The salt is applied at around 6% to a country ham which needs plenty of protection, about 3% for a dry fermented sausage, 2.5% for semi-dry fermented sausage … This smoking process dries the sausage so that it becomes a great meat snack just like the Jerky. For this reason you can apply 625 ppm of sodium nitrite to a dry product and only 156 ppm to a regular smoked sausage. Their German forefathers taught them how to make sausage the right … Sale Price: $82.95 Dry Sausage may or may not be smoked. The Dried Sausage is sold by the pound with 4 pieces of sausage … The folks at Kreuz Market stay true to their German family recipes and cooking style with their Texas original Dry Cured Sausage. Vegetarian Sausage may be made with meat … Vegetarian Sausage: Vegetarian Sausage is Sausage that is made without meat. 00 ($16.40/Count) Dry Sausage Dry Sausage, also called Summer Sausage, is cured Sausage that is air-dried. We took our German Style Smoked Sausage that is seasoned with the finest spicesand slow smoked with mesquite wood and just left it in the smokehouse a little longer. Italian Rope Sausage Sampler Mix or Match 3 pack Our Price: $88.00 . Salami and Spanish Chorizo are Dry Sausages. Fortuna's Italian Sausage Sampler, 5 Sticks of Authentic Dry Cured Gluten Free, Nitrate Free Salami Sausages, 6-14 Ounces Each 4.4 out of 5 stars 14 $82.00 $ 82 .


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