Your story is a troubling one. Nina: I thought we agreed to never speak hobbies...ever again! Orochi: Perhaps. It would be such a cute, idyllic scene, don't you think? Jakob: Yes, but your authority has limits. Guess this means we got some talking to do. Dwyer: I think I understand. I've been giggling about it all afternoon. How funny. Leo: However! Besides, you're just as red as I am! Is that true? Dwyer: Sorry to bother you, Lady Corrin, but would you like anything to eat? Hana: What do you mean? Oh well...Then I only pray we shall meet again! Corrin: So you're sending this one back to them. Would they become fast friends? Corrin: I have a suggestion... You're good at farming and hunting, but why not try something new? For their sake. Haha. You've already improved quite a bit. Scarlet: In Cheve, we believe that people who die turn into stars. Rhajat: O-OK... What is it? Corrin: Huh? Hisame: Oh, hello, Mother. Me? Corrin: En garde! ... Um, Arthur... Could you do me a favor? Almost makes me miss the Deeprealms a little bit. Maybe a little, but not much. AGHHH! Mitama: I speak in verse now / It was not always the case / In the past, the cause. Yes, I've had quite a few sparring sessions with him. I've been looking all over for you. Hello, Corrin. But aren't you from Nohr? Selkie: Really? I want you to be as happy as I was then, which is why I keep bringing you fish. Asugi: It's over. What about you, Ignatius? That decision has driven almost everything I've done since then. Rejection, my dear old friend… Corrin: Elise... You sweet, silly girl. As a result, I was cruel to her—more cruel than she could ever deserve. I think you're right. Corrin: It was that easy to tell? Corrin: Oboro...? Corrin: Oh, Siegbert... Now, let us begin! Corrin: Of course! Ophelia: Never fear. Odin: Isn't it obvious? Hisame: You're welcome. That's not as...imaginative as your other nicknames. So...first I... And then I... AH! Hinoka: Corrin? And maybe this can help you stay safe on the battlefield. Corrin: Of course. I'll come with you if you go, but I'm not buying anything. I love you so much. I'm glad you said something. Did you catch a cold, then? Corrin: Oh...? Corrin: Huh?! Corrin: *gulp* What?! Corrin: Hello, Forrest. Is everything all right? You will! Corrin: Huh? I'm just so filled with joy, I can't help it. But honestly I can't think of anything to do right now. Corrin: What do you mean? Laslow: Hm. Shura: That's very kind of you. I caught you, you incorrigible flirt! You will make a great king and will rule as wisely as your father. Sophie: ...You mean that? Corrin: Hm? Corrin: First, we have to eliminate the evil that is getting in the way. Now come here, and I'll wash and put some medicine on it. Oh, it's you. Besides the dark forests, there was very little plant life among the rocky terrain. However, at the time, I never felt lonely. What am I supposed to do? Corrin: Well, you're welcome. Corrin: I want to be independent! And look how many horns this monster has! Aww, look at you! How can I help you? It sounds fun, but where should we go? Corrin: Oboro.... No one cares if you're a mess! Corrin: What's done is done, I suppose. Silas! Take that! I still have so much to do. Oh, I think I see Hinoka. Corrin: I see. Corrin: Hang on. You'd help names? Both my parents were knights, so I copied what I saw them do. Corrin: Hrrnh! Laslow: You do?! Corrin: Thank you, Ryoma. Can't you take a break? Yes, I suppose I have some time right now. I didn't mean to startle you. Kaze: When Lady Mikoto became queen, she forgave me and allowed me to serve her. Heehee. The holy mountain then erupted, and fire fell from the sky. Social media: Get in touch with Fire Emblem Wiki on Twitter, Facebook, or Discord! Dwyer: Please, don't say that. Thanks for doing this, Silas. Corrin: You didn't bake a ring into it or anything clichéd like that, did you? Now she's an excellent model soldier. What happened to you? Nyx: That's very kind of you. From what I saw, he succeeded completely. One day we celebrate, the next we may be mourning. I promise! If I'm gonna do that, I hafta practice every day, right? I am enchanted. Here, stand aside! Lady Sakura?! Corrin: Benny? Corrin: ...Fine. I'm not sure... Charlotte: !! The bear stew that the cook prepared was delicious. Corrin: Oh, er, I was just reviewing my agenda for the rest of the day. Corrin: Um, well, about that right there. Gunter: Well done!I see you haven't lost your touch at all. Dwyer: So? Midori: B-but how can I make medicine for everyone if I can't even get the herbs? Because...I want this to be a special place for just the two of us. Corrin: I-I see. You'll embarrass me. But I can't get started until you tell me what sounds good. Corrin: Tee hee hee. Keaton: I wanted to get your opinion on something. This is how you'll get there. Nina: *sigh* Why does it have to be so difficult… But I need a little more time. Corrin: Hello... Bah! Please, take it as a symbol of my devotion. It was pretty remote. Is everything all right? I can hear the gentle burbling of the stream and even the swaying of the trees. Corrin: Sh-Shiro, that's not your father's way. I need you to be safe. Corrin: Huh? But I still don't think I can just go see them. I knew my nose wouldn't fail me in my time of need. Flora: Yes. Corrin: A dream? I'd love to see them. I believe that you and I are in a unique position regarding Nohr and Hoshido. Why? Caeldori: I-it's sort of kind of a love story. Corrin: But you have a noble heart. Corrin: How would I live with myself if you were caught on one of these solo missions? Corrin: You wanted to know the words, so I taught them to you. Shiro: Corrin, can I ask a huge favor? I was just out trying to spear a fish or two. Scarlet: Yeah...I like that. Can't you see? Corrin: Well, let's see. What do you think of me? Corrin: ...No. What's going on? Elise: Corrin... Fighting was what I lived for. I'm so glad you gave me a chance. Rhajat: You're so cute when you pretend to be terrified of me. Corrin: Er. I was just going to apologize. Corrin: That's not really true. I write a unique spell on each one. About what? Corrin: Certainly. Hinata: One day, he challenged me to a match. Hoshidan: Yes, milady. Corrin: You already have. Corrin: That honor is mine. Corrin: What?! Asugi: Anyway. Does anything sound really tasty to you? I see. Corrin: I'm sorry, I didn't catch that. I thought you wanted it for your own collection. Corrin: Avel seems like a tough horse to master. Now my hands are just as stained as yours. Corrin: Oh, I see. Corrin: O-OK... And THAT'S when we show them our romance novels! Why are you crying? Dwyer: Excellent. Corrin: Heehee, that's true! Corrin: I might worry too, if I was as inexperienced as you. Corrin: Er, no. Corrin: Regular-sized. Father...Queen Mikoto...please forgive me. Odin: I'm sorry. How about I make you a bunch of new outfits instead? And yet...I cannot seem to give it up. Corrin: Hmm, can I have a bit of time to think about it? My killer left hook. It all makes much more sense now. I was just curious about the weird thing that you were doing. Besides, you were the one who returned me, were you not? All of us. How can you lift that rock with your bare hands? Corrin: Oh! Thank you for joining me here today. Now how did this happen anyway? Corrin: Huh? I will not compromise on a single one. If we're going to be wed, my brother must be told. Please be careful on your way home, all right? Azama: Naturally. I'm going to keep churning out treats for everybody. May I take a look? Azama: I am so happy to have found you on this plane of existence! I'm actually curious why you did it. Peri: All the ones who made me cry! Corrin: Hello, Arthur! Who doesn't like to look after kids? Why would you do that? Corrin: Heehee! You asked so sweetly, and here I am teasing you again. Corrin: *sigh* You sure do remind me of a certain someone... Can you please let me by? Thank much. Would you like to hear me sing? I was really happy you liked my fish that time we met by the river! I'll prepare something tasty for you right away. I knew he could appreciate the pairing of the strong samurai and lovely princess. Mozu: Lady Corrin... What are we doing here? Keaton: Ohoho! It takes too long to roast them one by one, so I do it in batches. Forrest: Yes, I was making a trip into town to stock up on fabrics. Maybe now we can make up for that! I've been dying to hear the rest of your story.


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