I’m shipping a 100 year old 3′ x 4′ oil painting from NC to TX in the summertime. This is so great! Applying "saturating varnish of either a synthetic resin or a stabilized natural resin varnish. What was the client’s reaction? Before cradling, the wood support is typically thinned. Just as having the right tools on hand makes it easier to pack your art professionally, having the right supplies on hand will simplify your shipping life and save you a lot of running around when you make a sale. Thank you so much for the helpful article. Enamel paints are oil, latex, alkyd, and water based. The lacquer is left to cure before it is polished, and another layer is added. Any suggestions for reliable shippers? [15] Glass objects are not subject to the same vulnerability to environmental conditions as other types of paintings, but are most susceptible to damage from improper handling and inappropriate cleaning methods. Over the years I certainly learned some lessons the hard way – not every piece arrived safely. [3] Backing boards also serve to protect from dust and dirt, cracks and deformations from handling, and insect activity. Thanks so much for this information, I always feel intimidated by shipping artwork but this article is so detailed, complete, and easy to follow. Having gone through a mishap in the past, I go to great lengths to ensure that the paintings arrive safely. Also, best shipper from Colorado to Hawaii? Textiles can make up many different objects from cushions to dresses. I would love to learn how to do the packaging and preparing of the artwork for shipping so as to be able to pass that savings on to my clients. I have found that when shipping canvas, especially gallery wrap that using Tyvek insulation 3/4-1″ thick on all sides of the painting works wonderfu. She no longer uses plastic palette wrap. where do you get your shipping boxes at? On top of her own work, she also teaches art and quilting workshops. I find it really difficult to get boxes at good prices as Uline seems to be the best source, and if you want larger sizes you have to pay for truck deliver which is a lot more expensive than UPS which is their usual shipper. I can’t remember where I heard it, but someone once said, “Plastering ‘fragile’ labels all over a package only ensures that the delivery company will toss the package under-hand instead of throwing it over-hand.”. Find one that provides a way to adjust the gun’s resistance, usually through a knob or screw on the tape roller. Thanks so much! Cradling was previously used to correct warping by thinning the original structural support and then adhering the cradle to the reverse side of the support. Try to find a space to do this, but don't store too many paintings on top of one another as the bottom one will eventually be flattened by the weight. The many layers can deteriorate from the materials chemical compositions reacting to pollutants or environmental conditions such as humidity, temperature, light, and pH. [28], Encaustic is a method of painting that involves dry pigments mixed with hot beeswax, then applied to the surface of a support such as wood or canvas. Email me with questions or for good for crate-making resource. When you do sell one, it's considerably cheaper to roll it up for packaging. Plastic Art Bags are a quick, easy, protective, and cost efficient way to protect paintings, either for shipping or storage. This simplifies the process by: huge time savings, slashes the total cost of shipping as well as the convince of purchasing a tube container to ship. The number of layers may vary, and each can be left in its natural transparent state, or colored with pigments to create Lacquer painting. Tom Fink @ Art Parts in Phoenix is one. As important as breakage prevention is, I feel it’s even more important to think about damage control. With a sheet of smooth paper still covering the print’s image, place a few, smooth, flat, heavy objects (such as books) on the ends and middle of the print. Shipping from one climate to another (e.g.- Arizona to Washington or Hawaii) can have varying changes in humidity and temperature. I was able to purchase return postage and lables and when the show was over the paintings were returned in the same boxes which held up well. I shipped a 40″x 40″ painting from Texas to Washington DC, but because of its size felt more comfortable placing a piece of the lightest weight Masonite available over it cut to size. I am really not sure why everyone wants to pack their photographs/paintings etc. A “mil” in terms of thickness (tape, sheet plastic, etc.) He also makes beautiful wooden parts for my art as well. Or do you have 2 size of the box? Tears in the canvas are repaired with adhesive or sewing. Process art is more about the “making” than creating a finished picture that matches your couch. You have to tape it down of course. UVF- Ultraviolet Fluorescence- Lighting the painting with ultraviolet radiation to resulting in fluorescent glowing from the varnishes and previous conservation. molding clay, Liqitex flow medium and want to post that artwork in a tube to avoid thousands of dollars in postage? Many people have suggested that we take the painting off the frame and roll it so it would fit into a cylinder. [43] I will never use peanuts again! Only handle the print by its edges and never touch the printed image area. On the other hand, a client is going to be reluctant to purchase an item from a distant gallery or artist if they have to pay a huge packing and shipping fee. In the past year I’ve had to ship art to galleries around the country. Select Accept cookies to consent to this use or Manage preferences to make your cookie choices. ie; in extra humid or moist conditions. I thought they were reasonably priced , I purchased two large boxes putting one large painting in one and two smaller paintings in the other, wrapped individually. UPS said they can drop a box from 3’ three times. I saw it hanging in my sister’s living room during my last trip and, had I not known about the ill fated journey, I think I would not have looked close enough to notice any changes.


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