-Being ostracized by the rest of the squad for being different, with Perfuma talking about how annoying she is and watching her being an inconvenience to her. Charlie Weis Siriusxm, Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. SPOP series creator Noelle Stevenson stated that autistic storyboarder Sam Szymanski played a huge role in shaping Entrapta. And I’m autistic myself, so, I can talk about this. If a different member of the Rebellion had been in Entrapta’s position, it’s likely that someone would have gone back for them, even with the evidence that they didn’t survive. (Warning for spoilers for Seasons One and Two, with vague discussion of events in later seasons.). ENTRAPTA IS AUTISTIC! For instance, she helped the Horde destroy much of Etheria. where i find this brilliant is that they act in a wrong way with her, they hurt her because they think she is ill intentioned, their trouble are due to a misunderstanding, and this is the root of all my relationship issues with people. Maybe intentional maybe by accident. Plenty of problems throughout the series are Entrapta’s fault at least in part. Entrapta’s autism is clear from her introduction, even though showrunner Noelle Stevenson only confirmed it after the series finished in May 2020. I suspected she was for a long time, and wanted to know what you guys thought. never forget that neurotypicals don't always think that others can have troubles with communicating, it's something very natural for them, and in the same way we don't understand neurotypicals they have a hard time understanding us. Unfortunately, Entrapta’s openness and eagerness to please make her a target for manipulation. While the Princesses mourn the “death” of Entrapta, unknowingly leaving her behind, they had used her for their own purposes (defeating the Horde). Entrapta is allowed to want to have friends, and it is not her fault when other people take advantage of her. In the following season, she is thankful that Bow, Adora, and their talking horse, save her from Beast Island, a place full of “technological monstrosities.” Although she left Beast Island for scientific discovery and data, she appreciates Bow as a friend. For years autistic people have largely had to rely on autistic coded characters like Data from Star Trek that are inhuman, robots, aliens, or what not. ( Log Out /  As to why are most explicit (or implied) autistics in media portrayed as geniuses and savants, what would be their use, plot-wise, otherwise? and she is brilliant at this one thing. Characters who acknowledge their mistakes and actively work to fix them deserve to be forgiven, not punished. 深夜食堂 オダギリジョー なぜ, As a reminder, at the end of Season 3, Catra panicked when Entrapta tried to warn Hordak to not start the portal. Instead they treated her like an outcast and eventually screamed at her, being angry that she never realized she was angry at them, even though autistic people have difficulty understanding social and facial cues, and tone. Providing no-cost, ad-free, high-quality articles by autistic writers and professionals. E Care Behavioral Health Institute, #1706, is approved to offer social work continuing education by the Association of Social Work Boards (ASWB) Approved Continuing Education (ACE) program. Again, none of this is intended to justify or minimize what Entrapta did when she was with the Horde. It’s alluded to in the show when Entrapta is attracted to a bot from Horde Prime by saying that he was very “technologically advanced” as a way of flirting, and implications with Darla, saying that they would be spending some quality time together while Bow and the others looked for crystals, while holding power tools and raising her eyebrows flirtatiously, with Adora looking a little traumatized after walking away. i always remember that in the same way i can hurt people without meaning, neurotypicals can do that too. The fact Entrapta is completely herself is something I love about her. She also seemed to be VERY attached to Darla in general, even clinging to “her” (is it a she?) (You can unsubscribe anytime). Thankfully in recent years, more media have incorporated characters that better represent the autistic community, and She-Ra and the Princesses of Power is one of them. One of the only autistic characters in the media has a thing for robots. Mark Steele Controlled Opposition, What Happened To Sprout Channel, But I messed that up, too.” After this, Entrapta tries to get away, but Mermista pulls her back by her prehensile hair, like Horde Prime in a later episode, relenting only when convinced that Entrapta cares about Glimmer. Terry Paulson Wwe, I love Entrapta and she’s one of my favorite characters and one of the only canon autistic characters in the media. I want people to stop praising her for doing the bare minimum and excusing her harmful disabled and lgbtq+ rep. Feel free to discuss in the comments. In a later season, we learn that Entrapta interprets interactions and relationships the same way that she processes everything else: through recorded observations and data analysis. Natasha Trentacosta Wedding, Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Whoodle Puppies Nc, Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Thank you for your response! In any case, Entrapta willingly stays with the Horde and the Princesses respect this decision while disagreeing with it. Ords Collection Query, Drew Lynch Netflix, I have seen many people ask who is autistic when I say we have autistic rep in She ra, so I’m glad to show all of you Noelle via Twitter confirming it!


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