Laboratory method of preparation: Diborane is prepared in the laboratory by the oxidation of sodium borohydride with iodine in diglyme as solvent. 2NaBH4 + I2 → B2H6 + 2NaI + H2 Most preparations entail reactions of hydride donors with boron halides or alkoxides. As discussed earlier diborane can be prepared by the action of metal hydride with boron. The industrial synthesis of diborane involves the reduction of BF3 by sodium hydride, lithium hydride or lithium aluminium hydride: Borohydride refers to the an ion and its salt as BH 4− Diborane can also be obtained in small quantities by the reaction of iodine with sodium borohydride in diglyme. Extensive studies of diborane have led to the development of multiple syntheses. This method is used for the industrial production. Properties of boron hydrides - definition 1.


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