Georgina and the rest of Cheng Holdings show up, excited that both Lester and the player are on board in planning the heist. As the player gains Reputation (or RP), they are introduced to several contacts including Trevor Philips, Lester Crest, and Martin Madrazo, who all offer basic work to the player in the form of Contact Missions. Georgina tells Lester to come with him to discuss plans in regards to the heist, with Lester telling the player that he'll come back once they have everything set up. Online protagonists celebrating after heist. She tells Tao that he vows to take over the casino, but due to his state of drunkenness, Tao takes his threat light-heartedly, and he exits the player's penthouse along with his translator. The overall physique of the character cannot be altered by player choice. The player is given the opportunity to purchase Vehicle Warehouses that store stolen vehicles; the player is tasked with stealing, modifying, and selling the vehicle themselves, and can choose to have other player Associates assist them. GTA is an open-world game, after all. Lester contacts the player, saying he found opportunities more lucrative than the traditional bank heists, which can be utilized under a SecuroServ VIP contract, a SecuroServ CEO organization, or a registered Motorcycle Club. Once the heist has been successfully pulled off, the player and their crew members regroup with Lester at a building across the Diamond Casino to celebrate with him. Family Devin Weston's partner in crime (quite literally) is a FIB agent and the game's secondary antagonist. Player's choice Lester will introduce the player to various heists that are given by different contacts, such as Trevor Phillips and Agent 14. Lester appears shortly afterwards, and shows the player the initial dilapidated state of the arcade before guiding them to the office. Name chosen by the player When you go onto GTA Online it will sometimes give you the option of, as Cracker163 has said, altering your characters appearance. A central theme of an aspiring criminal rising the ranks of the underworld is present, similar to those in previous GTA titles. Lester then shows the player around the place, showing them the various sections of the place. A proposal where the player and Paige can make their scores. Bryony then gives the player a brief rundown on the workshop and the Sponsorship Tiers as they progress in Arena War. The facial appearance has also changed to look much more realistic, with more tones, features and structure. The player begins by an underground bunker and/or Mobile Operations Center. The player is suddenly contacted by Lester, who texts them to come meet him at Mirror Park, stating that there's something to discuss about. It seems to pay off for him for the most part. Franklin is the youngest and shortest character in the main trio of protagonists in Grand Theft Auto V. He was born sometime in 1988, which makes him 25 at the game's release and 31 today. Home Amanda de Santa, or Amanda Townley as she was known before Michael's dealings with the FIB got the entire family thrown into witness protection, isn't a playable character, but she's still an important one. Alive (able to respawn if deceased) The aforementioned pain grunts are the same grunts used for other generic NPCs in the game. After all, they do live in Los Santos, a city positively crawling with ne'er-do-wellers. As shown during multiple cutscenes the online player is seen engaging in friendly exchanges with their crew members and trusted associates such as Lester Crest and Tony Prince. NEXT: 19 Weapons In GTA Online That Are OP (And 10 That Shouldn’t Exist). He was born in Canada, and though there is no canon birthdate for him, he claims he "grew up in five states, two countries, fourteen different homes, eight fathers, three care homes, two correctional facilities, one beautiful, damaged flower of a mother" and seems to be in his 40s. Enhanced version for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. When she's not writing for The Gamer, she spends her time writing, gaming, and watching movies. The player is required to form a team of two or four players for each heist in order to progress through them. Player (optionally, via microphone)None (officially), • ­Crews (determinant)• ­Organizations• ­SecuroServ• ­Lamar Davis• ­Gerald• ­Simeon Yetarian• ­Ron Jakowski• ­Trevor Philips, • ­Garage Mechanic• ­Brucie Kibbutz• ­Merryweather Security (if hired)• ­Mugger (if hired), • ­Lester Crest• ­Agent 14• ­Karen Daniels• ­Trevor Philips• ­Ron Jakowski• ­Maxim Rashkovsky• ­Avi Schwartzman• ­Paige Harris, • ­Motorcycle Clubs• ­LJT• ­Malc• ­Sindy• ­Zach Nelson, • ­Tony Prince• ­Lazlow Jones• ­English Dave• ­Solomun• ­Dixon• ­Tale Of Us• ­The Black Madonna• ­Maude Eccles• ­Paige Harris• ­Simeon Yetarian• ­Yohan Blair, • ­Agatha Baker• ­Tom Connors• ­Brucie Kibbutz• ­Tao Cheng• ­Tao Cheng's Translator• ­Thornton Duggan (Formerly)• ­Vincent, • ­Lester Crest• ­Georgina Cheng• ­Huang• ­Jimmy De Santa• ­Wendy• ­Heist Crew Members• ­Yung Ancestor (optional)• ­Gerald. Main affiliation She graduated from Brigham Young University in 2017 and has loved writing since she was a little girl. It can be assumed from this that the character's personality is entirely determined by the player. Huang tells Lester and the player that Georgina has come to Los Santos to deal with a "regrettable incident", referring to the conflict between the Cheng family and the Duggan family over the ownership of The Diamond Casino & Resort, which culminated in the sale of the casino from the Cheng family to Thornton Duggan. Player's choice Like Amanda, Jimmy isn't a protagonist or playable character, but he's still an important character in Michael's life. In 2018, Tony Prince arrives in Los Santos and calls the player, inviting them to join him on a nightclub venture, which can be utilized under a SecuroServ VIP contract, a SecuroServ CEO organization, or a registered Motorcycle Club. The computer in the vehicle can provide client job and hack computers to for supplies for all businesses except the nightclub computer. Two protagonists celebrating after finishing the, The Protagonists overlooking Los Santos after clearing. Trevor Philips is arguably the most insane character in a game that revolves around psychotic characters. As Tom is about to pop open some champagne, he, the player, and Ms. Baker encounter Tao Cheng and his translator.


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