Then on the sixth mission, the last one... Died as well. Deep, deep within our body lies the honed instinct to kill, and slaughter our enemies! Most popular Most recent. We just dress diferently. As long as people and their souls exist, there will be disputes and those disputes will lead to fights. I'm Gin Ichimaru. Is that how you speak to a hero? Hurry up and get rid of your Panda eyes, got it? Every last one of you! I'm a snake. Let’s continue to shine… Forever.” – Toshiro Hitsugaya, “Authority never goes anywhere without a fanfare.” – Toshiro Hitsugaya, “Do not live bowing down. アクスタの立ち絵、身長がキャラ設定に忠実に作画してあるため恋ルキが並ぶとその身長差にしゅ、しゅご…これで子作りしたんか………ってなる, ginran but gin spends the rest of his life being slapped around by everyone he was an asshole to, Requested by @gucci69weeddaddy | from this post. So whichever path I choose...Is justice. His lieutenant was Izuru Kira. After all, it is the name of the man... who will send you to your death! Allow me to correct you somewhat. That's just how I work. In the end, whether you kill or get killed, you're just killing time. Retreat, and you will age. Believe, and our hearts will not bend! And… if you can, die smiling.” – Isshin Kurosaki, “It’s not anyone’s fault that Masaki died. Even if that should require violating our own statutes, to allow such a debt to go unpaid would bring eternal shame upon the entire Gotei 13. From now on...I will be sitting on it. Well, you sure have weird ways of doing things. We modeled the one under his shop after this one. You are the guy... the woman I loved gave her life to protect. As I have been lucky enough to survive, I must strive to once more achieve strength enough to justify the pride I once held. It's so annoying! All things in the universe, turn to ashes, Ryūjin Jakka! Just stack it little by little. You don't want to die yet, do you? Power is unstable. Fighting continues forever. If you see your allies losing, that’s your chance. ", "I was just taking a walk and I dropped by to tease you. But, I'm not gonna hold back one bit! Don't step between them. However, is that all you are capable of achieving with it? Consider not your own life. I swear on the pride of the Quincy, I will kill you! And don't forget. The next time we meet I won't look to you for help, Kurosaki-kun, I'll be able to fight on my own. Why? If something is perfect, then there is nothing left. That's enough for me! The loudmouths. I didn't come here to fight! In the end I couldn't take back the thing that'd been taken from you... Yeah I really am glad that I apologized in advance. My sword does not exist to crush insects like you. It’s not about strength, it’s about numbers. If they wish to keep their lives, they have no choice but to obediently comply. ", "No point doin' anything now. No matter what. But the unbearable vacancy of the throne in the sky is over. Let us commence, Zaraki! Better watch closely, and make sure you don't tell a soul! Because of you, looks like the rain has finally stopped falling. It is the nature of all living things to find some being greater than themselves and place their trust in that being, following it blindly. So, while I was layin' on the ground, I was thinkin' about how to stop you blockin' all my attacks. There’s nothing honorable about throwing your life away as though it’s nothing! No, not yet, now that you've made me this serious. But made not a single mention of "The world I love". The next time we meet I won’t look to you for help, Kurosaki-kun, I’ll be able to fight on my own.” – Orihime Inoue, “It’s just that… It’s just that not being able to fight with everyone makes me feel lonely! It must make you sick to know an underling like me is going to kill you. Gin worked alongside the two as one of Aizen's right hands, seeking to accomplish his goal of obtaining the Hogyoku. If you save Kaien, then what becomes of his pride? As long as someone’s still breathing, the fight isn’t over.” – Kenpachi Zaraki, “Everyone who searches for power, without exception, searches for battle. Even if you somehow manage to defeat me, there will be three more powerful than myself for you to fight. Huh? Zangetsu, I won't ask you to 'lend me your power' any more. gin ichimaru art < > Most recent. It’s our very soul. Nope, I've got nothin' like that. So I still haven't reached you.... Just how many times must I strain my voice before it will reach you? The reason I am killing you is simple. We should fear warfare, avoid it always and whenever possible choose the path of peace.” – Izuru Kira, “I don’t know if you noticed, but you just called him “Captain.” – Rangiku Matsumoto, “There, there! They're all gonna get killed, an' so are you. And the victor of this battle is me.” – Uryu Ishida, “We are all like fireworks. You’re just making other people s miserable as you. Someday we would cross swords and one of us will die. Would I still be able to say I Love You, the same way I do today? Then why did you walk? I can't afford... to take any more punishment.


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