Cost variances of 20%, or +/- 0.2 in the cost and schedule performance indexes will change the status of the cost to red or critical. Not sure what college you want to attend yet? Check out some examples on how to build the best PM plan. This section of the sample project plan example describes the project’s quality management covered in step number two in this article. The WBS provides the work packages to be performed for the completion of the project. document.write( 'span>' ); If you want to know what is a project plan, be sure to go to our blog and read the blog entry titled, “What is a Project Plan?”. The schedule baseline and work breakdown structure (WBS) should be created in Microsoft Project. The project management plan is created gradually, and as we have outlined, the plan consists of separate component plans and therefore cannot be created until each of the individual elements is made. courses that prepare you to earn Any approved changes to these milestones or dates will be communicated to the project team by the project manager. If there are any decisions which must be made by specific individuals—for example authorizing additional funding by the project sponsor—this should also be stated here. Depending on the project you are running, and those involved in it, your project management communication plan may vary. Any corrective actions will require a project change request and be must approved by the CCB before it can be implemented. //-->,