While everyone knows that calcium is good for our bones and teeth, most people don’t realize that we also need magnesium to help us absorb it. var height = Math.round(((resheight / 100) * width)); It is because the people in Japan regularly consume the sea lettuce in their daily life. slideshowgallery235454.imagesid = "imagesgallery235454"; Compared to other sea vegetables such as nori, kombu, and bladderwrack, sea lettuce isn’t often utilized as a health supplement, even though it boasts an impressive nutritional profile. Plants climb or creep on the nearby trees and walls and try its level best to survive on this planet for a lengthy period of time. According to Pacific Feast, ulva sea lettuce is high in both protein and carbohydrates, fiber, and nutrients. tid('spinnergallery235454').style.visibility = 'visible'; This topic will deal with a seaweed named sea lettuce which is a green algae found in bays and rocky areas around the world. Some fast growing creepers like money plant are grown inside the garden as an ornamental plant since it brings luck and beauty to their houses. Species with hollow, one-layered thalli were formerly included in Enteromorpha, but it is widely accepted now that such species should be included in Ulva. The dried and extracted sea lettuce can be used to substitute salt for snacks or other processed foods. In addition to meat, a variety of marine plants such as spirulina, algae and also sea lettuce also contains a high protein source, even protein and iron content which exceeds the meat. slideshowgallery235454.thumbOpacity = 70; jQuery.noConflict(); Thank you for reading guys! slideshowgallery235454.imagesthickbox = "true"; The sea lettuce which is already popular in Japan has been proven that the population in Okinawa, Japan has a smaller coronary heart diseases risk up to 82 percent when compared with Americans. This can be a blood booster, for people who have problems with blood deficiency caused by low iron consumed. Of these, vitamins A, C, and E are potent antioxidants that can neutralize free radical damage, thereby guarding us from a myriad of serious conditions such as macular degeneration and cancer. If these diabetics consume the lettuce, there has not to worry about the sugar content. slideshowgallery235454.navHover = 75; Plants climb or creep on the nearby trees and walls and try its level best to survive on this planet for a lengthy period of time. The sea lettuce leaves are also very good in sugar content, because of its low sugar content. jQuery("#fullsizegallery235454").append('
'); slideshowgallery235454.linkclass = "linkhover"; It is the type species of the genus Ulva. jQuery(window).resize(function() { When viewed,  it looks like a bright green apple and has a form of strap-shaped blades (folded swords) with an edge smooth but bumpy. slideshowgallery235454.thumbs = "slidergallery235454"; slideshowgallery235454.init("slideshowgallery235454","imagegallery235454","","","imglinkgallery235454"); tid('slideshow-wrappergallery235454').style.display = 'block'; Sea Lettuce Facts. This is a small genus of marine and brackish water green algae. var resheight = 50; Health benefits of green fruit and vegetables as lettuce contributes in the digestive process. These seaweeds are largely found where the sewage runoff is very heavy. High calcium is also contained in sea lettuce plays an important role to maintain bone health and teeth health. slideshowgallery235454.autoheight = true; This seaweed grows to a height of up to 2 ft. Sea lettuce or also known as green algae and Ulva Lactuca is a kind of sea plant that can be consumed and can be found easily around the world. slideshowgallery235454.touch(tid('fullsizegallery235454')); It is sometimes known as U. fenestrata, referring to its "windowed" or "holed" appearance. Some fast growing creepers like money plant are grown inside the garden as an ornamental plant since it brings luck and beauty to their houses. In the year 2009, large volumes were washed up on the beaches of Brittany, France. Most of the world’s oxygen (about 70%) comes from seaweeds and other microscopic algae. Additionally, this robust nutrient profile lends the seaweed excellent skin-boosting properties. Sea lettuce also can be used through the health benefits of vegetables salad. slideshowgallery235454.autoheight_max = false; The fronds within the water resemble lettuce leaves, hence the name Sea Lettuce. Sea Lettuce Nutritional Uses Excellent source of iron and protein – Though today’s food industry has led us to believe that meat is the best source of iron and protein, in reality algae and sea vegetables such as spirulina, chlorella, kelp, and – yes – sea lettuce match, and in some cases exceed, meat in both regards. It’s also high in vitamins A, B-3, and magnesium. tid('slideshowgallery235454').style.display = "none"; Just for your information that consuming sea lettuce is very recommended for weight loss because in 100 grams sea lettuce contains 130 calories, high fiber, and low fat which may help to lose your weight as soon as possible. Well, I guess that’s all the information regarding the health benefits of sea lettuce that you need to know. It is eaten by a number of sea animals including sea slugs and manatees, although humans have also eaten it for centuries. Some creepers occupy major portions of the land while some occupy only minor portions. var width = jQuery('#slideshow-wrappergallery235454').width(); Increases longevity – Though sea lettuce is consumed worldwide, it is especially popular in Okinawan in Japan and Crete in Greece. This seaweed is naturally found in sheltered or moderately exposed rocks and shores, pool areas, shallow water, brackish waters and grows rapidly. Meanwhile, for the people who have kidney problem are also not recommended to consume sea lettuce. slideshowgallery235454.navOpacity = 25; It makes its own food by photosynthesis. slideshowgallery235454.info = "informationgallery235454"; https://veggiesinfo.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/Sea-lettuce-nutritional-uses.jpg


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