Some gamekeepers kill harriers because of the potential impact of harrier predation on red grouse populations and shooting bags. Unraveling, predicting, and controlling the behavior of active matter is a truly interdisciplinary endeavor at the interface of biology, chemistry, ecology, engineering, mathematics, and physics. Specific alternatives that are currently the focus of attention are: enforcement and support for a move to less intensive management; intra-guild predation by golden eagles; diversionary feeding; and a harrier brood management scheme. © 2017 Goodenough et al. There are two distinct, but not exclusive, types of approaches: those involving enforcement of existing laws, and those involving measures to achieve consensus and cooperation. Studying this both empirically at the group level only and in a computational model at both the level of the individual and the group, we show that pulses of waves fade out with time and that this is probably due to a reduced maximum banking angle during the zigzag maneuver rather than a lower tendency of copying. We find that, when the prey maneuvers erratically, high-altitude stoops increase catch success compared to low-altitude attacks, but only if the falcon’s guidance law is appropriately tuned, and only given a high degree of precision in vision and control. Flash expansion was often followed by split, but in many cases, the flock showed resilience by remaining intact. A theoretical study has suggested that the individual motion underlying a pulse could be a skitter (in the form of a zigzag), that is copied by nearby neighbors, and causes us to temporarily observe a larger surface of the wing because the bird is banking during turning while zigzagging. In this introduction to our topical collection, we identify three areas of current research addressing relevant challenges in the study of social complexity. Birders who underst… Survival on New Mexico sites was greater on areas with access to free-choice quail feeders (S = 0.48) relative to a non-fed site (S = 0.22). falcons on aerial prey. Regardless of the size of the murmuration, all the birds seem to be connected to the same network. Here we investigate whether, when, and why stooping promotes catch success, using a three-dimensional, agent-based modeling approach to simulate attacks of, Scaled quail (Callipepla squamata) populations declined markedly across much of their range from 1988-2004, however little research has been conducted to investigate possible causes for the decline. However, there is a paucity of research into the influence of this effect in coherent groups, such as flocks of European starlings (Sturnus vulgaris). Despite their complexity, we show that patterns of collective escape depend on the predatory threat, which resembles findings in fish. Significance statement The model-birds’ flight control inputs are commanded by their guidance system, comprising a phenomenological model of its vision, guidance, and control. Okubo A (1986) Dynamical aspects of animal grouping: swarms. When a health official deems this a health risk to the public, steps need to be taken to disperse the flock. We describe a nonstereo, three-dimensional photographic technique to study the turning movements of flocks of semidomestic Rock Doves (Columba livia). Key to safeguard this position is to keep engaging talent and updating our infrastructure network, organized in NanoLabNL. Conflicting selection pressures, such as the need to forage, mate and avoid predation, can operate simultaneously. The mechanism underlying this collective behavior remains debated. Grouping may also make it dif, predator to single out prey (confusion effect, Landeau and, aspects of collective movement of flocks (Okubo, city centre, and the roost there was used by up to 20,000, Fifty-three recording sessions were executed between 14, camera (JY-HD10, JVC, 30fps) and MiniDV digital tapes, were used. In line with the predictions of the confusion effect, modelled starlings appear to be safer from predation in larger and denser flocks. These beautiful starlings were filmed in Israel as tens of thousands of starlings fly in a massive murmuration in the skies above Rahat. Am Sci 66:166, hunting behaviour and predation success by peregrine falcons. Whether during an agitation wave individuals copy and repeat escape maneuvers identically or weaken the maneuver over time, so that the pulse would fade out, remains unknown.


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