The dark circle moves clockwise skipping one ‘box’ at each step. Verbal reasoning tests assess your ability to comprehend passages of text and make accurate deductions. Aptitude tests are administered to understand your inherent abilities to reason and respond to specific tasks. Be it any exam, we have all that you need to know to crack it. Cognitive aptitude, sometimes called general intelligence, is the single most accurate predictor of job performance. 110 (B) Rs. 3 sided triangle, 4 sided square, 5 sided pentagon and so on. A general cognitive aptitude test that measures critical thinking, problem-solving, and the ability to learn and apply new information. The questions here would deal with abstract patterns, numbers and letter sequences. You may also want to say out the numbers aloud or use a stylus, pen or pencil tip as an aid to focus. A general psychometric exam adapted for executives, a manager’s test evaluates verbal, numerical, and abstract reasoning. That leaves Tina and Elena as the only two possible candidates. The Attention To Detail Test evaluates your ability to quickly identify error, omissions and anomalies. Tests are timed and are typically multiple-choice. You will then be tested on your ability to delegate and arrange the assigned work based on differing priorities. General Aptitude Test. Evidently, (a), (c) and (d) all follow this pattern, while figure (b) does not. You may also want to look at this psychometric workbook, which covers numerical, verbal and spatial reasoning tests, with hundreds of practice questions. Be particularly cautious if the aptitude test uses negative marking; if this is not the case, answer as many questions as possible in the time given. Students who are going to sitting for the first time in the competitive exams, these questions will be very beneficial for them. As with all standardizes tests, there are bound to liberal parents who insist that their children shouldn’t be forced to take standardized tests. All rights reserved. B alone can do it in, (A) 18 days (B) 20 days (C) 15 days (D) 22 days, Q.7.A watch is listed for Rs.230 and is sold at a discount of 12%, then the sale price of the watch is (A) Rs.27.6 (B) Rs.276 (C) Rs.202.4 (D) Rs.257.6, Q.8.The profit (in Rs.) Decreases time spent in working with fractions or decimals. • Unless specific for an industry or job (as mentioned earlier), they do not require you to have any specialized prior knowledge. If this is the case, you will normally be told beforehand. • IBM Kenexa provides a specialised version of Error Checking Test that would require you to compare two numeric, text or alphanumeric strings and mark whether there is a match and the two sets are the ‘same’ or there is a mismatch and the two sets are ‘different’. Students are encouraged to actively participate in co-curricular activities and a percentage of marks is set aside for documented voluntary social work during a semester. Abstract reasoning tests use diagrams, symbols or shapes instead of words or numbers. The ratio of cost price to the printed price of the book is, (A) 45:56 (B) 50: 61 (C) 99: 125 (D) None of these, Q.3. Check for sequence of changing colours or shading. Critical Thinking Tests are also sometimes referred to as Logical Reasoning Tests. From the given statements it is clear that global tourism cannot have increased because of organ transplantation surgery. iii. An aptitude test is a systematic means of testing a job candidate's abilities to perform specific tasks and react to a range of different situations.. General Aptitude is a very big topic in which covers many topics. The remaining option in fact represents the inherent message in the passage by referring to consumer awareness of quality against cheap price. Here you will find our General Aptitude Test, we call it a Quick Mixed Aptitude Test. 200 (D) Rs. Typically these tests are not designed to be finished by candidates. • The SHL test, used by a large number of corporates globally to screen their workforce, is similarly a combination of verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning, inductive and deductive reasoning and error checking questions. a triangle may alternate with a hexagon in a given position between consecutive steps). You should work quickly and accurately through the test. 140 (C) Rs. Evidence suggests that some practice of similar aptitude tests may improve your performance in the real tests. All rights reserved. The most generic and widely used aptitude tests are curated to measure different facets of your abilities, mainly on the following areas: Apart from these base types, there are various other specialized aptitude tests which you may face in specific industries or based on your role in different career stages. After you get a hang of the types of questions asked, start keeping note of the time you take to answer each question as you try to solve in practice. Often these will be followed by an interview or presentation at an assessment centre. What Is an Aptitude Test? The movements can be clockwise or anti-clockwise. A general aptitude test measures your ability to learn. Mechanical reasoning tests assess your ability to apply mechanical or engineering principles to problems; they are often used for technical roles. Listen to the instructions you are given and follow them precisely. Your score relates your performance to an average group. Look out for a pattern in the movement inside the given area. It is not uncommon for some available answers to be deliberately misleading, so you must take care as you work through. General aptitude tests measure your ability to learn new skills, information, or subjects. Verbal Reasoning Tests would measure your ability to comprehend written information quickly and correctly. Practice aptitude tests today. JobTestPrep offers a wide range of professionally constructed psychometric questions, written in the same style as PSL and SHL tests (the tests most graduate employers use to assess candidates). Candidates who score well on employment aptitude tests are more likely to successfully complete training, better equipped to adapt and evolve and learn new skills in fast-changing work environments, and tend to be better decision-makers. The university also boasts of a robust internship program and has tie-ups with reputed companies in mainland Europe. Other Types Of Specialised Aptitude Tests, Cognify Tests: Game Based Assessments Explained, Understanding number pattern and sequence. Elena is not the youngest.Who is the youngest of the five? How many hours per day must 48 men work to complete the same job in 7 days? The following figure shows the propensity to spend of visitors at an online store in Q1, 2019. The numerical test consists of 10 questions to be answered in 10 minutes, while the diagrammatic and verbal tests consist of 5/10 questions to be answered in 5 minutes (although there is no timer on the test itself). Your email address will not be published. General Aptitude Test Questions and Answers for Freshers for Bank Exams . In this blog, we have included those selected aptitude test questions and answers for freshers which are important with the view of the … Some proprietary ones do have them, but most don’t. Once you have completed a test you will be able to check your answers and read a full explanation. 56 is nearer to 57 than 60.


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