My general rule, is that if I can actually taste the garlic, then I have added too much. Flavacol recipe. Directions are like 1/2 teaspoon for 4oz of kernels. Do you add it into the oil that the kernels are heating up in? I'd never considered using an electric popper or ghee. I have about 64 ounces volume of the powder mixture left, so I will be using it again, it did not give me "butter flavor overload that I was looking for. I was doing equal parts cheese and butter, only because I took all my powders and mixed them together, If I ever run out of my combined mixture, and decide to continue the powdered butter/cheese, I will probably do two parts butter powder to one-part cheese powder. I am finding that with this popcorn recipe, "less is more". save hide report. Put a couple tablespoons of Naks in a pan, heat until melted, add about 1 tsp of flavacol, then the corn kernels, cover and pop. I've been putting it IN the oil before I pop the kernels. I made some last night add added Molly McButter. Does not have this chemical odor. But quick. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Flavacol is a superfine powdered salt with butter flavoring and annatto. Nutiva USDA Organic, Refined Coconut Oil with Butter Flavor. can also get this at Walmart. If you can find it, use coconut butter with ghee. This thread is archived. Directions: Combine kernels, oil, and Flavacol in Whirleypop pot on stove top on medium high heat. Be careful opening lid, as there will be hot steam inside. Given the popularity of Bulletproof Coffee, I am sure that someone will come out with one eventually. I then turn off the popper, unplug, put the cap on top of the plastic top, then turn over the popper, give it a good shake, wait 20-30 seconds for that one last kernel to pop, then remove the base from the "top". Do you sprinkle on top of popped corn? I think they use the Riboflavin just to give the salt some yellow color without adding any food coloring. You could use it as any other finishing salt with that same principle. I have had consistent, fantastic results with these three oils: Carrington Farms USDA Organic Grass Fed Ghee can also get this at Walmart and my local grocery stores. These variations are not different flavor profiles, like kettle corn, or adding hot sauce to the popcorn, all the variations listed below are to achieve the same goal of very intensely buttery popcorn. I enjoy 2 tbsp of oil, 1/4 tsp Flavacol, and yellow kernels. I listen until I hear 2-3 seconds between pops. I tried going high end, and used Himalayan sea salt, blended into a fine powder, and mixed in with the butter, but it did not taste as good as the Flavacol. Yea it was very detailed! I would much prefer Himalayan sea salt over flavacol. PLEASE do not burn yourself! Writing this took several hours, but actually preparing the popcorn, is about 10-15 minutes , including bring out all the ingredients and equipment. (I use it in soups too and steamed veggies!). I do not know a single word or technique to describe that motion. SecondOrville Redenbacher's Gourmet Popcorn Kernels, Original YellowFound everywhere! I will do this: toss. Continue to stir until popping stops. Another item, Molly McButter is awesome. Thank you for your guide! When the popcorn is almost finished, I will notice that the stirrer is unable to turn anymore, going clockwise, then reversing to counter clockwise. When the popcorn starts to pop, turn heat down to medium low heat and stir more vigorously. However, when I went to see a movie in Dublin, the popcorn was less salty and a little bit fresher. Thank you for taking the time to put this together. Again, more experimentation awaits me! There is one brand that I have found, but not tried: CapTri® C8 MCT Oil – Butter Flavor $40.00 at $40.00 for 32 ounces, vs $7.98 for 29 ounces of Nutiva at Walmart, I am going to stick to Nutiva for now. I'm going to experiment with ghee in my whirly-pop before buying an electric popper, but the electric popper is intriguing. I would have thought that this would have given me a "10x butter flavor explosion"! 1/4 lb. I was adding about 3 heaping tablespoons (TBSP) of this powdered mixture to my melted butter. I immediately transfer the popcorn to a Stainless Steel large mixing bowl, pour my melted butter/flavacol over the butter, and toss. Microwave some salted butter and then sprinkle salt over after I have added butter. Ingredients: 1/2 cup yellow or white popcorn kernels 1-3 tablespoon coconut oil 1/8 to 1 teaspoon Flavacol. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I WANT to like the Just Poppin USDA Organic the best, and it IS good, but I rank it third in my taste tests, but I will be buying this one again, as I am looking for a USDA Organic popcorn. That is why it surprised me when I tried the Nutiva tasted as good, maybe even better, than the Franklin's, and it is considered a "healthy" Coconut oil! If Nutiva (or anyone else) ever comes out with an affordable Butter flavor MCT Oil from 100% Coconut oil, I will try, and probably switch to that. I doubled that to 1 teaspoon of Flavacol in the oil, but that seems like a lot. If I ever have some spare time, I would like to make some "clarified butter" from Kerrygold unsalted butter (google "difference between clarified butter and Ghee", I think basically, the ghee is cooked more, but there is an evening of fun reading!). When you make popcorn, you add the coconut oil to the pot, heat it up, then add the popcorn and the Flavacol. I've been using coconut oil and it's been good, but I like this idea more. I’ve just bought flavacol for the first time to add to my stovetop popcorn, but I’m not totally sure about the best way to use it. I have to constantly remind myself to taste food, before salting it (yes, I am one of those people!). Very excited to try this. As, I do not get enough coconut oil in my diet, and those Medium Chain Triglyceride (MCT) are important in our diets, so after I run out of the Franklin's, I will use the Nutiva, and I like that it is USDA Organic. I love making popcorn but I just use the Walmart Kernals and place them in a brown paper back and pop them in the microwave. I use flavacol to make my 'ultimate popcorn seasoning' ratios are approximate: I make it in quarter-cup batches and it lasts a while. They somehow extract the "butter flavor" out of butter, but remove the fat. Thanks again for dropping some knowledge on us popcorn plebs! They allow you to put endless amounts of butter on your popcorn too lol. A light sprinkling of this on my popcorn does seem to intensify the butter flavor just a bit, but again, my "basic" recipe is so good, I am asking myself if this is needed. And I want to try out new flavors and use oil. The Walmart brand was good also, and it seemed to really pop "hard", or more explosive than any other brand. However, Molly McButter If I am serving popcorn to guests, I will use Ghee. Enjoy! I have not yet tried any "high end" parmesan cheeses, just "Kraft" or similar, and it seems to have a good consistency for popcorn. I misread the end of your statement to say "1 lbs of butter", and was instantly worried about your heart. And I used the half stick (1/8 lb) of Kerrygold unsalted butter. Hoosier Hill Farm Real Butter powder, Hoosier Hill Farm White Cheddar Cheese Powder, Or King Arthur Vermont Cheddar Cheese powder, Or Cabot’s Cheddar Cheese Shake


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