In English: step, pace Auf deutsch: Klafter (m), Schritt (m) fourth declension . [4], Learn how and when to remove this template message,, Articles needing additional references from March 2007, All articles needing additional references, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 15 November 2020, at 16:36. To set the speed in a race. N In England this was known as Poll Tax. la Quo autem hoc consequamini, videlicet idem sapere idemque in iis, quae ad religionem pertinent, sentire, oportet omnes quidem constanter, ut facitis, in obedientia huic Apostolicae Sedi permanere: vos autem, dilecti filii, Patriarchae vestro, aliisque Antistitibus, qui vobis iure legitimo praesunt, fideliter subesse et obtemperare.— The Dictionary of English Surnames[2] gives the origin of the English surname "Pace" as ME pais, OFr pais, Lat pax, "peace, concord, amity", and adds: "As ME pasches appears also as paisch, piece, peace, and Easter eggs are still called Pace eggs." Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to change creating variants of the original spelling.[1]. The area of greatest concentration is Wolverhampton. The first references to the surname Pace occur in the 6th and 7th centuries in the forms of Pace, Pacius, Pacinus, and Pax. a ab abs: (prep + abl) in connection with, with regard to. Use the Resources – the Latin word list, the glossary of English terms and the grammar […] a ab abs: (prep + abl) separation - out of (one out of many). 1 siècle avant J.C. HORATIUS (Horace) calme n. m : (paix), absence d'agitation, de mouvement voir: calme. The word sees popular usage in Ecclesiastical Latin, which today as in the Middle Ages pronounces it in the Italian manner. Early bearers of this surname might have been bestowed with it because of their calm or reputation as peacemakers, or to those who spread peace in a religious sense. [3], The two surnames have historically been sometimes confused. Free online translation from Latin into English and back, Latin-English dictionary with transcription, pronunciation, and examples of usage. As a name in England, Pace has at least two possible origins. In Malta, the surname is sometimes pronounced as in Italian but other times an abridged form, "PAH-ch", is used. passus passūs passuī passum passū passus. Most people called Pace in Malta have an origin in speakers of Italian, while most Paces in Germany are probably connected with someone of the name who originated in England. Latin Dictionary: the best Latin dictionary with a conjugator and a Latin declension tool available online for free! Specifically, "pace" is the ablative declension of "pax" in Latin, which in Classical Latin was probably pronounced "PAH-kay". Especially important was the period after October 5, 1350, when Malta was incorporated directly under the Kingdom of Sicily, expanding the number of greatly in Malta. Nom. Yandex.Translate works with words, texts, and webpages. paix n. f : tranquillité, quiétude voir: paix. - Home and School; Meaningful Minutes; Wednesday With Words: My Selections; Wednesday, September 25, 2013 . paci: pacibus: ACC. Groups of men, in all imaginable attitudes, were lying, standing, sitting, or pacing up and down. PAX, ACIS, f. 1 siècle avant J.C. CICERO (Cicéron) paix n. f : concorde, absence de conflit voir: paix. In addition to being found in Italy and England, it is also found in Germany, is common in Malta, and can be found among Italian and British immigrants in the United States and other countries. G D The surname of Richard Pace, the 16th-century churchman, is today pronounced as "Pace", but his biographer Jervis Wegg states that his surname at the time was spoken as two syllables. T La dernière modification de cette page a été faite le 4 octobre 2020 à 10:02. There are at least two independent origins of the name Pace, one in Italy and the other in England, but in both cases it is believed to be of Latin origins. The surname dates back to the early 13th century and early examples of the recordings include Roger Pays in the 1275 Hundred Rolls of Norfolk, William Pace in 1242 in the Book of Fees for Devon, and Peter Pece of Yorkshire in 1302. Lesson 1 is the most simple; Lesson 12 is the most difficult. Abl. pace vestra liceat dixisse, primi omnium eloquentiam perdidistis! , Overview, Change the order: pacem: paces: ABL. © 2003-2023 - All rights reserved - Olivetti Media Communication, all peace negotiations have been broken off, pacem petentibus cum libertate ac legibus suis, pacem nobiscum pepigistis ut legiones restitueremus, pacem vobis … parare in perpetuum … potestis, he scarcely enjoyed peace and tranquillity, pacis est comes otiique socia … eloquentia, pacem, tranquillitatem, otium, concordiamque affero, pacis patrandae cum Romanis paciscebatur mercedem, bella viri pacemque gerent quis bella gerenda, certam … pacem quam incerta belli praeoptantes, pacem agitabamus, quippe quis (= quibus) hostis nullus erat, pacem an bellum gerens perniciosior esset, pacem et amicitiam cum proximis civitatibus confirmo, ab dis immortalibus pacem ac veniam petunt, they ask the immortal gods for benign help, ad simulandam pacem quae utilia visa constituunt, Aetolos pacem velle: de ea re oratores Romam, a nobis omnia … et belli adiumenta et pacis ornamenta administrata sunt, we have always given guarantees of military and peaceable assistance, auctoritate eius rebelles barbarorum animos pace componi, paci externae confestim continuatur discordia domi, bellum et pacem portamus: utrum placet, sumite, bellum inexpiabile, in quo pactio pacis lex sit servitutis, bellum pace mutatum plurimum gaudii adfert, antea cum imperatoribus Romanis pacem conventam frustra fuisse, civile bellum … Lepidus ad pacem concordiamque convertit, circumferens terrarum orbi praesentia sua pacis suae bona. Cette page a utilisé 5367 ko de mémoire sur le serveur pour se construire. ), pacem … iis populus Romanus non ab se tantum sed rege etiam Masinissa praestitit, acta Caesaris servanda censeo, non quo probem … sed quia rationem habendam maxime arbitror pacis, I believe that Caesar's disposition must be maintained, not because I approve them, but because I think that peace must be kept in mind. L Declension of passus, declension tables of many Latin nouns, with all cases. The second possible origin is from the result of confusion with the personal name "Pash" or "Pask(e)", used frequently in medieval England as both a Christian name and as a nickname for a person born at Easter, or one having some other connection with that festival, such as a feudal obligation to provide a service, or make a payment, on that date. Finding Your Family PACE ; A.R.C.H. The Italian Pace is believed to be a patronymic, meaning that those with the surname are the descendants of a man with a first name of Pace (from Latin Pax, Pacis). Le temps de calcul de cette page a été de 0.07 seconde. In England the spelling of the name has many variant spellings, including Peace, Paice, Pase, Payce, and others. M Families called Pace have been prominent in Malta and in Sicily and held feudal estates in both of these areas. Itaque legatos de pace mittunt, certae pacis argumentum Ianus geminus clausus dedit, pacem ipsam, quoniam sub nomine pacis bellum lateret, repudiandam, pacem illi prius petendam ab populo Romano esse quam ut rex … appelletur (discorso indir. V The first is from an early medieval nickname for a mild-mannered and even-tempered man, derived from the Anglo-Norman-French and Middle English word "pace" or "pece", ultimately from the Latin "pax" or "pacis", meaning "peace". Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. Begin with Lesson 1 and work through to Lesson 12. [1], It has also been argued that Pace is an unusual surname of French origins, and the first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of John Pais, which was dated 1219, in the "Register of the Freemen of Leicester", during the reign of King Henry III, known as "The Frenchman", 1216–1272.


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