Some people post in Reddit, others stick to Discord. MORE: Destiny 2 May Face Its Biggest Challenge Yet With Upcoming Expansions. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the DestinyTheGame community. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Someone managed to hop into Beyond Light before the release date (naughty) and managed to get a few snaps of the rewards for the upcoming Destiny 2 raid… After a frustrating raid against Destiny 2's Corrupted, one player airs his frustration with the game's matchmaking process on Reddit. Destiny raid stats, leaderboards, and weekly progress. Even better, that accomplishment unlocked plenty of content for the rest of the Destiny 2 community: I’m busy trying out some of the new content myself now that I’ve got more time to dedicate to the Season of the Hunt, and I’ve already unlocked a delightful sidearm that has replaced Lonesome, the superb High Albredo from the Exo Stranger. Hopefully, Bungie will address these concerns in a future update. And the winners of our The Last of Us Part II hampers are…, Government wants Netflix and other streaming services to offer 30% local content, A new quest from Variks, yeeesssssssss “click click noises*, More Sabotage missions unlocked by Varicks. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Posting in language: Edit Preview B I U Quote Link Named Link Spoiler Armory. Platforms include: Steam, Stadia, PS4, and Xbox. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Bungie is tight lipped about the raid. Please read the sidebar rules and be sure to search for your question before posting. With a little practice everyone can get the raid mechanics down, just have a little patience, and most importantly have some fun. Question Post. Inventor of the macho Swiss gym chocolate known as Testoblerone. Look up raid clears, speedruns, and sherpas for all Destiny 2 raids. I read this and thought "inclusion of what? Discuss all things Destiny 2. I sure would like to know the day it releases because I want to take the day off to play. When Destiny 2: Beyond Light launches later this year, Bungie will give players longer than the standard few days to prepare for the new raid. Destiny 2: Deep Stone Crypt Raid Guide [Beyond Light], Replace the Mountaintop with New Grenade Launcher [Season of the Hunt], 5 Tips for Reaching Max Light Level Fast [Updated for Beyond Light Season of the Hunt], Destiny 2: Mod Changes Coming in Beyond Light, List of Every Cargo Run NPC Location in Sea of Thieves, The Dark Heart of Skyrim Elder Scrolls Online New Year of Content 2020. Go back to the in-game chat, type (forward slash – join – space – ID#) /join IDNUMBERHERE – then press enter and so long as the person is in orbit, or their instance is not full you will be able to join their party without having to befriend them first. Start earning it ASAP. They saw. Win one of five Cadbury #TasteTheAction football hampers! Cookies help us deliver our Services. Previously, El-Tubo also accused the game of "rigging" matchmaking against players to push for an even 50% win rate, by sticking one overpowered player with two underpowered players against three evenly skilled players. This server has so many active users that during peak hours it will crash. Finally a new grenade launcher released to fill the void of losing the Mountaintop in Destiny 2. ... Cabal: Destiny 2 story campaign, Leviathan raid, Eater of Worlds and Court of Stars raid lairs; Taken: The Taken King expansion, King’s Fall raid… My money is on Nessus, but it could be anywhere. Posting in language: Edit Preview B I U Quote Link Named Link Spoiler Armory. This sub is for discussing Bungie's shared world, action FPS looter-shooters: Destiny 2 and its predecessor, Destiny. From what we've seen it's likely to be under the shard in the EDZ. The only concrete info we have on the raid is that there will be one. It’s really simple. I think! This sub is for sharing secrets, glitches, tricks, and more related to Bungie's game Destiny 2 and its predecessor, Destiny. They saw. A raid, in Destiny 2, is a six-person instance activity that relies on solving puzzles, time-management and killing enemies. Not only new MMOs but also recently updated MMOs you might want to play again. Over on the Destiny 2 Reddit page, users have been expressing their desire for a new Forsaken-sized expansion with a strong Vex theme. For example, in the Taken Blight event, Reddit user JaegerBane pointed out that a boss can appear to be immune to lower level players and create confusion during a raid. Lastly, I have for you the official app by Bungie. If this has already been answered I am sorry for my "shitpost.". Cancel Edit Create Fireteam Post. 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