Or maybe Flashy Flash may take it if he stabs Darkshine in his eyes or his balls or something. Welcome to r/OnePunchMan, the subreddit for all things related to our caped bald hero! or he could just stick a sword up his ass. He's not as skilled as Flash but he knows his fighting style very well and that's why he was able to fight somewhat evenly with him. Meanwhile, Flashy Flash can already handle Dragon threats by himself. 'What do you think they will do? I’m giving this to Flashy 10/10, assuming he has his sword and is going for the kill. I have to ask though: when did ONE say this? Something neither of us should take seriously. Not necessarily- Genos's powerups from his upgrades vary considerably and we can't just assume that every single stat increases drastically with each one. The slightest chance of Genos beating him would be if he's all the way up the air and beam the AoE around Flashy Flash, but most cases, Flashy Flash would still be winning. Was that in the webcomic?'. When he joined the MA vs HA arc he fails to harm rover and gets broken by Black Sperm, while in the manga he holds his own against god amped Psykorochi. Genos has no ability to harm Psykos at all since his blast gets overpowered and he gets burned out. Bump, curious if Genos’ recent buff changes things in his favor, Flashy Flash should still be able to blitz and oneshot, Genos is still a glass cannon. Drive Knight has unrevealed abilities too. And despite matching Gale and Hellfire together and repelling them, you think FF's punches would be useless against Genos? Zombieman claims that he's one of the top S class in terms of fighting ability. Flash was just holding back against him in their brief tussle since he wouldn't just murder another s-class hero but I'm sure he could kill Genos before he even knew what happened. No, it was in the manga. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Saitama > Tatsumaki > Psykorochi > Boros > Orochi. So you know for a fact that Genos in the webcomic will get multiple upgrades within the next year? Genos cannot tag FF so I believe it's a draw. TBF, it's a stalemate, Flash can't hurt Darky and Darky can't touch Flash. so is it a tie? You’ll need moderators permission for cross universe battles and if it’s a common one like goku vs Saitama we’ll just make a mega thread AS Genos cannot hang with Hydrated DSK, and you know how G4 stomped him. Flashy Flash is a young man with an androgynous appearance. Just because FF is on SD's tier doesn't really mean he can beat Genos- that will be ABC logic. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Genos keep up with Flash mean notting,Flash can extremely hold back if he want to,just like he did against the ninja bro. Yeah, since their fight didn’t finish I was curious as to what others might think the winner would have been. Perhaps. While he increases in power, I just don't think ONE is intended for him to be stronger than Flash, even based on interviews or ONE's comic, Murata comic hasn't caught up to ONE yet but I don't think Genos would suddenly be stronger than Flashy Flash. ', 'Which Genos? T_025 spitting straight fax. Look at Bakuzan. Flashy Flash realized that despite having strength and speed that vastly dwarfs his own, Saitama doesn't have even nearly the same level of fighting skills he does. Check the sidebar for information! Either or. FF would be very hard but Sonic not so much since he's still a High Demon at this point in the manga. Genos can be unharmed by Sonic but cannot tag him, therefore it cannot be concluded. A serious FF, by feats, still has the edge in speed and skill and so will have opportunities to catch Genos off-guard. Your opinion. If Drive Knight has his gold armor Flash will have trouble damaging him. It's true that being of a higher threat level doesn't automatically a creature is better in every stat, but it is still a pretty reliable indication in OPM of general levels of power.


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