Online English Aptitude Test (Intermediate). Click below to get 25% off all test packages. Free Online Aptitude Tests – Math Aptitude Tests – Numerical Aptitude Tests – College Aptitude Tests – English Aptitude Tests. Each question comes with fully worked solutions to help you progress. Our world has become hyper-connected over the past few decades, and we have witnessed the coming together of talented minds from across countries and businesses. This will help you to judge candidates reading accuracy and fluency in understanding text and conveying information of what they have read. SmartTest allows you to customise competency-based automated assessments in three steps. Delivers exams on any web-enabled smartphone, Plug and play feature across platforms and devices, Performance benchmarking with candidate assessment analytics, Secure assessment delivery and smooth test delivery, Create or configure unique test catalogues, The online approach saves time especially in mass hiring. Redirect to the appropriate page? Cookie Policy. The work from home, meeting through video conferencing tools, the boom of e-commerce... MeritTrac Services has launched #BackOnTrac, an assessment package to help companies improve their recruitment effectiveness as they resume their hiring plans in full swing this Diwali. Through Fresherslive Verbal ability questions and answers, you can acquire all the vital concepts to answer any level of verbal ability questions in. Based on the results of these tests, employers can effectively narrow down applicants who will be the right fit for a particular role or work culture. Its analytics and reporting features offer quick result-tabulation and report generation. All our aptitude tests are written by accredited industry experts and designed to prepare you for the real thing. Our verbal ability test sections will help you to excel in verbal skills. R. Most of the prints is of left hands, indicating that the artists probably held the spraying pipe in their right hands. Learn how you can conduct examinations efficiently, Meghana Jitendra, Psychometrician at MeritTrac Services. Hire job-fit candidates using this test, now. English Aptitude Test Online Quiz. More than 100+ Verbal Ability, non verbal reasoning questions are updated on every section. Assessing Business English is always a challenge with simple grammar assessments and in-person interviews. We now offer over 100 different online aptitude tests with over 5,000 questions! The platform provides English Aptitude test types and options to set and customise essential subject areas. English test for employment is designed by subject matter experts (SMEs) and includes questions on grammar, verbal reasoning, vocabulary & … English Aptitude tests are now widely used in recruitment processes and are also employed to improve the language skills of existing employees. Test Library | Careers | Contact Us | Privacy Policy | CSR Policy | Disclaimer. Technically there’s no such thing as an English aptitude test. Fresherslive provides you fully solved Verbal Ability questions and answers along with crystal clear explanations that are easy to understand. Evaluate your Verbal Ability questions skills by trying the online Verbal Ability questions exams and know your score. Unlock and strengthen your technical skills regarding English Aptitude Test. Do you want us to sync it and save it in your account? Our partner Test Candidates makes it simple to assess your candidates quickly and accurately. Logging you out in 5 seconds, {{}}, {{Math.ceil(sectionNameToSectionDetailsMap[tag.section.toLowerCase()].completedPercentage || 0)}}%. We’ve included a full spectrum of free aptitude tests including numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, situational judgement many more. An aptitude test or a cognitive ability test is a general word for a pre-employment exam. However, acquiring unbiased results within a given time frame with human intervention is not nearly possible. English employment test is designed considering EEOC guidelines. They are being used not only in corporate hiring and talent management, but also during career guidance, self and... Coronavirus pandemic resulted in an overnight change in the way we work, which was considered impossible earlier. To improve your performance and to score outstanding marks in verbal ability, you have to put sincere efforts towards improving the language followed by extensive practice @ fresherslive. We have been using the beta version of the business English proficiency test and are quite impressed with its ability to accurately evaluate the English proficiency skills using AI. Pariksha is a unified assessment platform that allows test administrators to author, design, schedule, and deliver tests. Evaluate your Verbal Ability questions skills by trying the online Verbal Ability questions exams and … Pre employment English proficiency test may contain MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions), MAQs (Multiple Answer Questions), Fill in the Blanks, Whiteboard Questions, Audio/Video Questions, LogicBox (AI-based essay evaluation), Job-based Simulations, True or False Questions, etc. Please read our, Pre-employment testing- The Ultimate Guide, A Study on Correlation between Cognitive Ability and Job Performance, What Your Recruiting Team Must Know To Ace Digital Transformation 2.0. Sales Hotline : +91-80-61914700 | Contact Us, Home P. The artist placed his or her hand on the cave wall, then filled the bone with paint and blew the paint over the hand, leaving an outline of the hand on the wall. It can also be used as a database to view and improve the skills of existing employees. We included all the basics questions to advanced questions with answer and explanation for your clear understanding. Choose easy, medium or hard questions from our skill libraries to assess candidates of different experience levels. chapterIdToChapterDetailsMap[].totalQues : chapterIdToChapterDetailsMap[].attemptedQues)}}/{{chapterIdToChapterDetailsMap[].totalQues}} Questions. Tests currently being administered as English aptitude tests are really English assessment tests. The test results of selected candidates are also used for future training programs. Nowhere on this website will you find a link to upgrade to a paid subscription for access to additional online aptitude tests. An English aptitude test can help assess a candidates’ strengths and evaluate a wide range of criteria that otherwise would not be possible with just a few paper tests. Pre-employment English test of advanced difficulty level helps employers to assess the English proficiency of candidates before an interview. Aptitude test is usually the first in a multiple round selection process, and most employers hope to find values, qualities, language skills, and other indicators of high performance in the first few rounds of the interview. Advanced English test for recruitment has powerful reporting feature which will help you get an instant result and an option to share this result with your recruiting team. The English language facilitates better communication and smooth functioning between members of teams. Our English test for employment shimmers in the colossal ocean of recruitment and is a ray of hope for all the recruiting managers to find a pearl from the ocean. Prepare for any aptitude test you have coming up by taking some of our free aptitude tests. Add multiple skills in a single test to create an effective assessment. More than 100+ Verbal Ability questions are updated on every section. We’ve included a full spectrum of free aptitude tests including numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, situational judgement many more.


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