Yes - Bostitch offers a few manual outward clinch staplers, such as model number T6-8OC2 or T6-6OC2. To release the plunger, push in the plunger cap, which is located at the read end of the magazine, and … (Previous model number was the SL125OC-2) For pneumatics, we have the S32SL-OC. Step 4 Pull the slide away from the nail gun while keeping the slide latch lifted. Step 2 Turn the nail gun upside down. For pneumatics, we have the S32SL-OC. Step 5 Note the arrows that appear on the slide. Loading a Staple Gun from the Rear Arrow and Craftsman staple guns use a spring-loaded plunger to keep the staples jammed against the front of the tool. Step 1 Disconnect the nail gun from its power source. Step 3 Lift the slide latch located at the rear of the nail gun. Follow the steps below to load nails into a Bostitch nail gun.


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