I guarantee they would be no better in any restaurant that would stoop to serving them. In the microwave, these were lousy and resulted in a steaming, sizzling hot dog encased in a birthday-cake-ish breading that was soggy and falling apart. The really remarkable difference, though, was in the aroma, flavor, and texture of the filling: a whiff reminiscent of an actual white wine cheese sauce, and the whole filling had a creamy, cheesy, comforting consistency. Cooked: 390°for 13 minutes, in Chris’s air fryer. GoWISE USA 3.7 qt. In both cases, I just dumped the whole package into the fryer and let it work its magic. Salt them again if you like as soon as they come out of the air fryer and serve. You can tack on a few more minutes if need be. Virtually identical breading to the above, with a virtually identical result. After years of eating these oven-baked (because they’re awful microwaved), the first one from the air fryer was a revelation. Keep your eyes on the prize, we’re almost done! Still not bad, though, and a vast improvement over microwave. But the best thing about these is the food-science engineering of the “tortilla” shell — crunchy, slightly puffy, greaseless, tearing easily when bit. Read more recipe notes below the recipe. Nutrition will vary depending on individual dumpling types. Usually  tostones  are sliced and deep  fried for a couple of minutes then taken out of the oil smashed and then deep fried once more. Don’t overcrowd the air fryer basket. Chris tried 390° for 10 minutes, and wound up with a delicious combo of perfectly-cooked toppings and cheese laying atop a partially-cooked slab of doughy crust. Yes! Strong fishy taste, mushy crust, fell apart on picking up. I tried 370°/18 minutes, 380°/20 minutes, and 380°/20 minutes with a spray of oil. These are those! At this point, the toppings and cheese were totally burned, but the crust STILL was not fully cooked. (Perhaps the saddest thing about this little 6.5" square pizza is that it delivers 85% of your daily saturated fat and 80% of your salt!). Do not use oven cooking directions as printed on the package. Not as perfect as a Popeye’s breaded chicken tender. Similar in nearly every way to the above. We tried a variety of Hot Pockets, as it’s one of the most popular (and most microwaved) convenience foods in America. Recipes were tested in 3.7 to 6 qt. Fill just an even single layer. You can even reheat a McDonald’s cheeseburger in it. But generally potstickers, dumplings and gyoza are the same. For best and even cooking, don't overcrowd the basket. But I am trying to lighten up my diet so I have converted the preparation of them to my Paula Deen Air Fryer. Dec 17, 2016 - When I was teaching an air fryer workshop, one question I got was how to heat up frozen convenience food in the air fryer. Don’t hammer them down to hard, just firmly press down once to smash them. Cooked: 390°for 12 minutes, in Bill’s air fryer. However, for someone who just wants to dump a package of stuff into a receptacle and leave (note: still shake them halfway through, dammit! Cooked: 400° for 10 minutes, in Bill’s air fryer. With frozen convenience foods such as spring rolls or nuggets, the rule of thumb is to use the same temperature as you would in an oven but cut cooking time in half (If the instructions on the package recommend 20 minutes at 400 degrees, you should only cook it for 10 minutes at 400 degrees in an air fryer). (I only crave those Hot Pockets twice a day, for the record.). They come out perfectly crisp and crunchy on the outside and warm and chewy in the center. Some sites recommend spraying the food with cooking oil before air frying, but we found that all the food we cooked was greasy enough already that this was never necessary. Chris pronounced this his favorite of the entire heap of air-fried food he cooked. These were tested on basket style air fryers. 10 of the best air fryer recipes you should know. It’s genuinely weird that Hot Pockets have successfully existed as a mediocre microwave food for decades, when in fact, if they’d ever been properly cooked, they secretly verged on magnificence. The Inventory team is rounding up deals you don’t want to miss, now through Cyber Monday. Which are a wonderful treat in themselves but that is not what we are going for here. Now peel your plantains. Editor’s Note: Bill Oakley, friend of the site, writer of one of the best Simpsons scenes of all time, and Instagram-famous fast food and snack food critic hinted to us in an earlier interview that the air fryer is his favorite way to cook frozen snack foods. Commerce Content is independent of Editorial and Advertising, Good, and better than oven baking in much less time, Minor miracles - approaching the summit of air fryer greatness, Food Of The Gods - our individual top picks. It is a fact. Can you Air Fry Frozen Foods in the Air fryer? So, the fryer did its job, but the pizza manufacturer did not. air fryers. Furthermore, air fryers vary widely in size, and the amount of food you’re cooking can affect your cook time as well. Easy, fresh and wholesome recipes. However, my twelve year-old daughter preferred these to the (in my opinion) vastly-superior batter-dipped Tyson tenders below. They’ve been around for years, and have been recommended by many people on my Instagram as they simulate the popular fries at their namesake fast food chain. Always do it. Imagine a seafood place right on the boardwalk or beach with a name like the Rusty Scupper. The results were nicely cooked and somewhat (oddly?) Unlike the others, they didn’t suffer from NGC — likely because of the puffy (non-crumbly) exterior which crisped to perfection in the air fryer. After I read the Times article and registered my displeasure throughout the world via the Internet (just like Comic Book Guy), I was approached by the editors of this fine site to write the article *I* wanted to see — a comprehensive guide to air-frying frozen snack and convenience food. I know this is culinary heresy, but this method is serious boon to the lazy gyoza-lover. I want some right now. But less greasy! This was the most successful chicken product we tried, with the best overall breading. Recipes were tested in 3.7 to 6 qt. Shaking and flipping is an ironclad rule, so ironclad that we are not including it in the write-ups below. Purchased from Asian grocery stores, these are two varieties of fairly standard gyoza (dumplings). Return to the air fryer for about 5 more minutes or until desired brownness. You’ll want to use green plantains that have yet to ripen or tostones. It seemed as if we had reached the apex of what these products could ever be — which is high mediocre. Air Fryer Frozen Dumplings, Potstickers, Gyoza, Wontons. Do shake the baskets as in a deep fryer, or flip the foods as you would in an oven. We may earn small commissions that goes towards all the costs of running this website and recipe tests.


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