Saw the commercial on TV and it all sounded to good to be true. When I first got my pans I thought they were miraculous. 10 stars plus. It did nothing but stick. Right now im able to use cooking spray and it helps the food not stick as bad but dont try without it. Its my only pan i have to soak has marks at the bottom also …but i never used anything to damage this pan its crap. I have picture of the black “burn marks” mentioned in the description of the lawsuit. This pan is a rift off, you need oil so that the egg will not stick. Called customer service number for days that turned into weeks. She saw the advertisement on TV and thought it would be a good set for my husband and I. I purchased one of the pans and my food started sticking to it . They’ve always been hand washed with a nonabrasive sponge or rag and never used anything other than silicone or wooden utensils in them. Everything stuck the time I used it. They are not non-stick. If a nieghboor down the street burns their pan, it can kill your bird! I won't be buying another!!! I was just about to place an order and thought maybe I should read some reviews first. Then it started to stick now everything sticks. They refused and said I needed a date of sale and last four digits of the card used for confirmation of purchase. Has other issues too. Reason of review: I’m tired of companies selling quick gimmick, half done products. Do not buy one in less you just need to throw away money. B. S. On the advertisement and b. S. On a glass top being an induction top. Horrible product. Though. However, they put the cheapest possible handle on the pan making the whole pan look very much like a piece of junk. They are very sturdy and seem like they will last. The worse thing was my sponge with a green rough back actually scratched the surface and taht’s what caused it to start sticking. It really does work. I tried to click on return policy at the bottom of gotham's home page, and nothing happened. Yes i have had the same issue! Mine have not held up either! I also bought these pots and pans and they are starting to allow food to stick!!!! 12 of 16 people found this review helpful. Well, “deal me in”, lets sue! I am sick and tired of no one holding the manufacture accountable for false advertising. I bought two. Read real customer reviews, not just website reports. They have my credit number. The pans are total garbage Plain and Simple. Please advise. Very disappointed, have already thrown away fry pans. I own several of the Gotham brand pans in varying sizes and some of the pots as well. I bought at Walmart and they didn’t perform as they should, I have a pan that I bought in 2018 online that stuck even though I never cooked on a high heat setting. We both purchased 2 sets each and both sets or I should say the 4 sets failed miserably and were just as the comments complained. I have to soak the pan in soap and water each time to get it clean. I love my Gotham Steel set! I could go to the dollar store and find a better pan which I have and still use that pan to this date. I had even made a complaint with Gotham Steele about 1 of the pans! Probably made in china crap they buy for $3 a piece. I want to return my pans for a refund, how do I send them back, I ordered them online. It was being sent from ontario canada. Yes! We are processing your message. Same with their smokeless grill.. Had to stop using grill… Couldn’t remove cooked food without it sticking.. Most hardware stores and big hardware stores Will be selling these in their section called as seen on tv. I had the same problem. Boy was I wrong. All food get stuck. The second looked like it was hit HARD in the face with the back of a hammer. although food may stick they do clean up nicely with just soap and water. I got them all at different times and places and didn’t use them right away because I put them in my motorhome. You're saying to season the pan, but the warning says specifically not to use butter or oil as that May ruin the non-stick coating. I purchased all (3) sets last November, 2018. I tried cooking several different things in the pans with the same results in them all….”nothing slid off! I only use the rubber or hard plastic spoons or forks. Add me to the lawsuit. Even after grease the pan. What a sucker. The first time I used the set everything slide right out with minimal grease. Get contact details that poster left for the company. We would t have bought these if we knew they wouldn’t last that long. I had the same experience, these pans stick horribly, they are useless. Purchased 4 pans total and everything sticks. Purchased 2 and they only worked right the 1st time! I bought mine at a store. Total waste of money. Such a waste of money. Had the same problem. The rockpans for the same price are 10 times better.


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