Fresh Foods Market Ready to Bake Pizza Dough. Purchase Options. Trader Joe’s Ready to Bake Pizza Dough ($1.19) Hands down, Trader Joe’s fresh pizza dough packs the best bang-for-your-buck value. Priced at $1.19 per ball of dough (enough to make about one large pizza), this was the least expensive dough we purchased. Located in Deli. Pickup SNAP EBT Eligible $ 2. 16 oz UPC: 0001111027007. With minimal ingredients and whole-wheat options, it's a healthy choice. After par-baking the pizza dough, add the toppings and finish baking pizza in the oven at 500 degrees until the cheese melts. This final bake will take about 7-10 minutes. Where to buy premade store bought pizza dough. If you enjoy making homemade pizza but want to save time, try Whole Foods pizza dough. Buy fresh premade pizza dough at a local bakery, Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods.


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