He is a Templar correct? Before succumbing to his wounds, Adéwalé mentioned that his death would not stop the Colonial Assassins in their search for the Temples. Because both Connor and Haytham were idealists, who believed the end justifies the means. Upon doing so, Shay tracked down and assassinated Hope and later eliminated the Assassin Louis-Joseph Gaultier, Chevalier de la Vérendrye in 1760. In the year 1754, Haytham attended the musical The Beggar's Opera by John Gay, in the Theatre Royal in London. In addition, they needed Achilles to live in order to warn other Assassins about the Precursor sites. Haytham Kenway. Haytham and Birch arrived there two weeks later, and questioned a shopkeeper. Birch became a regular visitor to the Kenways, as he was courting Jennifer. On meeting Birch in Prague, Haytham was informed that his mother had died. When the shopkeeper appeared reluctant, Haytham threatened his son, forcing him to recount that he had already informed two British soldiers of Digweed's location, and that they had blackmailed him into keeping quiet. He is a Templar, the assassins and Templars have been fighting a war for thousands of years. After meeting Johnson, he learned that some of his work had been stolen in a robbery. Evil-doer Although  Haytham's true purpose there was to obtain a "precursor" artifact from an attending patron and member of the Assassin Order, who happened to be Miko. During this event, Edward's killer knocked Haytham over, but was prevented from killing him too when Birch arrived and slew the mercenary. Shortly before Haytham was ten, Birch approached him and expressed interest in his training; Haytham mentioned to him that his steel sword was kept hidden in the games room. There is a good argument to be made for both ideologies. After he visited Church's home, Haytham discovered that there had been a raid, which resulted in Church's kidnapping. Haytham lived in London, with his parents Edward and Tessa Kenway, along with his older half-sister named Jennifer Scott. On the way, Haytham spotted one of the soldiers riding back, and noticed he had pointed ears like the man who kidnapped Jennifer. Learning Digweed lived in a cabin 15 miles north, Haytham and Birch immediately rode out. Using the tactic of the Trojan horse, Haytham sneaked his men into the fort, freed the slaves within, killed the fort's general and wounded Silas so that he could be shot by Church. Afterwards, having the Assassin's Hidden Blade to compensate for his lost sword, Haytham then brought Lucio to Birch so that the Templar Grand Master could blackmail Lucio's mother Monicainto decoding the journal that Haytham had retrieved from Juan Vedomir. Reply . Subsequently, Haytham found papers revealing that the man served under Braddock's regiment in the Dutch Republic, and returned to the cabin to inform Birch. Chasing him until he was able to assassinate him, Haytham delivered Braddock his last rites and took the Templar ring from the Bulldog's finger, before he went with Kaniehtí:io to the storehouse. It follows haytham from when he’s a wee lad with his dad (Edward Kenway) to the end of AC 3. He’s the Templar grand master so that automatically makes him evil in the eyes of the Assassins, but in Rogue he tried to put a stop to the Assassins precursor quest which would make him good. While returning to London, Haytham reread his childhood diary and realized that Betty, one of the nursemaids, had been in a relationship with Digweed. Haytham is the first known Templar capable of using Eagle Vision, the second being Shay Cormac, and he was the second known ancestor of Desmond to be a Templar, the other being Maria Thorpe. A few months later, Haytham rallied his co-conspirators to meet with Kaniehtí:io near the edge of the river. which is best? Following that, he went to the top of a church to view the rest of the city for other prospects. After gathering his co-conspirators, Haytham planned an infiltration on Southgate Fort, so that he could free the Native American slaves there in order to discover where the First Civilization storehouse was. To save him, Kaniehtí:io tackled Washington from his own horse and pinned him to the ground, while Haytham got to his feet and pursued Braddock again on foot.


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