it on fire. Every seafood sold here are guaranteed to be fresh from Korea. As for the meat, K Market offers customers different kinds of meat with 15% discount every Thursday! UAE, Ltd. 21/3 and 4 , 2nd Floor, Yusuf Sarai Main Market, New Delhi – 110016 Phone: +91- 112-619-1087 This drink is known to be a powerful herb for enhancing the mind and stimulating the libido as it has long been used to treat impotence. Binggrae, a banana milk drink that most, if not all, South Koreans really love. NEW Location of Korean Supermarket in Dubai Good for everyone. There’s this brewed alcoholic drinks made with a kind of glutinous rice and 12 kinds of herbs that is sold in K Market. Grab a few pieces to stock at home. Of course the store also has this kind of food at a really cheap price! Isn’t it real cute? 4 in the world’s largest sales of alcohol! Advertisement. There is even a premium package including 3 cans and spray bottle for only RM99 which can be bought at. A water drop essence gel that turns into watery texture when applied on skin. A water drop essence gel that turns into watery texture when applied on skin. Add your local store to the Korean grocery store directory and help others find good places to shop! Very convenient. Lady Nature Over Night Sanitary Napkin – 8pcs (290mm), Lady Nature Medium Size Sanitary Napkin -10 pcs (245mm), Lady Nature Sanitary Napkin – 5 pcs (XL) (320mm), Lady Nature Sanitary Napkin Panty Liner 20 pcs (155mm). A South Korean brand popular for having a pure natural herbs content that does not only removes bad odor but also makes women feel fresh and dry. IGA, South Korea Store Owner by IGA Korea; NongHyup Hanaro Mart, Owner by NongHyup and Regional NongHyup; Segyero Mart; Sri Lanka. Taste the goodness of Milkis for only RM12.4! Brics India Trade Pvt. All the ginseng on the shelf are imported from Korea. A-Mart Korean Grocery Store: A-1 Mahipalpur Extension : New Delhi : Add your local store » Maangchi's cookbooks. 7. Well, who wouldn’t buy it if it comes at a very affordable price? Oil and salt section. Did you know that South Korea’s official red ginseng is also sold here in Malaysia? Ginseng, a hundred years old wine is the most important traditional Chinese medicine as well as licorice, Schisandra, Chinese wolfberry, astragalus, ginger, cinnamon and the likes. Brics India Trade Pvt. TopMart, TopMart is South Korea Regional SuperMarket Chains. What makes K Market a great place for buying some Korean stuff is that the store launch crazy offers every month! This packed of extracted ginseng and dietary fiber nourishes vitality, enhances the immunity, relieves stress, enhances memory, fights aging and improves fitness. I’m not sure if you also believe this myth. Adults and children really love this drink that it is even listed in South Korea’s most loved goods. You will absolutely love this supermarket for you can purchase these items at a cheaper price! Aside from dairy drinks, there are also some drinks designed for those who want to lose weight easily. In line with this, the store also occasionally do have promotions. Seems like the famous Korean Red Ginseng, which is popular and best-selling product in South Korea is also trend here in Malaysia! Would you not be tempted in this cool rice wine with the aroma of fruit? Specified items can even be purchased for only RM1 or RM3! and online. On January last year (2016), the largest Korean supermarket, K Market has opened its business in Malaysia. Thus, most of the canned food can be eaten directly even without heating it on fire. SHARES. This bag is the perfect size for storing foodstuffs . Kindly visit their official websites / social media pages for the latest information. So, you know where to buy fresh seafood. Dry food, fruit and vegetables department. This product is also available in selected online shops including, . So, fret not. To get more travel ideas and find the best things to do in South Korea, browse on, Korea’s #1 Travel Shop. So when we came across a store that sells wasabi tubes, sushi mats and kimchi salad by the kilo, we bookmarked it right away for multiple future visits. South Korea Store Owner by TRIAL Korea Co.,Ltd. See the packaging? The Al Barsha branch was located at number 1004 on the street! Korean Supermarket in Dubai. Spain, It is technically a red ginseng put in a sachet so it can easily carried around. All of these can be bought at a very reasonable price! Find these cool drinks for children at K-Market! In addition, K Market provides exclusive parking for their every customers. Belgium, So, why not take a stroll here and purchase some things you may be needing at home? What do you think about K Market? Toiletries, dishwashing liquid, laundry liquid, shampoo, conditioner, kitchenwares, pots, mops and other directly imported necessities are also sold in K Market! Austria, Very convenient. Video: Let's go shopping with Maangchi in a Korean grocery store! To discover more, please visit our PARTNERS page. Have a dose of Korean ginseng at K Market! Aside from dry food, K Market also offers fruits, vegetables, seafood, frozen food as well as meats. But hey, these are only for adults! This drink seem to be infamous as it is also featured in the Korean drama “Answer Me 1988”. K Market has been running for 3 years now, and all the products sold here are directly imported from Korea.


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