Their followers trust their opinions and recommendations. With ambassadorships, brands collaborate with influencers for a long period of time. Bigelow Tea is one of the most well-known and recognized brands in the tea industry. They chose to use local influencers like Shinola, Detroit Bikes and the creator of Slow Roll (a local bike tour phenomenon) to help create the film, Anthem of Us, using striking images paired with a powerful, yet unscripted, narrative. You can work with them again in future collaborations. Lagavulin’s Youtube subscribers jumped from 5,500 to 23,000. They encouraged them to take advantage of the offer and follow Dunkin’ Donuts’ account. M&Ms appointed Emmy award-winning actor and Veep star Tony Hale to act as the official Campaign Manager for the Flavor Vote. Dunkin’ Donuts made a special offer for the day, and Collab selected lifestyle creators to spread content about the offer in their cities on SnapChat. Takeaways: Laguvulin took a risk and put a humorous spin on a well-loved cultural phenomenon, the traditional yule log video. This covered more than 24 hours because they ran the campaign across three time zones and three cities across the USA. This really caught the imagination of their target audience. Advocacy Marketing: What It Is and How You Do It (+ Examples). They decided to create the fan-voted "Rare Country Awards," to expand their reach to more country fans. Check out our. By using this method, you’ll overprice creators by paying for followers you won’t reach. Artist-Specific Influencers To do that, they partnered with celebrity influencers, such as Shaquille O’Neal and DJ Khaled, to film videos for a series Undercover Lyft on their Youtube channel. Insightpool then selected three “superfans” to create videos announcing the winning artists. By working with both big and small influencers, Boxed Water was able to reach a large audience with their cause. Take advantage of this by screening incoming requests to identify influencers who are a good fit for your brand. The key differentiating factor between these and the standard commodity smartphone is that you can swap “mods” in and out of the phone, to make them exactly how you want them. Chase was able to provide six Periscope sessions to fans for free. They don’t use plastic bottles. The collaboration generated 4 million social engagements and 150 million impressions. with the influencers that they believed represented their values and brand well. MTV Pants Off is a SnapChat sex ed show, hosted by Laci Green, best known for her sex ed channel on YouTube, which has more than 2 million subscribers. These goals can include: By setting clear goals, you’ll be able to measure the success of your influencer marketing program. You can then assess how effective your campaign was using the methods further below. Influencer marketing is well past its experimental phase. MTV decided that the best way to build an audience was to ensure that the show contained relevant subject matter for the teenage audience, to use influencers as guests, and to create stunning graphics. They’re often viewed as industry experts in different categories, such as fashion. Insightpool invited 20 top influencers to participate in a Twitter takeover - changing their accounts to match the Rare Country Awards branding. They revealed their identities to their passengers when the rides were over. In addition to the benefits listed earlier in the article, using an always-on strategy helps keep your brand top-of-mind when the influencers’ audience makes purchasing decisions. You can then assess how effective your campaign was using the methods further below. For instance, influencer Chrished Bliss created a recipe for. feature, you can check their audience’s location, age, gender, and more. Takeaways: Boxed Water took on a cause that aligned with their company mission. Influencer marketing is a form of marketing that leverages the power of influencers. For the project, they promised to plant 2 trees in national forests for every post published with the hashtag #ReTree. MTV’s aim was to use Laci, already known as a sex ed influencer, to give help to confused teenagers on what was a different medium for MTV - SnapChat. It’s important that you measure the results of your influencer collaborations to determine whether they’re a success. But finding influencers who are compatible with your brand can be tricky. Great for: Boosting brand awareness, generating engagement, and increasing traffic & followers. This second stage resulted in an additional 26,000 clicks on the shared content. #MMSFlavorVote #ad, Posted by Tony Hale on Monday, April 18, 2016. It is a positive city that is going places. Bigelow Tea also experienced an 18.5% boost in sales during the campaign. They created a buzz by sharing a competition, where their followers could engage with their posts for an opportunity to win gift cards, which resulted in approximately 350,000 engagements. Their followers trust their opinions and recommendations. To maximize your ROI, you can use our Pricing Calculator to determine a starting fee based on the influencer’s performance in reach and engagement. To maximize the value of your influencer marketing campaign, you can repurpose the content from your collaborations. No problem. The influencers highlighted vibrantly colored lifestyle items and encouraged their followers to buy items that reflect who they are. It can be challenging to ensure that your team meets every milestone of your marketing... Subscription-based business models are nothing new. It can be frustrating to watch your full-proof marketing plan fail.


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