Marigolds are incredibly adaptable flowers, says Bold. Scindapsus is yet another fast-growing vine. “They're very easy to grow and have edible leaves and flowers. If you notice the leaves curling a little bit, it’s time to saturate the soil. “With its purple, pink, red, and white flowers, it will bring a splash of color to any gardens,” she says. Please share it and also follow me on Pinterest for more useful posts on flowers, houseplants, and succulents. Pepper cress is a fast-growing plant that matures in 2-3 weeks. It has very pretty leaves. Peace Lilies or Spathiphyllum are quick growers. Here is the list of some of the eye-catching and fast growing indoor plants! The level of maintenance required varies from plant to plant and you can always go for the one which fits within your abilities. The flower is a favorite for gardeners, florists as well as flower lovers like…. Red leaf lettuce, butterhead, and even arugula are robust plants that grow quickly and provide lots of product, says Richard Reina, gardening enthusiast and product training director for. There are also different varieties of Ficus that you can try. Here are 22 Tips to Keep Gardening Dirt Cheap.). For now, feel free to continue reading. It’s not as fast-growing as some of the pothos, but in general, you will get new growth all summer long. Several flowers are used to symbolize strength. Philodendrons are also great fast-growing indoor plants especially vining philodendron. You can have it in the hanging baskets or train it over trellises. Those who live or have spent any time visiting California have surely seen fields of wild California poppies. Yellow leaves are an indication that the plant is not doing well. Don’t be afraid of cutting back the Scindapsus plants. Ferns are some of the fast-growing indoor plants. Some of the common types include Boston Fern also known as Sword Fern, Kangaroo Paw Fern, Asparagus Fern, and Tiger Fern. It’s important to note that how fast your plant grows depends on factors such as where they’re growing, the amount of light available, humidity, and temperature as well as how often you fertilize them. Clematis is a vine capable of growing as much as 30 feet in a matter of mere months, so it would be an understatement to say it is an easy, hardy plant. Check this Spider Plant complete growing and care guide. The String of Hearts require much care when young but once the roots are established, they just keep on going on their own. Your email address will not be published. Disclosure. Stay tuned for the first newsletter in the morning, straight to your inbox. If you are looking for such fast growing seeds for classroom environment or … And even within a space as small as a container or planter, it’s relatively simply to grow a substantial harvest. Pothos. Kale takes about 60 days to reach full maturity, but young leaves can be harvested when they grow to the size of your hand, says Suwak. One more note, this crop can be started from fully developed potatoes that are cut into chunks and placed in the soil like a seed. The pothos grows so fast that you have to prune them back frequently if you don’t want them growing on the floor or other things around them. For those hoping to find a plant that is both easy to grow and attracts butterflies and hummingbirds to your garden, look no further than the appropriately named butterfly bush. The Chelsea Hoya is also another type to consider. While…. “Make sure to leave at least four leaves on the plant if you harvest while it grows to maturity. Known for not being picky about its soil or sun conditions, this plant will reseed quickly. Phlox can also be potted as long as they’re located in a fully sunny position and watered only when the top soil is dry. “Nasturtiums are beautiful with bright orange to yellow-orange flowers and pretty, round leaves,” says Huffman. The Chelsea Hoya produces pretty dark green leaves. The Chinese Money Plant or Pilea Peperomioides is a fast grower. Required fields are marked *. Check this Spider Plant complete growing and care guide. Related: 15 Foods You Can Grow in a Container Garden. I hope you found this post useful. But they will attract bees, which is a good thing for your garden. Compared to other hoyas, it’s slower but compared to other houseplants, it’s fast-growing. Some of the varieties that grow fast include the carnosa. There are different varieties that you can try including Syngonium Illusion, Arrow Head Vine, Syngonium Gold Allusion, and Berry Allusion Syngonium. An example is bamboo plants. If you want to stimulate the fast growth, transplant the plant into a bigger pot every time they seem to fill the current pot. “Like most leafy greens, kale does better in cooler weather and can continue to grow all the way down to 20 degrees Fahrenheit,” says Suwak. It has very pretty leaves. Aside from being incredibly nutritious, kale is one of the easiest vegetables to grow, says Matt Suwak, a gardener and naturalist who writes for the site Primal Survivor. Ivy grows quite long, depending on the variety. The Maranta Prayer Plant does grow fast. Gardening has always been a popular pastime but perhaps never more so than while we’re all cooped up at home and looking for ways to beautify our surroundings. However, some plants take more time to grow than others. Sometimes you might be looking for fast-growing indoor plants to fill a large space. Ficus are also great plants for people who don’t want vines. Added bonus, these flowers won’t be nibbled up by either deer or rabbits.


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