The apple juice will likely have foam on the top. Feel free to use juice that is a mix of apple and berries. I love how simple this trick is. It just won’t taste good. Prep Your Apples. Apple Juice Recipes – Make Your Own At Home. Step 1. Now, these three different apple juice recipes all start the same way, washing and cleaning, so I’ll talk about that and then go into the details of each method. So whether you’re making apple juice with or without a juicer here’s where you start. Why We Love This Hack. Apple juice (often known as sweet cider in the USA) is a refreshing healthy drink which can easily be made at home. Save the juice in a pitcher and set aside the pulp, which is just apple puree (you can use it to make other things like apple leather later). All you want on the label is juice and maybe Vitamin C (ascorbic acid). After blending, use a strainer to isolate the liquid apple juice from any remaining chunks, pour your golden juice into a cup, and enjoy all that fresh appley goodness! Don’t use apple juice that contains additional sugar, preservatives or additives. Wash Thoroughly Find more apple cider recipes to try this fall. Begin the process of making apple juice by washing the apples in cold water. Here’s what you need to know to make your own apple juice: You’ll Need: 4 pounds of apples per quart of apple juice; Water; 1. It’s completely edible, but some people don’t like it. Freshly-pressed apple juice from home-grown apples has an intensity of flavour that is a far-cry from the long-life supermarket products. Drain the water from the sink they’re being washed in … Don’t use juice made from concentrate. 3. Bonus: freshly made apple cider can last for up to two weeks in the fridge! I can roll out of bed in the morning, pop a bagel in the toaster and make a glass of apple juice before the bagel’s done. Strain apple mixture through a sieve, discard solid pieces and serve hot.


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