Other than cholesterol problems, cholesterol from duck eggs can also cause many other health problems like increasing weight, blocking in arteries causing cardiac arrest and many more. As much as you love them, overconsumption in duck egg can bring many complications and problems. Ducks are wonderful critters. But some people, out of curiosity or nutritional reason, might be interested in trying some other type of eggs, like duck eggs. One of the riverfront parks acres of lawn is nothing but a goose and duck poop covered mess and you cannot walk anywhere without stepping in it. I could not handle sourcing their water artificially year-round. I look at it this way, every animal is work, if you don’t want to have to do simple things to clean up after them, then you shouldn’t have them at all. Lol. I am asking because I think this is an unusual situation. Try duckponics where the dirty duck water is filtered by plants then cleaner water returns to the pond. So if anyone wants ducks, go right to the source! and we can keep some ducks again. I dread getting new ones when these stop laying! Protein or amino acid are important components of our body. Continue Reading Jennifer Poindexter and her husband raise most of their food and a variety of animals in the foothills of North Carolina, where they built a small homestead on very little money. They have a strong flavor which some people covet, but I just couldn’t palette. Perhaps my mom’s love of ducks was born in her youth. Neither do we need to sell them. However, you still need to give your children moderation in eating duck eggs, at least once a day. Then there was the matter of the eggs. The danger of high cholesterol cannot be underestimated. A rough comparison is 2 duck eggs = 3 chicken eggs. We made the mistake of homing them in our bathtub the first time. Following is a look at the pros and cons of eating duck eggs vs the more conventional chicken eggs. Windowofworld.com - Archaeologists in China's discovered two new, well-preserved fossils of dinosaur species. They have been roaming the neighborhood ever since. Such a good point you made about turning cons into pros with the right management and attitude! Thanks for stopping by, Jessica! The information presented at Homestead Lady is for educational purposes only. They’re fascinating to me. Cons,, well one egg is a lot more than one chicken egg so you have to figure out how to make the equivalent amounts. Advantages of Duck Eggs . This is because the proteins in duck and chicken eggs are slightly different. Who know what the people in charge might do! This condition can make blood flow to the heart, brain, and the whole body to be disrupted. I’d love to know more of your ducks’ antics – maybe we should write a book. We just had to be sure to clip their wings every once in awhile. Ah, poultry – so many options, so little time! I will try to keep predators at bay. • Duck eggs are more expensive than chicken eggs on the market. As I have never done anything quite like this, anyone’s thoughts, or better ideas will be appreciated. I love them! We’re committed to our ducks–no animal on the farm has made me laugh as much!–but they do have unique challenges that folks should know about! I get $8 per dozen mainly from chefs. What is WhatsApp, WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp Business. I now want ducks more than ever, BUT I know what to warn my husband about. Emergencies / Diseases / Injuries and Cures. We’ll be putting 18 of them in the freezer (including one of our two adult males). We jumped into ducks rather hastily and while we don’t want to get rid of them, they ARE terribly, terribly messy and we weren’t prepared for that. And, yeah, ducks are messy from start to finish and they never grow out of it. I always do better at things when I know what to expect. • Because of the larger size and the larger fat content, you can not substitute duck for chicken egg for egg when baking. Do you raise yours for meat or as pets? IF I want duck eggs – I go to the farmers markets and buy them there as I don’t mind the flavor of them…but they are twice the price of chicken eggs. Health donate Duck eggs are one of the foods commonly consumed in various countries, including in Indonesia. I enjoyed reading this. Raising Ducks for Meat Harder to source; More expensive ($6-$12 per dozen) Possible fishy smell if the ducks aren’t fed a high quality diet . They are great for baking, great for hatching baby ducks. But I have to say I am a huge duck lover and keeper! It didn’t cure the bedding material getting moist, but it was no longer sopping every day and we could just layer up… till they started slipping out of the kiddie pool. We are going to do chickens and goats on very small scale like 1 goat and 10 chickens. Besides containing protein, fat, and antioxidants, duck eggs also contain multivitamins and minerals. I love that ducks lay in the morning, so they are done, and can be let out while doing morning chores… rather than chickens that need a special early afternoon let-out. Required fields are marked *. So, it's okay for you to eat duck eggs, as long as the portion is not excessive. You just need to acclimate them to the duck house and the area around it and they should be fine. As for the eggs – I don’t find a difference in taste, per se, but rather in texture. Click HERE to share which BYC members you are thankful for, & read some wonderful thanks from others!!! The ducks pooped big icky piles of poop everywhere, and unlike our chickens who scratch the ground and turn over their poop, the ducks just made a mess. We’ve since moved to twenty acres and now have a pond so I’ve been looking at ducks again because, for all the trouble they may cause here and there, I really do love them. Perhaps there are ways of encouraging native, wild ducks onto your property? She and her sister raised a few Easter ducklings to maturity. Duck egg is one of the most sought after poultry product and lately become a favorite egg for many poultry lovers. Mind if I feature your comments in my next newsletter? I had 20 ducks in a large back yard, and they get along fine with my two dogs. All MOTHER EARTH NEWS community bloggers have agreed to follow our Blogging Guidelines, and they are responsible for the accuracy of their posts. Let's see. Plus, duck eggs are more versatile than you realize at first glance. Duck eggs are a more complete form of nutrition than chicken eggs (check the USDA), and in long term scenarios, provide a much needed fat into a diet. I have been researching a bit about Muscovy’s since our pond pretty much dries up in the summer heat and I’ve read that they prefer trees to water.


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