These clients are mainly interested in cleaning the rug and/or Also, how are the dyes? You can contact us in case of any queries, too! 'Value' becomes a very personal thing. The rug’s backing will reveal hints about how the rug was made, and should also have a tag with details about the rug’s size, material, production country, and knot count., SIGN UP AND SAVE 10% OFFExclusive Offers and Design Updates, 8' x 10' Chocolate/Beige Peshawar Ziegler Rug, 9' x 12' Violet/Cobalt Overdyed Patchwork Rug, 10' x 14' Green/Ivory Peshawar Ziegler Rug, 9' x 12' Sandy/Driftwood Peshawar Ziegler Rug, 9' x 13' Cherry/Ivory Peshawar Ziegler Rug, Grey/Charcoal Contemporary Rug - Multiple Sizes. If a rug’s backside is too smooth, too perfect, and looks like it was woven by a machine, it’s not an authentic hand-knotted Oriental piece. THE MOST IMPORTANT COMPONENT OF RUG ID. Attaching an actual rugs are constructed and CONSTRUCTION IS Rugs can be bought at all different prices. will improve its appearance. our best advice. rugs to clean for over 40 years. In our business, we have selling? washing. We have requests from clients to help them identify and determine the value of rugs they have bought, are dollar value to a rug is the job of a Certified Appraiser. Silk carpets have a high sheen, tight weave and a fringe of real silk. For this reason, the sky is the limit when it comes to the possible price of a high-quality rug. Real oriental rugs, hand knotted oriental rug will always feature a … If your hand becomes warm, the silk is real. For more information about Certified appraisals, click here for more information. If you didn’t know much about rugs to start with, this article gives you a few tips on how to identify a few differences between valuable and common rugs, to determine value is a whole different process and isn’t as easy as you might think. identify or assess the value of handmade rugs or machine- made rugs, the back they have or are interested in is a 'good deal' and we are happy to give them Antique rugs are not only unique when you install them in your home, they also have a lot of value. Rugs can be bought at all different prices. We get to see and feel how the You should be able to see each individual and unique knots in chobi rugs -- for example, it should look something like a hand-knitted scarf, with slightly varying sizes and textures of each knot. KPSI-Knot Per Square Inch in Oriental Rugs. You may also contact us by clicking here. wool, cotton, nylon, olefin, polyester, etc. Identify a true silk rug by rubbing the palm of your hand over the surface for several seconds. We would be happy to examine your rug. How Can I Tell the Value and Worth of my Oriental Rug? Many people may be very attached to a certain rug for sentimental reasons, Were cheap synthetic dyes used, or did the dyer employ vegetable dyes? direct you to one of these professionals. Attaching an actual that so many of our clients have no idea how to tell the difference between a Are you mesmerized by precious and unique oriental rugs? Age The older your rug, the more valuable … We also have published the article on Things You Should Consider before buying cheap rugs online. However, if you are planning on purchasing elsewhere, then there are a few signs you need to be on the lookout for. In most cases they cost several times the cost of contemporary oriental rugs.They are characterized by unique and high-quality designs. Value of Estate Oriental Rugs. any of our special services, such as odor removal, moth decontamination, etc., relatives, even department stores. 4. This is due to the change in dye lots of the wool when weaving the rug and how the color of the wool ages with light and atmosphere. And it's free to use! While an Oriental rug is very expensive, a machine made rug costs much less and is an alternative to expensive hand knotted or hand-woven rugs. Identifying what type of rug a client brings to us and the approximate That is usually the case. It is our policy to let every client know exactly what we feel should be At ABC, we are asked to assess the value of handmade rugs, as well as machine-made rugs, on a daily basis. purchase it if you are able. What most of our clients want to know is whether the rug Is this a machine-made rug or a hand woven Manufactured silk doesn’t warm to the hand. You may notice slight color changes making thick or thin stripes in the rug. producing them. or any repairs that may need to be done. For one thing, it helps you determine the approximate value of the rug. It is our job to educate our customers about the rugs they want us to evaluate and this is what our staff has been trained to do. Thus, the backside of an Oriental rug should show a natural, unbroken transition from the rug’s knots to its fringed warp threads. We would be happy to rug, we are able to present a 'ballpark estimate' based on our combined years would be more 'valuable' than one made of synthetic fibers. All comments are moderated before being published, (301) 660-7046‬ Read our tips below to learn how to identify authentic Oriental rugs, and become a more confident shopper. At ABC we are always ready to offer advice but the best Because there are so many types and styles of rugs, it can be difficult to identify an authentic Oriental rug against a sea of machine-made products. client know if the expense will exceed the approximate value of the rug. This last variable is a tricky one, because as we have talked about before some Persian rugs will … value is not as important as the sentimental value and we understand that. We have been receiving rugs to clean for over 40 years. These rugs come from antique Note that higher knot counts result in a more dense, plush rug (and thus a higher price). It also takes years of studying fiber types, rug construction, knotting techniques, dye systems, geographic regions, and cultures. rug? it is a handmade rug, further examination of the pile, the design, the ends, The actual value of a handmade rug needs to be stated in the following context: 99.99% of all handmade rugs you see and those that are bought and If you think that a fine valuable Persian carpet is too expensive,but why.. consider that it can take a family a year or more to create a single artistic carpet.


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