A product like this should be product was properly sealed. Support SkinCarisma by shopping from our trusted partnered retailers below! or Just want to chat? This long-named, polymer molecule (big molecule from repeated subunits) is a helper ingredient that's good at emulsifying and stabilizing oils into water-based formulas. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. As cosmetic chemist Colins writes it, "its safety really is beyond any doubt". It is considered to be a nice, cost-effective base oil with moisturizing properties. It is very rare that I actually like a product that contains alcohol at all. ( Log Out /  It also helps to disperse insoluble particles (think color pigments or zinc/titanium dioxide sunscreen) nice and even in cosmetic formulas. One more thing: the water used in cosmetics is purified and deionized (it means that almost all of the mineral ions inside it is removed). It can be used as an emulsifier or as a cleansing agent. learn more about saving ingredients to your profile, Japan Anti-Vivisection Association (JAVA). This might be the reason why I don’t love this cream. Immediately after using the Etude House Moistfull Collagen Cream, your skin will quench its thirst and replenish its moisture, with results evident instantly. A 12 carbon length fatty acid that can be found naturally in coconut milk, coconut oil, laurel oil, and palm kernel oil. Good value compared to many moisturizers. Etude House apparently changed the formula of their Moistfull Collagen Cream. BTW, it’s also a food additive. What's more, there is emerging research about lauric acid being a good anti-acne ingredient. It's a blend of polysaccharides that helps to moisturize and soften the skin. Exactly what it sounds: nice smelling stuff put into cosmetic products so that the end product also smells nice. Learn more about SkinReview.net, our methodology and why we built this website. I originally found this as it was listed as a dupe for the Clinique 72 Hour Moisture Surge (which I liked but found I had to use a large amount to get hydration – it wasn’t as concentrated as I hoped.) Betain's special thing is being an osmolyte, a molecule that helps to control cell-water balance. If your skin needs a moisture boost make sure to try an emulsion! There has been some healthy controversy surrounding them due to a few studies finding paraben presence in breast tumours and breast tissue. It is also soothing and rich in antioxidants. The product claims to be highly concentrated, targeted to dry / combo skin and “provide moisture and keep your skin hydrated for over 12 hours after application” . Ideally used every day as part of a regular skincare routine, the Etude House Moistfull Collagen Cream helps to significantly improve the moisture-retaining abilities of the skin, locking in hydration and nutrients. It can be used to improve skin moisturization, as a solvent, to boost preservative efficacy or to influence the sensory properties of the end formula. It's also a texturizer and thickener for oil-in-water emulsions. However, for some people with sensitive and easily irritable skin, avoiding products with these simple alcohols may be beneficial. If you suffer from severe dry skin, this cream might be the solution you're looking for. As a moisturizer, I can see this work well for all skin tones but I think this is primarily suited towards oilier skin. Pityrosporum Folliculitis/Malassezia folliculitis or simply known as Fungal Acne is a persistent acne-like condition that commonly responds poorly to traditional acne-treating methods. It's free of allergens, gluten, sulfates and parabens. This product contains several alcohols which I am actually quite surprised by. A really multi-functional helper ingredient that can do several things in a skincare product: it can bring a soft and pleasant feel to the formula, it can act as a humectant and emollient, it can be a solvent for some other ingredients (for example it can help to stabilize perfumes in watery products) and it can also help to disperse pigments more evenly in makeup products. So Hydrolyzed Collagen is not really collagen, it is rather an undefined and varying mix of largish peptides. Additionally, products that may contain ingredients that have shown to feed Malassezia may not neccessarily exacerbate the condition due to concentration of ingredient used in the product, this information is simply not available on the products. It works over a very wide pH range (3-12) and can be used to thicken up low-ph formulas, such as exfoliants. A kind of polymer (big molecule from repeated subunits) that helps to create beautiful gel-like textures. Apply over face and gently press onto skin for better absorption. A 100% vegetable origin emulsifier that helps to create ultra-soft, light textures. It's used as a foam building cleansing agent. The Fungal-Safe label does not constitute as medical advice. Even with these drawbacks, I highly recommend this is a great product at night. For the most part alcohols are not problematic at all. Due to the lack of substantial research into this area it is very likely there are other ingredients and class/groups of ingredients that could feed Fungal Acne which have not been indentified. The Etude House Moistfull Collagen Cream is enriched with as much as 30% hydrolysed marine collagen and baobab leaf mucus, two essential ingredients that have made this highly concentrated moisturiser a miracle worker. Subscribe to receive updates, access to exclusive deals, and more. If you are concerned about the health safety of parabens, then feel free to avoid them by looking out for the Paraben-Free icon. The soft, creamy texture furthermore helps the skin to rapidly absorb the formula for fast results. Shea butter that's considered to be a magic moisturizer and emollient. The generic term for nice smelling stuff put into cosmetic products so that the end product also smells nice. We've taken the Sulfates which are considered more harsh for our Sulfate-Free status. As a result, those who find them problematic are avoiding them and increasingly, cosmetic companies are avoiding them as well. A fatty alcohol (the non-drying type) that is used to increase the viscosity of the formula and stabilize emulsions. It hydrates without clogging pores. You can get the Etude House Moistfull Collagen Cream on Japanhaul for $20.82. Drier skin tones may not find this hydrating enough and will need a more traditional cream-based product. I do find it leaves the skin nicely hydrated, moreso than traditional drugstore moisturizers. There are also promising studies about lauric acid being an effective anti-acne ingredient. However, the majority of the scientific community have deemed these findings non-conclusive due to the limitations of these studies. Its recommended used range is 0.3-3%. Sadly, this cream isn’t enough for my dry skin, I really thought that it was going to be enough but my skin feels dry and I really do need a heavier cream for my skin to be happy. Have some feedback? It's probably the most hyped up natural butter in skincare today. A white powdery thing that can mattify the skin and thicken up cosmetic products. Expect to see them in formulas with both water-based and oil-based ingredients (think moisturizers and lotions). Unless you live under a rock you must have heard about shea butter. I personally use this with, and highly recommend this together on top of 100% Organic Cold Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil. This is an ingredient comparison of the old/original version and their newly formulated cream - please… Etude House Moistfull Collagen Cream Review: The key ingredients in this product are hydrolyzed collagen, baobab fruit extract and hydrogenated lecithin. Get in touch! And that is still not all: it can also boost the antimicrobial activity of preservatives.


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