Lou Gehrig is ___ the seventh school district, otherwise known as the South Bronx, one of the poorest neighborhoods ___ New York City. 10.He got this office __________influence. 2. If we find fault with something and complain continuously and unnecessarily about it, we ‘carp’ about/at it. The old gentleman……………………. There is so much for you to learn and most importantly practice on topics u have learnt. X: The professor is away ___ Tuesday. Click on the tabs below to see the exercises and their answers. We traveled from New Delhi to Agra ___ train. John lives ___ He is a student ___ National University of Singapore. There are two ways in which we are judged; one is ‘our thoughts’ whereas other is when our actions are judged. “access to” is to have authority or permission. As a passenger in a car, I prefer to sit ___ the front. Learn how your comment data is processed. A demand was sent to your address but you moved ___ this period. Enter your email address: Subscribe Pinnacle: FILL IN THE BLANKS (Based on prepositions with answers). You can borrow my car __ the end of the month. Exercise 1. Rest of the university campus is located ___ the river. Your ordeal will be over ___ few hours. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Next month I’ll be going to London ___ four days. Remember to underline the word that you hate supplied. PARAGRAPH – FILL IN BLANKS -Exercises for Practice (Duly Solved) Created December 29, 2016; Author Educational Consultant; Category Cloze Test; EXERCISES – Cloze Test. 3. It’s not possible to carry so much of load ___ a bicycle. This book is very special me. The conference is likely to be held ___ May. X: Where do you want to sit? The fuel price is going to go up ___ August. The Chairman is ill and we’ll have to  …………………..the meeting for a  few days. Q51. These days everybody complains __high prices of commodities. There were many interruptions __ the chief guest’s speech. Which particular areas trouble you the most? I’ve to finish the assignment ___ Sunday. English Narration Series Part 23: 500 most important questions. Why is this dustbin lying ___ the middle of the room? London is on the river Click here to download this printable exercise in PDF. The auto expo begins ___ 22 April and ends sometime ___ April. Within minutes of declaration of the result, I scanned it completely, but couldn’t find my name ___ the list. Check your proficiency level in Prepositions, Copyright © Hit Bullseye 2020 | All Rights Reserved, Advanced Grammar (Subject-Object, Participles, etc. Why do we always have to submit………………..his authority ? Belgium and Denmark are only an hour or so apart ___ airplane, for example. I didn’t miss a single class __ my first year. I’ve to leave ___ quarter past six. Welcome ___ the conference! Report Ad. Generally all the items become infected (e)   ……………………………..bacteria because they remain uncovered due(f) ………………………………..our carelessness. Q21. 9.He stood_____ the famous stars and starlets. He fell ___ the ladder while fixing a picture on the wall. Y: ___ Monday. I prefer watching sporting events __ television than see them live in the stadium. Wait for me ___ then. (1) of                           (2) from                       (3) for                         (4) over. Q45. The thieves climbed up the drain pipe and entered the house __ the window. I’m going out of the city ___ three days. The football from the neighboring ground came flying ___ our fence and toppled the flower plot. Q57. Vinay does not play cricket, and……………………..does Yeshwant. Copyright 2019 © Lemon Grad. The Principal called ……………………… an explanation from the clerks. When he’s bored ___ home, there are plenty of books to read, and his parents see it as their responsibility to keep him actively engaged ___ the world ___ him. Such questions are known by different titles like Close test etc, These blanks are required to be filled with appropriate words. (1) through                  (2) during                   (3) on                           (4) since. ___ the mid-1990s, an experimental public school called the KIPP Academy opened ___ the fourth floor of Lou Gehrig Junior High School ___ New York City. Creative Paragraph Writing: My Favourite Teacher. We’re good friends. Here we are for the best series of English grammar such as preposition exercises with answers that are available for to check English grammar accuracy in the way to solve fill in the blank preposition worksheets that are totally free for polish your skills of writing grammatically great English learning. Someone came to meet you __ you were out. Q32. Can you name the longest river ___ Europe? Our teacher…………………………………. Shivaji Maharaj fought……………………. My friend’s father died …………………. Underline and Write Preposition used in each Paragraph. You’ve to submit your assignment __ Thursday noon. The following paragraphs have been taken from Outliers: The Story of Success by Malcolm Gladwell: 1. Their country has no mineral resources to speak __________. The shelf is cluttered with too many books ___ it. Mathematics. I got up ___ the night to switch off the TV, which I had mistakenly left on. Against each, five words are suggested, one of which fits the blank appropriately. Danes look a lot like Belgians, and if you were dropped ___ a street corner ___ Copenhagen, you wouldn’t find it all that different ___ a street corner ___ Brussels. I had some snacks ___ the train. They often go out for walk ___ Sunday evenings. See Answer Key Print Worksheet. It seemed like driving ___ the clouds. The shops are open only ___ 7 PM. The use of preposition 'of' after "comprise" is incorrect. every kind of aggression… We must not carp _____ the errors of our ancestors. The contractor finished the building ___ just 8 months. Fill in the blanks with prepositions | Exercise + answers Click here to download this printable exercise in PDF. The presenter drew a line __ the whiteboard to separate the two sets of data. There were eateries and sunbeds ___ the length of the beach. (About, around, in, of). The reading scores of the poor kids go up ___ 0.26 points. Q24. The company filed for bankruptcy ___ 2011. It’s a small town. My car is the one ___ bottle green color and scratches ___ the bonnet. Upgrade to remove ads. I went to his place ___ one afternoon last week. John was angry with me and didn’t speak to me ___ a week. This book is very special me. 1. X: Next few days would be bit chilled. The fireman managed to put…………………………the fire. Q49. I waited for my friend __ 5 PM, but he didn’t turn up. cancer. He travelled all…………………………the world when he was eighty year old. He won’t come to the office for another four days, as he is ___ holiday. To take it further close to the real world, the last exercise contains few paragraphs (with missing prepositions) from Malcolm Gladwell’s book Outlier.


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