Swipe left or right to see more examples of the word you’re on. our very first blog on the subjunctive mode. There are three types of hypothesis, in terms of Italian grammar. 2. but instead of saying someone’s very good or very bad, you use the relative superlative to say someone’s the best or the worst. Se lei vuole restare a casa, loro restano a casa insieme. This table compares how English and Italian approach this type of speech. Enjoy the fourth blog post in this series, “Italian Subjunctive (Part 4): Italian Hypothetical Phrases of Love”! Hypothetical phrases in the present tense describe situations that are likely to happen, or probable situations. ", sarebbe un pezzo very cold) outside. Now you know how to turn regular Italian words into the most awesome. Fill in the gaps in the Italian sentences below. The kind you make yourself! Probable Situations. * In some cases, the speaker knows already that it will be possible to uncover a fact or the truth behind a situation. From page 16: “Quello che l’aveva più umiliata non era la mia infedelità… ma il fatto che le avessi veramente mancato di rispetto trattandola come fosse una stupida.”, “That which had humiliated her the most was not my infidelity… but the fact that I had truly lost respect for her, treating her as if she were an idiot.”. After they are married, they can still have “date nights.” But be careful when translating American romantic experiences into Italian! If you ate more fruit, you'd feel better. The English command form is easy, and for the most part, we don’t even realize we are using it! Think about how often parents give advice to their children in this way—without first waiting to hear how the children really feel! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Italian Subjunctive (Part 1): Speak Italian! — This wine is terrible: it’s very sour. di teatro di successo. It seems to me that it is not only a crush but they really like each other. se fossero tutti gentili come te, questo mondo sarebbe migliore, if it weren’t raining we could have lunch in the garden Assuming that he were…  rich/famous/a president…  he would be a wonderful fiance. — Fruitcake is the worst Christmas sweet. Let me know if you are free for a weekend soon! Thanksgiving Turkey Soup – That’s Italian! Think about how we sometimes pretend to be someone or something we know we cannot be. Lei è molto bella e penso che anche Giovanni sia un bel ragazzo come dicevi. se ci ___ ___ che la tua macchina era guasta, ti ___ ____ un passaggio (dire/dare), if you had come to the concert last night, you could have met maestro Plotino (you plural) I wonder if he is a great actor in that film. 8. se Mario non sarà riuscito a prendere il treno delle 7.00, arriverà con quello delle 9.00 (not è riuscito). (I'm not handsome so there is no chance of this happening.). If I had won a million euros, I would have retired and lived a secluded life. In probable situations, the stated condition given in the “if” clause is a condition that a person may experience in the present and the consequence that will follow is a situation that will almost certainly happen. s'i' fosse vento, lo tempesterei; His name is John. We founded it almost 30 years ago so we could have our own place: welcoming, open, where it was easy to connect with others and experience something new. The word “best” in the previous sentence is a superlative. Dovere – to have to – Imperfetto Subjunctive Mood, Potere – to can – Imperfetto Subjunctive  Mood, Volere – to want – Imperfetto Subjunctive Mood, Kathryn Occhipinti, MD, author of the Learn Italian online with these free A1 Beginner/Elementary Italian exercises.


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