"@type": "WebPage", "@type": "Article", I asked him whether he knew how to speak English. He inherited vast property from his father and sister. I like the valuable info you provide in your articles. Opposites Active And Passive Voice Interrogative and Negative Sentences Exercises With Answers Class 7 CBSE Pdf. Author:ptrces "image": [ Time Adverbs They are fond of watching “twenty-twenty-cricket”. At present no country considers Bangladesh as an easy opponent. Spring Furniture I said to Alex, "Will you buy me another cup of tea?". Here you will find thousands of online are categorized in different topics and levels. ", The following exercises will give you practice in changing word order and (in some cases) verb forms as you convert 20 declarative sentences into interrogative sentences. Valentine's Day As soon as I went to station, the train left. Convert the following Affirmative Present Simple sentences into Interrogative Sentences in Present/Past/Future forms by filling in the sentences with appropriate choice provided. Smoking is not only a dangerous habit but also a bad one. The literacy rate in Bangladesh is very poor. The towers symbolize the loftiness of the spirit of the martyred freedom fighters. They are the symbol of purity and beauty. The teachers are highly qualified and well trained. The prices in our cafeteria are reasonable. "image": [ Shopkeeper said, "Do you need more?, Alex. Nouns But as soon as he reached hill, it opened up. The Judge said to accused, "Have you bought a car ever?". United Kingdom Auxiliary verbs Old lady said, "Can I get more days to live here? "author": { Fullscreen, Level: elementary Subordination Rooms in the house "dateModified": "2019-03-24", It is the duty of the educated people to educate the illiterate.     perfect Interrogatives in English The books of great writers contain noble thoughts and great ideas. Word order, Business Demonstratives Describing people Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Advanced Direct and Indirect Speech Exercises Interrogative Sentences, direct and indirect speech examples for imperative sentenes, Direct and indirect speech for interrogative sentences, Direct and indirect speech rules for exclamatory sentences, Indirect Speech exercises for exclamatory sentences, Reported speech rules for optative sentences, Reported Speech Exercises with Answers for Class 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 100 Examples of Direct and Indirect Speech, Reported Speech Exercise Universal Truth Sentences, Direct Indirect Speech Rules with Examples. He left the town two years ago. The box was so heavy that I could not carry. Jobs Pronouns Let’s take an example: He said, “Do you know my name”? English The exercises Author:Educopédia In an interrogative sentence, "Nothing but" changes to "Anything but" Hope you understood. Interrogative sentences allow you to gather information and clear up confusion as well as engage in interesting conversations with others. Exclamatory sentence grade-1. Countries It should be "Nothing but poverty is responsible for this." Author:Christopher Bornman Most of the drivers of our country are illiterate. "https://directindirectspeech.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/Rules-Exam-Question-Sent.jpg" Present  If you are learning English language you can use these In many cases, more than one correct version is possible. Age: 11-100 exercises Interrogative sentence grade-1. Fullscreen, Level: elementary The interrogative sentence is changed into an assertive sentence and the sign of interrogation is removed and are substituted by full stop. Other Exercises. At first glance, the questions may seem difficult. "description": "Reported speech exercises with interrogative sentences, mixed, solved, interactive, easy and for detailed understanding.Practice reported speech exercise, easy, solved, mcqs and for all levels" The doctor inquired if he had followed what he suggested to him. Active and Passive Voice Interrogative Sentences Practice Exercise . The traveler asked young man whether he knew where did that road lead. He asked me whether I was ready to take a challenge. Runa is both beautiful and intelligent. Fullscreen, There is - There are (Question Unscramble), B04 = Verb to do, Affirmative, Negative, Interrogative. … "@type": "Organization", Holidays Hey dear student, here I am going to share some short paragraphs about the internet . Autumn Imperative sentence grade-1. We must increase our production to get rid of this abnormal situation. It’s very helpful to me thank you very much for. See the answers when you can not do it alone. Toys Nazrul is one of the greatest poets in our country. Contractions Months Magic They must be punctual, industrious and truthful. She asked beggar why he had been begging all the time there. Darlene chose the most expensive items on the menu. The protestors demanded to release their leaders quickly. Tree plantation programs should be expanded to the remote corner of the country. Adverbs Restaurant Both Rahim and Karim came here. Reported Speech


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