Gender Inverted with O'Chunks. Count Bleck was able to make another Castle Bleck near the edge of the Mushroom Kingdom. Bleck looks awesome and Nastasia looks adorable. "Good Nastasia," said Count Bleck. Follow. save. Count Bleck ja Nastasia. Golden INSanITY "ugh. Bleck and Tippi once again argue before Bleck sends Nastasia away and engages Tenya Iida, Red Riot, Tsu and Toga in battle. Answer. 100% Upvoted. Count Bleck by bopbee. TFMTMTE . She secretly harbors feelings for him. She serves as his secretary and is very businesslike, though softens in front of the Count. What am I going to do with you? Top Answer. Chat. Mario's first encounter with O'Chunks was in Yold Desert. Meet Count Bleck- a Mario villain with actual depth in character development and a heartrending backstory. Close. Filter by post type. January 1955 to April 2007 I formerly worked as a minion for Count Bleck (Count Blumiere) until the heroes of prophecy came and foiled the Dark Prognosticus' plans. Count bleck created the … Read The Five-Bad-Band from the story Castle Bleck Craziness by NintendoJedi with 916 reads. The beautiful tale of Super Paper Mario retold in the from of a chapter book. On her face she wore glasses with yellow rims. His goal is to destroy all worlds. His original identity was Blumiere. share. Tippi and Count Bleck re-established their love, and with the help of O'Chunks and Mimi, the Pure Hearts were restored, and Dimentio was defeated. Log In. Me, however, well it’s getting somewhere. Oct 28, 2016. g0thi-cr0c Hobbyist General Artist. As Bleck began the prophecy of the Dark Prognosticus, he kidnapped Princess Peach , Bowser , Luigi , and the Koopa Troop and Nastasia began brainwashing Bowser's minions Encounters with O'Chunks. (Welp, that's my shortest fully-motivated fanfic as of uploading this! Five Nights at Castle Bleck Night One: O'Chunks And Nastasia. Well, I guess it was three in the morning... Count Bleck: Now I remember. My head." He awaits the heroes, and secretly hopes they will be able to stop him. Mario battling Count Bleck. Mimi is Count Bleck's perky female minion in contrast to the more enigmatic Dimentio. Nastasia: How could you forget something like that?! Asked by Wiki User. Text. They spent quite a number of years going through dimension and dimension looking for something. Reply. 1 2 3. The Pure Hearts were soon within his care as his love for Timpani gave them great power. Mr. L Productions: Ah, good. One Final Goodbye. Night 3: DimDim. Great job! Count Bleck by Catcupcake. He has a past with Tippi; whom at the time was known as Timpani, the love of Count Blumeire.However, their love could not be as there were family issues so he decided to destroy everything. The ending in my part of the script really shows how Nastasia feels about Count Bleck. . See more ideas about Paper mario, Super mario bros, Mario bros. Nastasia,” said Count Bleck staring at the book. Hopefully SPM2 will be a story that makes people feel lots of different emotions. "Count Bleck, sir, everything is set. Count Bleck, who was once known as Lord Blumiere, was the primary antagonist in Super Paper Mario and uses the Dark Prognosticus and the Chaos Heart to try and destroy all of the universe. Lord Blumiere, better known as Count Bleck, is a fictional character in Nintendo's Mario franchise and the main antagonist of Super Paper Mario.Count Bleck is responsible for bringing forth the Chaos Heart by forcibly marrying Princess Peach to Bowser, so he can use the Heart to open The Void, which will ultimately engulf all dimensions. 7. Grid View List View. He uses their magic to power anything in the castle. Day 1: The New Alpha. Unfollow. Nastasia is a character in the Wii video game Super Paper Mario.She is Count Bleck's right-hand minion and possesses the power to use hypnotic magic, which is most commonly used to turn allies of Mario into enemies. Posted by 2 hours ago. And then he opened the door and stepped through. 82. He wanted to end all worlds with the power of the Chaos Heart by summoning the Void after his cold hearted father sent his beloved timpani away. Posted by 6 days ago. View Entire Discussion (0 Comments) More posts from the superpapermario community . She is in love with Count Bleck and wants to replace Timpani as his love interest but is always denied. no comments yet. All posts. Ask. Count Bleck's base form. Comments 12. It’s something I drew in old times, but I still like it. She is in love with Count Bleck and wants to replace Timpani as his love interest but is always denied. Nastasia is a villain in Super Paper Mario, and is the right-hand woman of Count Bleck, the main antagonist of the game. Day 2: What Isolation Can Do To People. If you have questions, PM me and I'll answer ASAP. To Nastasia’s dismay it was for a girl that Count Bleck loved.


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