2. Develop and write an alternative IMC plan that involves the company you currently work for or the company you want to start up. Fill in the order form and provide all details of your assignment. It is a strong finishing statement. Our agents are online 24/7. ●  In the process of preparing your assignment submission, you need to refer to the marking criteria. Assignment 2: Integrated marketing communication plan. – Type of schedule for each media vehicle. A title page preceeds all your paper content. All our papers are original and written from scratch. ●  The word limit 2500 words (+/- 10%) does not include title page, executive summary, table of contents, tables, figures, references and appendices. He stated that previous hospitals did not allow his partner to visit and that is why he chose your hospital. –  Integration strategy: How will synergy/ a consistent theme be achieved. IMC elements should be selected from the following list: Advertising; sales promotion; digital marketing; direct marketing; personal selling; public relations; sponsorship marketing. Here, you put all your personal information and this we give out for free. This is best presented in a table with a total cost calculated. University of East London. A minimum of 500 words must be ●  You can access information on the products via the Internet or any other sources. Evaluation: Along with improving internal and external communication, IMC also supports an organization to achieve its goal and objective. Our main objectives for this IMC plan are to build a strong brand image, to develop brand awareness and to enhance the firm image. Notes on Assignment 2 (IMC Plan) You can access information on the products via the Internet or any other sources. Provide a rationale (an explanation of why you. We do this to allow you time to point out any area you would need revision on, and help you for free. Integrated Marketing Communications and … You are an IMC Manager of a company or starting a company. sustained with the proper references. ●  Correctly reference sources of information using the Harvard AGPS referencing style. 1. – How and where you will reach your target audience. Referencing will show evidence of research and the use of relevant sources of information in addition to the prescribed textbook (set text). The IMC Plan Assessment The development of a campaign plan will give you a hands-on experience in applying the advertising strategy. Completed assignment for IMC. When that is not enough, we have a free enquiry service. IMC Plan - Completed assignment for IMC. We are happy to assist you in case of any adjustments needed. You do not necessarily have to use all of the IMC tools. They should also make reference to the target audience. distribution channels to carry our products in order to be able to increase market share, sales volume and to build customer traffic. You will get a personal manager and a discount. You are required to use the combination of which-ever IMC mix tools you feel are relevant to the target audience. If you make an assumption, please state in brackets (assumed) after the assumption has been made. Conclusion: and asks for his partner to be with him overnight. This description must be relevant for creative and media planning. Vehicle selection – Actual television station(s) and or program(s), radio station(s) and or program(s), magazine(s), newspaper(s), social media/ Internet site(s), outdoor, etc., plus a rationale (why you have selected this particular media vehicle, demonstrate the fit with the target audience, describe the ratings, readership etc.) You should use at least one other textbook (in addition to the prescribed text) as well as relevant articles and any other sources to support your arguments. Write an Integrated Marketing Communication Plan (IMC) of 2000 – 2500 words maximum not including references. Also note that mock-ups are actually figures. 2. – How the campaign will be monitored and measured, quantitative and/or qualitative. Our prices are pocket friendly and you can do partial payments. Describe the research that may support the request. Appendices – (if required). ●  This assignment assesses all modules 1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9. Put these in the report in the section where you are discussing them in the text. University. hospital. Please note that the objective of the assignment is to test your knowledge of the theory … Integrated marketing communications integrates all marketing communication platforms in addition to sources from the company. such as creative development, still photography, models, actors, artwork, voice over, music, filming etc. For instance, if your IMC plan has. Integrated marketing communication plan helps an organization to handle the changes that take place in the market. This assignment should be submitted individually. Please refer to the course reading on ‘Report Writing’. ●  You must demonstrate your knowledge of relevant theory from textbooks and other recommended readings. promotional mix tools) within the overall IMC plan. ●  You are encouraged to use tables and figures wisely to present your material in a concise and readable manner. Please note that the objective of the assignment is to test your knowledge of the theory and your ability to apply the theory. specific regarding what you want to achieve, measurable (quantified), achievable, and time- framed. ●  Prepare a formal report on an IMC program using the correct report writing format. It is not a team assignment. What are the ethical issues and what framework would you use to analyze the situation? –  Unique selling proposition or consumer promise (what’s in it for me). IMC can also be defined as a concept in marketing recognizes the added value in a comprehensive plan with the aim of evaluating the strategic roles involved different communication disciplines. You should NOT contact the company except to request publicly available information such as annual reports, brochures etc.


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