These smoothies and a tablespoon or so of apple cider vinegar – very healthy! For almost 2 weeks after my IV and intraperitoneal chemo I was down and out, barely functioning. When they tried to get her to eat short term in a rehab from a broken hip, she went down to 101 pounds, now with the Ensure she is back to 122 at 85 years old. A marketing person decided to try to and expand the hospital market into the consumer market, he succeeded. Even hospitals are sick care not health care. If you feel that you have a medical problem, you should seek the advice of your physician or health care practitioner. Jem. There are healthy options out there. (8), As a derivative of starch, this is used as a filler and to enhance texture; it is also known as an artificial sweetener. Make a chicken or beef soup with some healthy vegetable blended in it, it’s so much better. They are also getting rich off this stuff. It was the end and probably wouldn’t have made much difference unfortunately. All three are full of chemicals with about as much actual nutritional value as most commercial junk food1 and these drinks are meant to be the nutritional lifeline for people who are extremely sick. I am a healthcare aide, and while we don’t get the extensive training and knowledge that nurses do, this is still very important to say. My doctors recommended it to me after my major surgery and I never realized what I was putting in my body. It interferes with medication absorption and metabolism. New Addition To The Ensure Family! And now I see that it is not good for us over the long term. Hormones in Dairy Foods and Their Impact on Public Health – A Narrative Review Article. Purée real foods instead of processed & packaged. What the hospice provided to Krause was a bag full of products by Ensure: pudding, shakes, and a drink that pretends to be apple juice. Does this sound like the type of company whose products you should be feeding your loved ones? You want to provide nutrition not chemicals. Now that they have been exposed, perhaps it will be removed from the shelves of stores nationwide. My late partner was prescribed this but fortunately did not partake of much of it. It is also genotoxic, meaning it can cause the cells to mutate due to genetic damage.6. It was the turning point in my recovery. However, the product was severely compromised and any good dietitian will offer solutions that are much cheaper and healthier than Ensure. They have good recipes that come with the juicer or you can find them online. Malekinejadi, H., Rezabakhsh, A. I will too out of my own curiosities! Juicing also, keep in mind fruit/vegie juice loses antioxidants in exposure to air. Not to mention of the taste of it is gross no matter what flavor you try. I’ve worked in the food departments of hospitals and nursing homes, and they all use this garbage! Over the past few years of working with health experts all over the world, She didn’t want meat or anything else she liked before let alone some puréed stew. I am amazed at some of these comments and justification if why one gives this crap to loved ones knowing its bad. Look for nutritious foods that u can blend together n hide in coco flavoring or a healthy chocolate! Stop taking this poison! If there is one thing I’ve learnt it is this, if a nutritional supplement does not have the science to back it and the label has words that cannot be pronounced, do your research first before buying the product. I’m sorry you are ill it must be horrible. Also, for anyone doing chemo (or without chemo too! So easy. As you can imagine many trips to the hospital and hospice before, during, and after transplant. Went to the emergency because the pain was so bad. ?? There are so many wonderful sources of nutrition all around us and therefore, there is no reason anyone should ever subject themselves or a loved one to the artificial crap they call “nutrition”. I think it’s time for a food fight!”. Most health problems can often be resolved with a good diet, exercise and Shortly before my mom passed away, she quit eating anything but a few bites of banana or a few spoonfuls of ice cream, her nurses said to give her Ensure so would she got enough calories and nutrients. We have been giving this to our mom who is 90 years old after she came home from the hospital because we thought it would help her get better and provide more protein. Education is the key to many companies out there pushing unhealthy products. Try adding a new, healthy habit: Drink one Ensure Shake every day! We offer what nutrition they want to enjoy. How do you dis-prove this slogan? The hospital had him on Ensure and I continued that at home. You should know: The answer above provides general health information that is not intended to replace medical advice or treatment recommendations from a qualified healthcare professional. Drinking Ensure daily is a habit that could help you feel better. Give them what they like and what they can tolerate physically. I’ve been making smoothies with equal parts kefir, and fruit; (banana, strawberries,blueberries or any other fruit you may enjoy) for my husband who is also on chemo. Want to feel better about yourself and your nutrition? Instead, its two main ingredients are water and sugar. Yes, Ensure may have horrible ingredients, but I’d rather my patients stay at a decent weight than tell them: “Sorry, ensure has bad stuff in it, so you don’t get anything to consume today.” Don’t get me wrong, I realize NOW how bad Ensure is, but I still would never refuse to abide by someone’s request. Two years later, she is healthier then she was 10 years ago. If science can back Ensure products then I will just believe them over a lay person’s opinion. Read More. (9), This preservative is common in packaged beverages, and many manufacturers are trying to reformulate their products. Patients require calories to heal, the body needs fuel, and sick people usually don’t have an appetite. Including big pharma! Not only is the product high in sugar, it contains ingredients that are clearly harmful to the immune system, digestion, and linked to a host of chronic illnesses. When she was dealing with chemo her whole pallet changed. The top ingredient in Ensure is WATER. I never drank Ensure before, nor have I had it since I finished chemo, but it served its purpose. Honestly, there is no best brand. I would like you to check out this website … The Truth About Cancer and Juice PLUS+ … the latter is a Wholefood Nutrition … berries, fruits n veggies in capsule form … it’s backed by science, approx 36+ researches done and there are some under review. Sadly, these products are often given to patients in extremely poor health, who need proper nutrition the most. What a synthetic vitamin is lacking, the body tries to make up for by itself and depletes its existing nutrients in the process.10. Drinking Ensure daily is a positive starting point. One of the house doctors begged me to go home, even though I could hardly even get out of bed. The advertising of Ensure should be illegal. Research has also linked it to digestive problems by having a negative impact on gut bacteria. As soon as he was able we picked up a large container of Vega One brand All In One (not protein only) shake powder (found it available at Shopper’s Drug, Bulk Barn, and cheapest so far at Costco) and a small magic bullet single shot machine (kit on sale $40 @ Canadian Tire or $50ish regular). Although I went home, my sister said I looked like death made over. We are drug free, both free from brain fog, active and going strong!! Our homehealth nurse suggested Carnation Instant Breakfast with whole milk. Research has shown that artificial sweeteners actually increases our cravings, and further research is being done on its link to diabetes and heart disease. It could be time to find something better for him. Omg. (2015). If you cannot tolerate ‘lumps’, then just broth is very nutritious. We had a hard time getting nutrients into him because he had no appetite and would refuse most food. Yet, it is often labeled as a “nutrient.” The Environmental Protection Agency has classified it as dangerous.8. After being on it a couple of months he had diarrhea almost every day and could not gain weight. Oh my gosh, I sooo thought you were serious. One is Orgain. They serve Splenda on every hospital food tray and it is very dangerous. Why would you joke about this topic? The medical world is constantly changing to meet the demands of new studies, no one knows everything about the body so we are always learning and switching things around as we learn new things. They wanted her to drink this stuff and I just couldn’t let her, especially knowing her poor system was so poisoned already. The process itself is extremely unnatural (e.g. I just don’t understand how that is allowed to happen. SO for his morning smoothie I would ground 3 large spoons of flaxseed into a fine powder first (if possible don’t grind ahead of time or it loses its potency. You can freeze some for another day, then heat it up on the stove, don’t use the microwave it turns your food into plastic.


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