If you already love doing gardening, then growing some herbs won’t be tough for you. You can also harvest the seeds once coriander plant develops flowers and seed heads. However, hot weather during the summer months causes coriander to bolt quickly and reduces foliage development. Herbal teas are widely consumed for having the health benefits of the herbs. The leaves are called cilantro. Coriander is an excellent plant for sowing successionally, so sow regularly every 5-6 weeks. For a steady supply, we suggest planting small patches every 2-3 weeks throughout the growing season. Initially, herbs need a lot of care to be grow well. Follow the same steps for harvesting coriander as recommended under the Harvesting Coriander Herb. Store them in an airtight paper bag until they are ready to be planted. Coriander is a fast-growing annual plant that reaches up to 12 - 22 inches in height. But every herb doesn’t need regular watering or heavy sunlight. Cilantro is typically used in many different food dishes including Mexican and Indian cuisine. So, look after them properly to give a potential growth. Place the potted seeds in a sunny spot for up to four to five hours. Herbs are a type of plant that have aromatic properties in them. If you haven’t heard about Microgreens, then you are definitely in for a delight! It is antiseptic, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory in nature. For example, basil, coriander, parsley herbs should be grown from seeds in a small pot during the springtime. Coriander is an excellent plant for sowing successionally, so sow regularly every 5-6 weeks. Download the Pinkvilla App for latest Bollywood & Entertainment news, hot celebrity photos, lifestyle articles, fashion & beauty news,Hollywood, K-Drama etc . Here is a comprehensive guide to sowing coriander. 1-  Start with the most common herbs like basil, coriander, sage, rosemary, parsley, oregano, etc. For example, most of the herbs need ample sun to grow except parsley, coriander, mint. You can grow coriander in full sun and well-drained soil with a pH of 6.2 to 6.8. However, the crop can be mostly saved from pests and viruses with fertilizer. As a result, proper assimilation and absorption of sugar are regulated in the body. Make sure that you have plenty of drainage holes in the bottom of the container. The key to growing healthy coriander herb is regular and steady watering. Herbs are used for several purposes like cooking, medicinal usage, etc. Explore rich organic manure at AllThatGrows. How to grow Coriander Leaves (Cilantro) at home, Coriander needs extra fertile soil if growing indoors. Don’t forget to trim your herbs regularly as they need to breathe comfortably. Whether indoors or out, in small spaces or a farm, the growing guide ahead will equip you to grow coriander plant in all scenarios. You need to know some basics about the herbs. It has a pungent smell, similar to onions when fresh and lighter smell once dried. Dry the harvested seeds before using them in recipes. You can buy. Very useful information to grow coriander in the house that too in pots if we don’t have enough space to grow. Space the seeds 3 to 4 inches apart while sowing in the container. About the fertilizer same as mint, add some organic compost in the interval of 15 days I use vermicompost. Gardening in Monsoon: 10 Tips to take care of your plants to save them from the rain, Gardening Tips: Here are the common plant diseases and tips to cure them, Gardening Tips: THESE are the common gardening mistakes you should avoid, Gardening: THESE are the natural insecticides to keep your plants safe from bugs, Gardening Tips: Here's how you can keep your flowers healthy, Rose Gardening: Here's how you can have a garden full of properly bloomed roses, Outdoor Plants: Here are the best outdoor plants to kick start gardening, Succulents: HERE's how you can pamper your little plant for better growth, Indoor Plants: THESE are the best indoor plants for the beginners who love gardening, 7 Quick and easy Christmas craft ideas for kids to decorate your abode, 6 Home décor ideas to get the ULTIMATE Christmas spirit in your abode, THIS is how you can make your bedroom look more youthful and relaxed, 6 Chic and elegant living room décor ideas to revamp the space to impress your guests, 5 EASY ways to incorporate pastel colours in your interiors, 5 Tips to blend vibrant colours in your living room for a quick and quirky makeover. Most of the herbs are used for flavouring and garnishing food.


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