In addition to subjects like accounting, finance, information technology and marketing, course work for a bachelor's of business administration covers management principles and practices such as the following: Curriculum for an MBA program covers the following topics: You may want to learn a new language, and you'll definitely want to stay abreast of new and evolving technologies. Gain cultural and social insights that will prepare you to lead people and organizations located around the globe—with a focus on building sustainable and socially responsible organizations. And because international business has much to do with personal relations, courses in psychology, communication and public speaking will also add to your overall skill set. DBA studies usually involve classes in research and analytical methods; core management subjects such as strategic planning, managing change and solutions-oriented leadership; and the student's choice of specialization. Like a PhD, a DBA equips professionals with expertise in leadership and management principles and a higher level of competence in conducting research. Online programs include general business as well as almost every specialty area, including online programs in the following: The cost of bachelor's degree programs varies depending upon the type of institution you attend. If you want to specialize in global management or entirely on international business-related areas, the Master of Science in International Business (MIB) will give you the skillset to do just that. Examples of specializations include international business, management, marketing and information systems. The degree is designed particularly for those who will seek posts with international companies as graduate trainees or as assistants in functional specialisms e.g. Many schools offer specialized master's degrees in international business. Many schools offer concentrations in specific areas of business administration. What international business degrees are available? Image Source International business is one of the hottest majors catching B-school students’ attention due to the continued globalization of our economy. One example is Saint Mary's College of California's Trans-Global Executive MBA. There are many of international business degrees available for those hoping to enter this popular field, but which one is essential to your success? Read more about studying a International Business degree All of this applies to international business. Any classes focusing on management principles, technology and information systems will be valuable. You will be ready to work across industries as a business analyst, human resources generalist, operations manager or marketing specialist. If you specialize in a subfield of business administration such as human resources, accounting, finance, marketing and information technology, you'll find a wealth of professional certificates designed to help you advance in your career—many of which are conveniently available in the online format. However, some use their international business education as a foundation for a law school degree, according to Saint Louis University . Program outcomes vary according to each institution's specific curriculum and employment opportunities are not guaranteed. In general, course work for a bachelor of business administration covers management principles and practices such as the following: For preparation in working around the world, international business tracks will usually add studies in courses like: As an example of a typical course load in international business, let's look at Berkeley College's Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in International Business: Many people choose to continue their business education by earning a Master in Business Administration (MBA), a highly respected advanced degree that indicates a commitment to leading in the field. International field study is accomplished through immersion programs that expose students to the culture of an emerging market outside of the U.S. This unique program "provides working professionals with the skills to take on global leadership responsibilities while providing real, tangible assistance to organizations and governments around the world." Though business administration professions are frequently determined by degree types, there are certificate programs available in business administration, mostly to help develop executive education skills. Learn how to make holistic, strategic, and operational decisions focused on corporate sustainability, which balances profits with societal needs and the environment. This degree can act as a ‘proverbial’ backbone when it comes to jobs that involve global sales, marketing, and financial management. Another advanced degree option is the Master in International Management (MIM), which focuses almost exclusively on issues related to international business. Champion corporate sustainability by protecting the world's environment and people while meeting profit goals. It’s becoming effortless to find various international business degrees leading to a BBA, BS, MS, MBA, and even PhD. According to College Board's Trends in College Pricing 2017-2018, the average annual cost* for a four-year, public institution runs around $9,970 for in-state tuition and $25,620 for out-of-state-tuition. Well, as an undergraduate, you can earn a bachelor's degree in international business, but most upper-level international management positions require an MBA or master's degree. Explore complex global problems and business cases that force you to examine and define your values related to corporate ethics, corporate governance and social responsibility. Taking electives in these fields will provide you with an even better educational background as you begin your international business career. Three popular types of bachelor degrees for international business are: As with a typical bachelor's degree in business administration, these degrees you will qualify for an array of leadership positions and other advanced roles in private, public and nonprofit organizations. However, graduates with an International Business degree can scale this up by examining how the international segments of … Data Analysis and Research Methods in Global Business, Ethical and Social Issues in Global Management and Interfaith Leadership, International Management: Doing Business in World Regions, Global Forecasting, Operations and Supply Chain Management, Managing Global Competition and Cooperation, Global Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility, Doing Business in World Regions: The Regional Business Environment, Advanced management concepts and best practices, Associate's degree programs, which provide entry-level opportunity, usually take two years, A bachelor's degree program takes four years, Master's degree programs and MBAs generally require one to two years, A DBA program generally takes three to six years to complete.


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