Cooking with coconut sugar is just like cooking with white or brown sugar. Many people, however, when making the switch to coconut sugar, inevitably wonder how they will have to change their diet to incorporate coconut sugar. - Tim W. I used to buy sucanat, but got tired of the "sugar high" it caused. Organic coconut sugar has a sweetness that is similar to cane sugar, but it is much better for you. Find out the story behind the Palm Nectar Organics Company. Our coconut sugar is the best tasting on the market, because we buy only from small farmers in Indonesia, produced sustainably without chemicals and The taste will amaze you! That is why we ship within 24 hours of receiving your order, Click here to sign up for our newsletter and get the latest news on healthy sweeteners, superfoods, and living a healthy, holistic life. - Rebecca M. This is really the best coconut sugar I've tried so far. sugar. Sustainably harvested. Thank you! Order Now. You are buying the best of the best! Any recipe that calls for sugar, or brown sugar, just replace it with our coconut sugar for a lower glycemic treat! Read more. lower glycemic index than cane sugar. Learn more. Send us a note with your fave recipes! This minimal processing retains many of the trace minerals that are lost in cane sugar production. For example, if you want to sweeten a glass of iced tea, mix in a couple teaspoons of coconut sugar. But giving up eating sugar was not something I could do very easily. But the more I read about the devastating effects cane (white & brown) sugar has on the body, the more I became determined to find a suitable alternative. Organic coconut sugar tastes like white sugar and is much better for you. Certified organic, vegan, non-GMO, and natually gluten-free. Although it has a taste more like brown sugar than white sugar, it is milk and many people prefer it to flat taste of white sugar. Just a few years back I discovered coconut sugar, and how it is a minimally refined, lower-glycemic sweetener, whose purchase helps third world farmers and their families remain independent and self-sufficient. Read the inside story of why we started the company Palm Nectar Organics, selling the best organic sugar substitute on the planet! Coconut sugar mainly contains sucrose, but it also contains small amounts of glucose. Do you run a store, spa, or online health store? When cooking or baking, you can use coconut sugar as a 1:1 replacement for white sugar. It should require about the same amount of white sugar you'd use, and the result is a much healthier drink! The beauty of coconut sugar is: you don't. It's like a mix of really good brown sugar with caramel...sweet yet complex. Use Palm Nectar coconut sugar anywhere that you would use regular sugar. You can literally use the same recipes without any adjustment except the substitution of coconut for white sugar! Coconut sugar, Galloway says, is made from the sap of coconut palm trees (kind of like how maple syrup is sourced from maple tree sap). Hope you enjoy it and let me know your favorite recipes! A study of type 2 diabetic female patients focused on the successful use of coconut sugar to lower oxidative stress levels, while increasing antioxidant and glycemic levels. NOTE: Diabetics should consult with their medical providers before using this or any other sweeteners. minimally refined. Delicious! In the search for a better sugar substitute, many health-conscious people have turned to organic coconut sugar. Our website is hosted on servers that have purchased certified Renewable Energy Credits representing 100% of the electricity used to both power and cool the servers! Palm Nectar Organics coconut sugar is prepared the traditional way of first collecting the sap from the coconut palm, and then gently boiling it down to form the sweet Diabetics should consult with their medical providers before using this or any other sweeteners. The best tasting organic coconut products in the world. - Kim B.


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