Humberstone, L. (2011). Clarendon Press, Oxford. No group of opposition for constructive logics: The intuitionistic and linear cases. (1976) The Articulate Mammal London: Hutchinson. Testing for duality. banana In logic, duality is a matter of definition or convention; in modal logic, for example, the duality between and follows from the way in which the semantics of these operators is defined. Similarly, the duality relation between and in modal logic also shows up for a whole range of natural language expressions for necessity and possibility. Figure 2(c) shows an alternative layout, in which the -relations occupy the diagonals, thereby graphically reflecting the fact that is the combination of (which constitutes the vertical edges) and (which constitutes the horizontal edges) (Löbner 1990, p. Duale Operatoren als die Quantoren naturlicher Sprache. Also known as open-endedness or creativity.. Springer, Basel. Catholic University of Leuven Demey, L. (2012a). Löbner, S. (1986). Gottschalk, W. H. (1953). Language universals and universal languages. Translated by Gyula Klima. songs: structurally complex, and having at least two levels of Henkin, L., Monk, J. D., and Tarski, A. In Sections 3, 4 and 5, the use of some other mathematical tools and techniques is unavoidable; these sections require a basic understanding of discrete mathematics (in particular, Boolean algebra and elementary group theory). structure (phrases and notes). Great apes have very Horn, L. R. (2004). Journal of Symbolic Logic, 18:193–196. Because and although: a case of duality? Linguistics and Philosophy, 26:129–184. Are you a teacher? The Princeton Companion to Mathematics. Some scholars define it by six properties: productivity, arbitrariness, duality, discreetness, displacement, and cultural transmission. The duality patterns of quantifiers such as most and many have been a matter of contention. In sum, this means that language can be used to produce an infinite set of new and meaningful utterances. In Finally, by taking and/or to be other, more exotic Boolean algebras, the aforementioned definition also allows us to study duality relations in other, less well-known applications  (Demey and Smessaert 2016). Email: For any , it holds that, We have now discussed the possibility of an operator coinciding with its dual, or with its internal negation. In fact, looking at these four modal formulas in the duality ‘hexagon’ in Figure 9(b), we see that and by themselves constitute a degenerate duality pattern (Figure 9(d)), while and belong to another, ‘real’ duality square (Figure 9(c)). Some vocal distinctive features used by gelada monkeys, Richman, Bruce (1987) In this way, we obtain a large number of functional identities that descibe the behavior of the duality and internal/external negation functions: These identities can be summarized by stating that the functions , , and jointly form a group that is isomorphic to the Klein four group (German: Kleinsche Vierergruppe). Wahr neben Falsch. There is an exception to this in speaking, though: onomatopoeic sounds—like crash, bang, and plop—directly mimick an actual sound. Thus, it is clear that some degree of hierarchical structure (up to In  Newmeyer (1988), 274-313. For example, the formulas and can be interpreted as stating that is true in all possible worlds and that is true in at least one possible world, respectively. This difference should not be exaggerated, however, as can already be seen from the law of contraposition, in which the ideas of negation and reversal are brought together: . Thirdly, Löbner (1999, p. 57; 2011, p. 488) has argued, on the basis of his phase quantification approach to duality (see Section 2), that should be seen as the combination of and , and thus uses squares as in Figure 2(d), in which the former occupies the diagonals. On the use and meaning of already. Bipedal locomotion Please find below many ways to say duality in different languages. In this section, this informal characterization was made mathematically precise, by appealing to operators and viewing the internal and external negation as the negations and of the source and target Boolean algebras and , respectively. Seuren, P. and Jaspers, D. (2014). Productivity means language has some purpose beyond making sounds, gestures, or markings. Linguistics and animal communication. MacMillan, London. Analogously, if , then , and thus, the duality square in Figure 5(a) degenerates into the binary vertical duality diagram in Figure 5(c).


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