The seeds may vary in colour, depending on the breed, but will most likely be in the grey-to … Sunflowers can grow quite large and may require staking if you live in an area with windy conditions. Single Stem vs Branching: Single stem sunflower varieties are best for high-density plantings and produce consistently beautiful flowers on tall stems. A staple of flower farmers ad gardeners everywhere, they are a great flower to have in the garden and in the vase. Sunflowers will start to form a very thick and tough stem, covered with translucent prickly hairs. I personally love the Procut series because of all the different colors and varieties - there is something for everybody. This won't delete the recipes and articles you've saved, just the list. Harvest of annual sunflowers does not begin until the petals wilt and begin to fall. Branching sunflowers produce an abundance of blooms and need more space to spread out and grow. Especially if you’re starting a large amount of sunflowers, you may want to think about using a seeder to keep your sunflowers evenly spaced (if you don’t just try and eye it as closely as you can). Noteworthy CharacteristicsCultivars include ‘Italian White’, a graceful plant with 4-inch ivory-white daisies shading to buttery cream near their striking black centers; ‘Lemon Queen’, a pale yellow cultivar accented by a large brown center; ‘Velvet Queen’, well branched from a strong stalk, with dark burgundy petals and a black central disk; ‘Sole d’Oro’, a double-flowering form with a fluffy butter-yellow head; and ‘Stella’, a branching plant with golden petals and a maroon center. We generally start sunflowers directly in the soil - they pop up very quickly, and it saves us the issue of having to transplant them. They’re easy to grow, love the heat, and are so cheerful and colorful and long-lived. Best branching varieties for cut-flower bouquets, with strong stems and small, uniform upright blooms: 'Sonja' & 'Soraya' . Aphids and powdery misdrew can trouble sunflowers.. Velvet Queen (1.5m): The darkest sunflower with freely flowering, branching plants with deep velvety crimson flowers with an even darker centre. Use wooden stakes around 1m high and hammered into the ground. This makes the total time from planting to flowering about 70 to 75 days on average. There are two types of sunflowers, branching and non-branching. If your sunflower is shedding petals, simply pluck them off and use the denuded center in your arrangement. If you do want to start them in cell trays or soil blocks before planting them out, just make sure that you plant the seeds down into the potting mix so that they don’t pop up and out of the soil. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Then, reduce their size again by a third in June or July. Whether you’re into the classic golden petaled black centered ‘Procut Orange’ or the burgundy/pink/primrose yellow ‘Procut Plum’ or the dark wine-red petals of ‘Procut Plum’ or the creamy white petals of ‘Procut White Lite’, there’s a color for everyone! Sunflowers are one of the heartier, easier to grow flowers for a garden. For most areas, this will be approximately three weeks after the last frost. When they are ripe, the seeds can be easily removed or will fall off. Moonshine (1.5m): Bred for cut flower use, this is a naturally base-branching variety, with lemon-yellow flowers with almost black, velvety centres. Plants dislike root disturbance, but sowing indoors and then transplanting the first crop outdoors can be a successful way to get first-early sunflowers. Slightly nodding flowerheads 2.5 inches or more across appear in summer. Whether or not you need to stake your sunflowers depends on how tall they get, the strength of the stems, and the branching pattern. ‘Procut White Lite’ with golden faced centers and ivory petals is a hit with pretty much everyone. Also susceptible to damage from caterpillars, cutworms, beetles, and weevils.


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