Its best used defensively. Get reasonably close and pull the trigger, you barely have to aim. You can get it out of a fated engram now. It's fucking bonkers. "You guys don't have any wolves on your home world, do you?" It can be great to ape with, sure, but due to it not being an insta-kill, you are better off controlling your distance as much as possible. If you can it kills any resilience with bodyshots. Play more defensively instead of rushing and this thing will mow people down. LoW is also very strong at killing supers outside of dawnblade. Jeez. I didn't think anything of it. It’s got the same dark brown coloring, but with fang-like protrusions at the end of the muzzle, which give it a real Wolf flavor. Cookies help us deliver our Services. First you need to remember that it's a burst weapon. Which class are you? Asking because for type of jump you use. The Lord of Wolves is Acquired in Destiny 2 as a random drop from Spider's Bounties. Being aware of the radar, I try to stay out of regular shotgun range to gain advantage as well as using it from the air due to its accuracy. In an emergency hipfire works great. And that master was fire. I use it to play defensively. It's really fun. I tried using it and it was a bit weird. I aim for the body since any side movement would ruin headshots and waste bullets. Found happiness in finding new avenues through which a thing could function. To get max range then ADS. The Lord of Wolves is an Exotic Shotgun in the House of Wolves expansion pack. Perks: Fang and Claw - Increases reload speed while Release the Wolves is active, and increases stability when it is not. He scans the horizon, trying to remember the way to the crypt. More than most. It rapidly fires five shots upon pulling the trigger. He rises in one fluid motion and stands at his full height. At high level play (Trials) I wouldn't use it but for normal PvP or Iron Banner it's fun even if not the Best in Slot shotgun. Is this still considered a cheap weapon, or did the nerfs back in the summer mitigate that? You don't need to have the perk active if you can hit all of the shots in the burst. the Hunter asks. Always have release the wolves activated. Lord of Wolves. You'll need two bursts sometimes since the bullets do get weaker at range. With the perk active you only get 3 bursts before you need to reload. A seasoned marksman with a steady, strong hand could deliver a burn that served less to herd, more to punish. The Lord of Wolves is Acquired in Destiny 2 as a random drop from Spider's Bounties. It rapidly fires five shots upon pulling the trigger. I am hunter, I use wormhusk for dodge and strafe for jump. Smart Drift Control—easier to control recoil, less range. 2: Something about the bullet's travel time makes this a bad aggressive shotgun when fighting another shotgun user (most players). Hipfire—this weapon gains more accuracy when firing from the hip (not aimed down sights), Extended mag—more bullets in the magazine (30-36), Intrinsic: Shrapnel Launcher - Fires a power short-range burst of solar damage. No real benefit to using this over a normal shotgun then since it gives you very little of an edge* over normal shotguns., ...that Seeds of Light can be obtained from the, Directly below the scope, one can see the partial symbol of the. Good thread. I can't figure this weapon out either. The Lord of Wolves may not appear so, but its range properties far surpass those seen in every other shotgun so far, approaching the range of a typical fusion rifle. I have no idea why it doesn't see more use, though. the Hunter asks. ", The Captain cocks his head in a way that makes him look very like a squat, hulking owl. Following a recent adjustment, Lord of Wolves is now one of the most broken guns I’ve ever seen in Destiny (1 or 2). I prefer this method. Against low skill enemies anything is an easy kill. Press J to jump to the feed. I mostly use hand cannons with shotgun in secondary. It does take some time to get used to the burst shot and aiming it. I stand slightly farther back than I would otherwise. He'd seen much. Docked things do not word themselves. Welcome to Destiny Reddit! It has poor recoil, but deals high damage against any enemy the wielder comes across. A friend of mine is looking for this exotic. In Year One, it was obtainable only through Elder's Cipher Bounties, which were Bounties you had to complete after randomly obtaining the Elder Cipher weapon bounty at the end of a PoE game.


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