What do I do?? Please give us a call to arrange for a DNA collection appointment in your area and to figure out payment for both you and the possible father. Our legal paternity tests offer conclusive and accurate results for DNA testing between an alleged father and child. All testing centers are highly respected and accredited laboratories with stat-of-the-art technology. There is no minimum age for a child to be tested. Call us to find a collection site near you. Since you already bought your kit, just give us a call and we’ll make all the arrangements for you to have a collection done where you live. Place order online on our secure shopping cart with credit card or PayPal. I was informed by the mother that I may be the father of a child who resides with the mother in another country. The cost for legal testing starts at $295. If me and my son go then the alleged father goes on his own time? For many of our tests, we will have you in and out in 15 minutes. Regardless of the category of your specific situation may fall under. The Dna test box I have says the lab fee is 129 or 120 do I have to go buy another box or can I send in the box I have with the $89 lab fee? The simplest thing to do is to call our parent company DDC directly and we can send DNA-collection materials both to you and to the mother in the other country: 800-681-7162. Hello Mercede, With PaternityUSA.com, you can use your doctor for the collection, or opt for professional collection service at one of our more than 3,500 clinic locations. Hi, Lynn. For your convenience, you have the option of only paying half of the testing fee up front. Legal paternity testing can help establish paternity for court and child support reason. Now, if the child has a presumed father recognized by the state. Can you please tell me the total fees for the test and lab fees? Where can I get a court admissible paternity DNA test in Louisiana I (29F) live in BC, Canada. Results usually take as little as 3-5 business days. We offer FREE USPS rush delivery of our informational DNA test kits. Your blog comment may be made public, so please do not include confidential information about your case. Thank you for your patience! Her dad had a freak accident and we never est paternity between him and another man since funeral the pictures showed very identical features betweenb them no one spoke up till after. While different states might have different rules and regulations, knowing the basics of court-recognized DNA tests will help you get the right test … For an at-home test, participants are responsible for swabbing their cheeks and sending samples to the lab. Our employees bring to this new venture experience in service delivery and working with stakeholders. Please contact IDTO at 888-204-0583 to coordinate an appointment today. Being a parent and earning a living, single mothers are more likely to experience parental stress while trying to juggle work and parenting responsibilities. Test in the privacy of your own home or test for legal purposes at a professional laboratory in College Station. Or would I do mine at home? For ‘Court Directed’ tests, the courtroom will appoint an accredited company (like DNA Paternity Testing) to carry out DNA Testing and submit a report. We recommend conversing with an attorney in your state to learn more about your options. The testing costs more because it involves more extensive analysis ($399 when one paternal grandparent participates/$350 when both paternal grandparents participate). A male friend wants to have court-admissible test results for his alleged two children. No responsible DNA testing company would dictate to you how you should proceed with a DNA test. The only difference between the legal and non-legal test is the paperwork involved and the need or desire to have an official certified document. Office hours: Mondays 8:00 am – 11:00 am. Any DNA collections performed by an associate, friend or family member can easily be discredited in court of government institution; causing you to have to perform another. My father lives in another state, do you charge extra for shipping to multiple locations? Since you’re using results for court, a chain of custody for samples must be established. A court admissible test includes positively identifying all parties and following a strict chain of custody. The only difference is that, for a legal test, the DNA collections and submissions are supervised and witnessed by a disinterested third party. The collection process is very simple using 4 swabs per person through a painless cheek swab, and all analysis are performed twice. Houston, TX – 77018 A legal paternity test is a DNA test that helps to determine if an alleged father is biologically related to a child. And you please replay to this message to the same e-mail address? Also, how much will it be for him to get it done ? Don’t worry: Once your results are ready, you’ll get an email notification from us. *Home Paternity Kits cannot be used for legal purposes. Hi, Jay. If you test directly through our parent company, DDC, there are payment plans available. In this case, our informational paternity test may be best. Yes. Would she need a witness as well? In order to maintain chain of custody, we must mail a kit directly to the collection site. Please contact Identigene’s parent company, DDC, directly to set up the test: 800-681-7162. Otherwise, you can send them separate for two cases. Thanks. In order for results to be court-admissible, there is a strict chain of custody for samples that must be followed to ensure no fraud takes place. They need DNA testing to determine that this guy is the father so the baby can draw a check on his father. 2101 West 34th Street Our goal is to provide direct paternity testing to College Station, TX with award winning customer service. How would I go about getting a DNA test done when the child resides in St Louis and I in Texas? DNA tests performed for use in a court case, such as child support or immigration, require a legal chain of custody and testing in an accredited laboratory. Our AABB accredited lab processes all DNA samples in the same manner. We test for Paternity, Maternity and Other Relationships, as well as Specialty Testing. Hi, Lisa. Get answers anytime by visiting our Help Center. We look forward to hearing from you. 2) Do you need a court order to have a court admissible test performed? DNA Paternity Testing in College Station has never been easier to order. What makes a DNA test result a legal document is a proper chain of custody. DNA Testing Centers offers over 2,000 centers nationwide, with same-day appointments available. Special relationship DNA results can take a few days longer.


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