Whether you’re stalking big game or on a dedicated bird hunt, it’s likely you’ll stumble across at least a few dusky (or blue) grouse in the hills of northwest Colorado. Enjoy maintenance free living conveniently located in the Wolf Ranch community. At this point we were both feeling a little discouraged, but we had one more area to check and I had a good feeling about it. Tons of great standard & energy saving features including 9 ceilings on the main level, tankless water heater, dual pane windows & generous insulation package. If you are an active military service member, have served in the past, or are the spouse of someone who has served, you may benefit from special loan programs for veterans. Kausel, who has successfully chased grouse in northwest Colorado for more than 35 years. JavaScript is disabled. We arrived around 8:00AM, loaded up our guns, and tossed on our packs. ( Log Out /  Maybe a brisk fall morning, a layer of frost covering the dried grass and shrubs that dot the prairie, and an excited hunting dog flushing a small covey of pheasants. Setterfeathers and see ya on the Colorado prairie, Great pictures of a fine hunt, Shawn. Until recently, this and the Sooty Grouse were considered to make up one species under the name Blue Grouse. We cannot find listings using informal location names such as "Maui" or "Bay Area". ( Log Out /  As I mentioned earlier, grouse really use their natural camouflage as their defense. Whether you’re stalking big game or on a dedicated bird hunt, it’s likely you’ll stumble across at least a few dusky (or blue) grouse in the hills of northwest Colorado. Thanks for your impromptu “guide services”… Mark. The memories with your brother is more important than a small amount of bird meat! Upper level bedrooms both feature walk-in closets. Great to hear. We have updated our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy as of May 5th, 2020, Question for Swarovski spotting scope users. Males sing with deep hoots on their territory and make short flapping flights to attract females. Orion's YouTube Channel 'Backcountry Bounty'. It may not display this or other websites correctly. North America is home to 15 or 20 different grouse species. Loving what you see? A Dusky grouse is an odd fellow. A complete guide to hunting for Western Colorado, Colorado hunters are on the prowl for North America’s largest feline. NATURE'S PERFECT ORDER AND A BOY'S INALIENABLE RIGHT, "DISCOVERING TINKHAMTOWN" IN THE UPLAND ALMANAC, Heaven On Earth: Stories of Fly Fishing, Fun & Faith (Kindle Edition), Heaven On Earth: Stories of Fly Fishing, Fun & Faith [NOOK Book]. Or maybe picking your way through a rocky, cactus covered desert landscape hunting for those quick and shifty little quail. Loan and interest only. Males are a slate-gray or blue-gray, while females are more mottled brown. Be first to know about New Release times, Special Offers, & News. Check your email for details. Option one is spot them from a ways off, as seen in the picture here of Steve glassing up grouse country with his binoculars. What I’m getting at here is if you’re looking for a great do-it-all game knife, take a serious look at the Fiddleback Forge F2. 1 Comment. Your message was sent to local real estate professionals. Kent is a dyed-in-the-wool-Labrador-guy…he recently acquired a very nice 10 month old English pointer pup by the name of Fancy. The dusky, aka blue, grouse is the only animal known to fly to higher elevations in the winter. It is extinct, yet alive, living under another name like some relocated mob informant. Good grouse dogs are something of a rare bird themselves. A large, dark forest grouse of inland regions of the western U.S. and Canada. I’m assuming it’s offensive in someway. Tons of great standard & energy saving features including 9' ceilings on the main level, tankless water heater, dual pane windows & generous insulation package. DIY Bow Hunting New Zealand - Part 1: Pre-Plan an Unguided Hunt. For the best experience, please enable cookies when using our site. ( Log Out /  Colorado Springs New Construction and Plans, Home Buyers Reveal: 'What I Wish I Had Known Before Buying My First Home', Selling Your Home? About a quarter of the way down “the tear” I noticed a small patch of fir trees with a bunch of currant bushes around their trunks. Their nest is a scrape on the ground concealed under a shrub or log. ©1995-2020 National Association of REALTORS® and Move, Inc. All rights reserved.realtor.com® is the official site of the National Association of REALTORS® and is operated by Move, Inc., a subsidiary of News Corp. Estimation is calculated based on tax assessment records, recent sale prices of comparable properties, and other factors. How about climbing up the side of a mountain, scouring the edges of hidden meadows and aspen stands just hoping to scare up a couple grouse? Although, that depiction might not be entirely accurate for their appearance, it’s definitely a good description of what they taste like. Some refer to it as “heart attack country.”. He fired again and the second grouse fell. To search for an MLS Listing Number, please type a # symbol in front of the number and click search. The F2 is a wonderful knife, it’s thin, laser sharp, beautiful, and comfortable. The plan was to start at the bottom and work our way counter-clockwise around the perimeter, once we reached the top we planned on weaving our way down through the trees, hopefully jumping any grouse hanging out under the foliage munching on berries. The weather, dogs and company were perfect. You don’t know until you get in there with the dog and look around,” said C.J. Steve, who was still above me on the other side of the trees said that he thought it was a helicopter flying overhead until my shotgun rang out. Both options require you to actually be in “grouse territory” if you’re going to have any success, so solving that issue is the first challenge. I kicked some up at 11,800ft in the predawn light last week. The grouse were gutted in the field, mine with my CPM154 Fiddleback F2, and once home were used in a delicious Coq au Vin that we served over egg noodles. Thank you! Adult females are mottled brown with dark brown and white marks on the underparts.[3]. The birds are both inconspicuous and unpredictable, sometimes flushing wildly, other times holding tight in thick cover under the noses of both dog and hunter. Get quick and easy access to your home value, neighborhood activity and financial possibilites. “She locked into a beautiful point, and all of the sudden seven or eight birds just exploded out of nowhere,” Arvada resident Terry Stegehuise said of his late German shorthaired pointer, Mocha, recounting one of her final dusky grouse hunts in the Routt National Forest. Hunting Dusky Grouse in Colorado. A three grouse day is not something that occurs all the time, especially for those of us without dogs, so we were quite proud of our achievement. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Hoping to get out myself this weekend. I finally noticed one of them sitting on a log, head up and alert, and told Steve where to look.


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