Find high quality stock photos of french angelfish, people, cultures and places from around the world from popular tourist destinations to remote regions. I have bought here before and will again. Healthy and happy. Dismiss. Highly recommended!!! It was big and beautiful and looked just like the picture. UPS handled the fish very poorly and the Styrafoam boxes were smashed along the sides of both boxes allowing water to escape and soak the cardboard box. Queen Angelfish (Juvenile) Rock Beauty. © 2020 Michael's NYAquatic, LLC | Sitemap Show size adult French Angelfish @neptunesaquariums #reefaddicts #saltwaterfish #angelfish #frenchangelfish. Angelfishes. French Angel arrived in excellent condition and started eating the first day. I will order from KP aquatics again!… Read more “Great service”, We are currently out live rock due to continues windy weather. Posted by Bradley Henderson on 16th Mar 2019, She is cute but was expecting a young adult and got a young juvenile that doesn’t look like the picture for the price I was sent a cheaper juvenile that I could have ordered at a lower cost. I thought I was ordering a large juvenile! We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer. Excellent packing and shipping. Florent's Guide To The Tropical Reefs - French Angelfish - Pomacanthus paru - Angelfishes - - Angelfishes - Caribbean, Bahamas, Florida, Gulf of Mexico, Brazil - Click the button below to add the French Angelfish (7-8") | Pomacanthus paru to your wish list. As a 30+ years aquarium hobbyist. French Angelfish Facts: 1. I HAD ORDERED IN THE PAST 15 YEARS FROM JASON FOX, THIS TIME WAS MOST SPECIAL, A NEW 300 GALLON TANK, A LIFE LONG DREAM COME TRUE. © KP Aquatics - Thank your for supporting our family by choosing KP Aquatics. The fish was gorgeous great color and size.The fish is eating primarily New Life Spectrum pellets and is doing great. They get along with most other fish but not with other angels. All prices are in USD. It is not a good candidate for a reef tank. Size: 10 to 14 in. Ordered this fish and UPS screwed up and caused a bad situation, but Phillip and Kara came through when they did not have to…Took time to call me, and in the end sent me a another beautiful French Angel…You will not find better customer service, thanks K&P. French Angelfish will fight with other angelfish, but are not aggressive toward other tankmates. I only order fish from K&P Aquatics about four times a year. |, French Angelfish (7-8") | Pomacanthus paru. 2. dmcmickens728 THE FRENCH ANGEL WAS MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN ONE COULD EVER IMAGINE, VIBRANT COLORS, AND HIT THE WATER SWIMMING. Very satisfied. I look forward to many more transactions in the future. Large- no, Temperament: Peaceful, except to other angelfish. Disk & Large Oval. It is not a good candidate for a reef tank. Most of the larger angelfish from the Caribbean are not considered “Reef Safe” because they pick at corals and invertebrates, so keep that in mind when you’re thinking about adding one to a tank with corals, clams, or sea anemones. These French Angelfish will live a long time in an aquarium, and if you have a big tank, they will grow pretty big. I MENTION ONE OTHER COMMENT, THE PACKAGING WAS SUPERB, NOT ONE DROP OF WATER LEAKED AND WOW. Footage taken of French Angelfish in the shallows of Kralendijk on the island of Bonaire - these two were roughly the size of dinner plates! Have a happy Thanksgiving. French Angelfish, or what several people call saltwater tropical fish, include a lovely selection to pick out.Those dynamic color palette connected with French Angelfish are specifically what lures folks into selecting a saltwater tank. I have purchased in the past from Foxy and never been disappointed. The French Angel was in good shape upon arrival despite a fin puncture through both bags about midway through the bags. They attract potential fish by fluttering their striking bodies. Reef Safe: Small- with caution. This fish is prone to nip at stony and soft corals and clam mantles. Jason is the best of best online for saltwater fish, Posted by Melvin Coleman on 23rd Feb 2014. A very beautiful fish. Jason is a wonderful source of very highly prized fish. This popular angelfish can grow quite large, a foot or more, and thus requires a 100 gallon or larger tank. They are hermaphroditic, this leads to being very difficult to breed in an aquarium. They get along with most other fish but not with other angels. I placed an order of inverts and dwarf seahorses, the order arrived quick, well packaged, and no DOA!


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